Swole Log

Updated 6/9/16  - It's been over a year, so I thought I'd update this page. These day's my week looks as follows:
Monday - Indoor Soccer in PM
Tuesday - Bobbie Conditioning Class @ Midtown
Wednesday - Camilo Strength & "Fitness" Class & Midtown
ThursdayBobbie Conditioning Class @ Midtown
Friday - Camilo Strength & "Fitness" Class @ Midtown
Saturday - Camilo Strength & "Fitness" Class @ Midtown
Sunday - Outdoor Soccer

I'm still #MidtownStrong and have no intentions of not being so! Of course, there are weeks where I'm not so dedicated, but I've been really good lately. I've added more days, because I'm trying to make healthier choices in life, food, and for my body. I'm adding in running where possible, but no pressure to do so. Races are still happening, but very infrequent.

I like the idea of posting all the workouts that Bobbie and Camilo make us go through, but that takes too much time. You can visit Strength Sessions - where Camilo posts our daily workouts and also his thoughts and process for fitness, strength, and life. Also, visit Midtown Strength & Conditioning to see what's going on in the gym. You'll notice they've added Crossfit to the schedule, I've dabbled, but it's not truly my thing.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Updated 1/28/15 - Once I started training for the Napa Marathon in December 2014 I switched to strictly the strength class with Camilo on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Until, I lifted my heaviest squat on a Friday and attempted a 12 miler the next day and was dead! So, I am currently taking the Strength class on Monday and Wednesday and running most other days. As of March  2015 I will change this back to the Conditioning classes, even though I intend on running the SLO Marathon in April.

I don't post the workouts because they are usually lengthy and I doubt many people would use them as a reference, as they would the conditioning workouts. I am continually doing movements such as a snatch, hanging snatch, clean, power clean, front squat, and/or a dead lift - all of which I never remember the movement. I'm enjoying it, but still very intimidated by the movements and the crew I workout with! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Updated 9/17/14 - I've added a third weekday (Wednesday) into my rotation, I've added a strength class which is taught my Camilo! Still trying to incorporate one weekend class as well. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Updated 4/29/14 - Quinn left us to head back to her hometown state of Montana a few months back. But, don't fret Bobbie has been killing us. There was a slight change in the program, she focuses more on conditioning. Most of the core group lifts heavy on M-W-F, but I don't attend those (too poor). She's a little firecracker and I'm still loving my time at #Midtown! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to the homies at Midtown Strength & Conditioning I've been doing some new stuff.

I wanted to change up my routine so I started looking into nearby facilities. I was almost set to join the Cross Fit nation, but I wasn't really sure I was ready for something that intense.

So, thus came Midtown in all its glory. I called and made an arrangement to take a free class. Quinn was (is) my Coach and I had a blast. This little group that shows up at 5:30AM (eww, I know) is a very close, eclectic group of bad asses! They are fun, encouraging, and STRONG!

There was one thing that really sealed the deal for me. After my second class, I made my payment and filled out a basic/general form. One of the last questions is something along the lines of "Why are you here?" or "What is your goal?". I wrote something about wanting to be strong.

Less than a week later, I was opening my snail mail and there was a Thank You card from Tara (the co-owner). I am a sucker for cards, I love to send and receive them! I really appreciated this little, genuine extra touch. She even noted that they would "make me strong"! It truly is the small things that count (in my book).

Since I'm addicted to tracking all of my workouts I wanted to start posting them here to keep a log. It took me about a month to ask Quinn if she would mind if I took pictures of the workouts, of which she didn't mind at all :)

Here's a little list of definitions, because I'm always lost with these damn acronyms:
AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible
Death By: 1 rep during minute 1, 2 rep next minute, 3 rep next minute - go until you cannot get enough reps in the one minute allotment.
TOTM: Top of the Minute - you do the exercises as fast as you can and you rest until the next top of the minute.
TTB: Toes to Bar 
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10/7/14
3 Rounds of Station Work: Run, Tire Flips, Bike, Rope w/ Burpee, Rower, Wall Slams, and Wall Ball Squats
You did one movement until the runner returned, then rotated stations.
1 Round of Abs Stations: Single Arm KB Swings, Run, Bicycle's, Sit-ups, MB Ball Slams, and Plank shifters

Class was just J and I, LL also did the workout but modified for a kidlet
3 Rounds of the following: 

Lots of rolling, stretching, and ball work (before race day)

My first Friday Strength class with Milo [for the Five Star Open Gym free 2 weeks]
Front Squats, Back Squats, Sumo Straight Leg Dead Lifts

J attended class with me [for the Five Star Open Gym free 2 weeks]

Haley attended class with me [for the Five Star Open Gym free 2 weeks]

J attended class with me [for the Five Star Open Gym free 2 weeks]


My FIRST Wednesday Strength class with Milo!

