3 Day Sabbatical

3:09 PM

Better late than never, right...
I'm already finishing my third week of my new job. Surprise! I got a new job.

I wanted to do a post about leaving my job at the Nut House and how I was excited to start something new. But then I figured I better wait until I actually start the new job before I blog about it. Then, the next think you know, my first week was done and it was a crazy, busy and here we are NOW!
Three weeks in and excited...and being challenged in a great way.

It's not like you walk around talking about looking for a new job. But those that I vent to on more than occasion, knew I'd been looking for a long time. A loooong time. I was in somewhat of a predicament with the job search. Between a low title and current pay, I wasn't an ideal candidate for many of the various marketing/advertising agencies in the area. That is really what I was hoping to do, but the world had different plans. After decades of seeing my parents work for the State, it was an option that had always been there. I didn't really take it that serious, but did take the test that is required and I applied for various positions. I was able to be picky when it came to applying. I would look for ones that really intrigued me, but specifically Marketing/Communications.

From private sector to public service, it has been an adjustment. Lucky for me, I get to do a fun job and have been dubbed the new "Social Media Girl," by everyone in my office. I get to do what I've wanted to do, but just in a different setting. I thought I'd be working in a local agency and managing clients and helping with content, but now I get to continually create content for my agency/department.

I've deviated far from what this post was supposed to be about, but the timing of this transitional period was perfect. L's on summer break and J is still out for his surgery, so I got to pretend I was on Summer Break with them for three days. The days filled up fast, but they were a lovely little break.

Every day was pretty low-key with some plans. Most days I went out and treated us all to coffee's (hot cocoa for L, of course) and even breakfast. I was able to spend extra time with Lovebugs, which really made me happy. I was able to get some miles in on my new Kinvara's, while simultaneously celebrating #NationalRunningDay. It defiantly peaked my interest in running again, but I've been slow to it! We even had a chance to go to a matinee movie and see Wonder Woman, which I enjoyed. I loved seeing the strong woman in a non-sexual way! I also finally cashed in a massage that I received on my birthday. It was one of those massages that are amazing in a very painful way. She said I was the tightest patient she's had in a long time, not the best title to win. Even weeks later, my body feels so much better from all the work she did on me.
The Guidette, the Bestest, and I had planned to go to Napa on Friday of the #3DaySabbatical, but we moved it to Saturday because of scheduling. Little did we know we'd be celebrating three life changing events - a new home, new job, and an engagement! It was a lovely Napa day trip, even though it doesn't technically fall into the #3DaySabbatical.
Taking time off between jobs is a must, even if it's only for three days. Those three days were well deserved and needed. They were somewhat like a restart button for life. Not really, since it's been crazy since I actually started my new job, but those three days did feel relaxing-ish.

Change is always good, especially when it's good for the soul. I'll miss some really cool people at the Nut House, but I think my adventure into public service will be an awesome and rewarding adventure as well. And guess what, I