3 Rounds: 1 min jump rope / 1 min air squats / 30 sec KB swings / 1 min wall sit / 30 sec slow plate burpee - cannot stand until plate is above head in squat position / 30 sec burpees / rest 1 min
3 Rounds, partner workout: Run w/ MB to S Street / Row until runner is finished
1 round of first workout
Abs Delight: Leg raises


Decrease prowler by 1, each round
My first strength workout with Camilo!! 
Practices tons of movements without much weight, while the rest did the actual workout.
Cannot remember the workout...

Cannot remember the workout... 
**It's been over a month from my last entry, I was on vacation from 9/1/14 - 9/9/14, so no Midtown for me. I was also really bad at attending before my vacation.

Warm Up: Run to S Street
Partner Workout - Round 1 // 50 Widow Makers (Burpee, clean, thruster), 50 Rope Swings, 50 Box Jumps, Run to R w/ weight // Can be split up any way between partners
Partner Workout - Round 2 // 50 Widow Makers - 5 each, 50 Rope Swings - 10 ea, 50 Box Jumps -  2 ea, Run to S w/ weight// Must do the amount and switch
Abs Delight - KB Through the legs, KB Single Arm Lifts, Plank w/ KB Slides, Side plan with KB Lift

KB Warm Up
Partner Workout: 8 minutes // Partner 1 = KB Swings, Partner 2 = Burpees // 1 KB swing, then 1 Burpee, then 2...13 was the goal
Partner Workout: 8 minutes // Switch movements
Group Workout // 4 Stations, switch after the runner finished their leg // Run to S Street, Prowler w/ no weight, Row Machine, & Sit-ups
Abs Delight: 100 Bicycles, 10 Mountain Climbers, 75 Crunches, 10 Mountain Climbers, 50 Single Leg Touches, 10 Mountain Climbers, 25 Single Leg Lifts, 10 Mountain Climbers
KB Warm Up: 20 seconds of each - American Swings, Front Squats, & High Pulls
15...1 // Odd # = Burpees, Even # = KB High Pulls
Warm-up: KB rounds (I was late, so I just did 10 goblet squats)
Workout: Partner Workout - 10...1, Partner A does 10, Partner B does 9, etc. Once at 1, you go back up to 10. 
Abs delight:

 Workout: You could do in any order, just finish it!


8/5/14 - Didn't go, indoor game had no girl subs and down a girl, too exhausted

7/31/14 - Can't remember workout...

7/29/14 - Had the 10:30PM indoor game on Monday night, too tired (excuse)!

7/24/14 - The CA State Fair hangover was too real (huge excuse)!

KB Warm-Up // Swings, Goblet Squats, & High Pulls for time
Round 1 // 2 Times through this (in any order)

Round 2 // Various Plank Holds

Partner Workout // The #'s in the parentheses is how many each person does, the other number is Team total!
Sorry for the blurry pic, I guess my arms were tired!

Round 1// 50 Thrusters, 30 Burpees, 500m Row
Round 2 // 25 Thrusters, 15 Burpees, 250m Row
Round 3 // 10-9-8..1 - Heavy American KB Swings & MB V-ups

 Round 1 // 2 Rounds of the Following (substituted 400m row for run, knee issues)
  Round 2 // Abs

Each # is a Round.
Round 1 // Done with a partner until finished
Round 2 // Partner Workout - You couldn't stop the movements until the rower was done
Round 3 // 6 Minute Abzzzz - one movement per minute

Warm Up w/ KBs // Swings (light) & *can't remember what the other movement was :(
Round1: 200 Jump Rope // 40 Lateral Step Ups // 40 Step Back Lunges // 20 Sit Ups // 200 Jump Ropes
Round 2: As pictured

 Round 3: As pictured

KB (Heavy) Warmup 3 Rounds // KB Swings & Goblet Squats for time.
5 Rounds of the following // Each exercise done for 25 seconds and rest for 35 seconds.

Round 2: 200 m run // 10 Rounds - 10 KB (heavy) swings & 10 MB Backward Wall Throws // 200m run.
Abs Delight: 3 Rounds of: 3 double toe touches, and one leg touches // Walking Planks (in and out) // Plank hold.

AMRAP w/ time limit // Entire Workout w/ Medicine Ball (10lb): 400m run, 40 ball slams, 30 walking lunges, 20 toe taps (hold ball and alternate tapping toes against a wall/surface), 10 burpees
TOTM // 3 Pull-Ups / 5 Push-Ups / 10 Air Squats
Planks // Low, alternate arms, and high

Warm Up: 5 Rounds of - 40 Secs of Jump Rope // 30 Secs of Air Squats // 20 Secs of Burpees
Round 1:

Round 2: Prowler the turf distance // 1st length walk // 2nd length pull, while on tip-toes and squatting
Round 3: Abs Circuit

Skipped - Just plain lazy :(

Skipped - In NOLA for work!

Skipped - In NOLA for work!

Can't remember the workout :/ 

Warm-up - 3 Rounds: Jump Rope // Air Squats // Burpees
5 Rounds (In any order): 100m row // 10 Plate Burpees // 10 Plate Step-Ups // 10 MB Slams
Abs w/ 5lb Plate: Hold @ Chest // Through the Legs // Plate to Toes

Round 1: Any order = 50 Push Press // 1,000m Row // 100 Air Squats
6/10/14 - Round 2 (Team of 3 does # on left, Team of 2 does # on right)

Kettle Bell & Medicine Ball 10-1 ladders -
Round 1: KB swings // V-ups w/ MB
Round 2: Goblet Squats // Situps holding MB high on chest
Round 3: Single arm KB swings // MB slams
Band stretching

6/3/14 - Skipped Class

Station Workout, everything depended on how fast the last person in the group could row:
Station A: Tire Flips
Station B: Run to Q and then Reverse Lunges along the building/wall
Station C: Row 500m

5/27/14 - Skipped Class

Partner workout: You had to go in this order and alternate turns, but could split up each movement how you wanted.


TOTM x8 rounds: 5 Dumbbell cleans and 10 pushups
Sandbag Run to Q Street //Above Set
Sandbag Run to R Street //Above Set
Sandbag Run to S Street //Above Set  
Sandbag Run to T Street //Above Set 

Skipped Class - Late soccer game and ankle still tight, resting from soccer tourney weekend (excuses, but somewhat valid this time)

Warm-up: Jump Rope - Air Squats - Burpees x3
3 Minutes On, 1 Minute Off x5: 20 Over the Shoulder Sand Bag Toss // 10 Sand Bag
Abs Delight - Randomness

Warm-up: Jump Rope // Air Squats // Mountain Climbers
Image is Round 1, Round 2 = Add Weight to Lunges, Round 3 = Add Weight to Sit-Ups, Round 4 = Add weight to Box Jumps - By the lats round, every item had added weight!
Abs Delight 

5/11/14 - Class w/ Hannah
Warm-Up: Run to Q Street
5 Rounds of:
10 Push-ups
15 Kettle Bell Swings - Heavy
20 Walking Lunges w/ Plate
25 Jump Ropes
30 Ball Slams
Prowler Spring
8 Minute Abs - 1 minute of each movement


1 Person Runs w/ Sandbag to S Street, Everyone Else Completes Their Station Until They Return
Stations // Ball Slams // Push Weight Plate // Wall Ball Slams // Rope Slams // Box Jumps
25 Backward Overhead Wall Throws w/ Slam // 25 V-ups w/ Ball
25 Backward Overhead Wall Throws w/ Slam // 25 Hollow Rocks

Skipped Class - Ankle issues and late soccer game (basically excuses)

Partner Workout: 100 (Team Total) Front Squats w/ Dumb Bells (Active Rest - hold the DB up) - 10 Burpees Each
75 Push Press (Team total), Active Rest was hold DB w/ arms completely locked out - 10 Burpees Each
Timed - 50 Jump Ropes & (either) Squat Jumps or Alternating Jump Lunges
Timed - 50 jump ropes & mountain climbers
60 (Team total) Thrusters w/ Dumb Bells (Active Rest - Hold DBs)
Abs Delight

25lb Plates Farmer Carry to S Street
8 - 1 Minute of 6 Burpees & 6 KB Swings, rest until the minute is up
25lb Farmer Carry to T Street
1000m Row
Cool Down Walk to T Street
2x Prowler w/ 90lbs
4-5x Prowler w/ 135lbs
Abs Delight - Mixture of Abs and Core

Class w/ Emily (first time)
1 Minute of each: Overhead Press, See the Light (Weight Plate situps), Jump Squats, Bicycles, KB Swings, and Mountain Climbers (can't remember them all)
Team Relay: Jumping Burpees, Walking Lunges w/ a Plate, Sandbag Run to S Street, and 100 Jump Ropes -- Losing team (US) had to  do 25 Squat Presses and run the Q Street Loop.
30 Seconds Each - Side Plank, Regular Plank, and Side Plank
[Can't remember the workout]

5 Rounds  - 7 Clean to OH // 8 Burpees
15 Front Squats // 1 Burpee - 14 Front Squats // 2 Burpees - etc. 15 to 1

Run to R Street w/ Sand Bag - 40 Lunges w/ Sand Bag, 40 Hollow rocks
Run to S Street w/ Sand Bag - 60 Side Throws with Medicine Ball, 60 Hollow Rocks
Run to T Street w/ Sand Bag - 80: 40 Goblet Squats/40 Air Squats, 80 Hollow Rocks
15 to 1: Odd = Burpees, Even = KB Swings (heavy)

4/15/14 - Skipped Class

4/10/14 - Skipped Class

Burn 20 calories on the rower, 20 straight sliders, 20 sliders to each side, 20 pushups // 15 everything // 10 everything // 5 everything
Abs - 1 minute V-ups w/ a medicine ball, 1 minute Russian Twists, 1 minute sit ups x2 w/ 1 min rest
500 m row - 50 burpees // 400 m row - 40  burpees // 300 m row - 30 burpees // 200 m row - 20 burpees // 100 m row - 10 burpees


3/25/14 // Candid after our workout!
5 rounds of each group, must do one set in time allotment, rest for remainder of time (if any left)
@ Cal Middle School taught by  Camilo
Warm-up: 5 laps around the playground border (balancing)
3x - Prowler sprint to fence w/ partner doing burpees
5x - Arm walks across parallel bars
10x - Monkey bars (one way is 1 time)
5x - Climb up pole
3x - 5 bench jumps
3x - 5 monkey bar pull ups

Round 1 // Jump Rope - Mountain Climbers - Burpees 4x
Round 2 // Air Squats - Jumps (to bar) - Jump Squats (to bar) 10 sec each, 30 sec rest
Round 3 // Tabatta - Air Squats - Sprints - Situps - Pushups - 30 sec each 4x

3/18/14 - Missed class because my alarm had the sound off = PISSED!!

3/13/14 - Skipped class to rest for Shamrock'n

 After this (picture) round, we then did 12 weight squats & 20 box jumps for time. There was some other stuff in between and then a round of Abs Delight!


Jog to "R" Street & sprint up the mini hill right before "R" Street
Set 1// 100 Jump Ropes - 10 KB High Swings - 5 Burpees // 5 Rounds

Set 2 // Prowler pull forward, pull back - Up to 10 pull-ups - 100 Bicycles // 4 rounds, each round remove a plate on the Prowler until 1 plate left 
Ab Circuit

Timed Circuit = 25 pushups, 20 weighted rows, KB ladder up and down (7x's each)
30 squats (You and Partner take turns every 5), then run to R street and back
2 sets of 5x Squats w/ no weight
Ab Circuit

1st Round 12 KB, 14 KB, 16 KB, 18 KB, 20 KB, 18 KB, 16 KB, 14 KB, and 12 KB's - after each round of KB swings, you jump roped until the next set was to begin (about 30 seconds).
2/18/14 - 2 Rounds

2/18/14 // Do all exercises w/in 15 minutes.

Round 1: Picture
Round 2: 2 mins per exercise, 1 minute rest x6 rounds // Then random exercises (Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Pushups or Planks, and Squat Jumps) per each person doing 12 box jumps w/ weighted vest

2/13/14 - 1st Workout

2/11/14 - TABATA // Each exercise is done 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds x10

2/6/14 // Top Left = 1st Workout // The Rest - Stations

2/4/14 - Partner up with another person and switch when done w/ each exercise.


1/28/14 // Abs Circuit, do each movement for 45 seconds.


1/23/14 - 1-10 Rounds on one arm: 1st round do everything once, 2nd round do everything twice, then switch arm. If you put the KB down, run to T Street. 100 Hollow rocks and 25 V-ups after.

1/21/2014 - Then we did tag-team: bear crawls w/ weights & KB sings. Followed by an ab/plank set.

1.21.14 - Bobbie is our new Coach (at least for about a month), she does things a little differently. She emphasizes a timed workout. She also has multiple workouts within the hour.

1/16/14 - Quinn's Last Day





12/22/13 - First Sunday class EVER!

First workout after 2 weeks off!
Camillo coached, Quinn out of town.





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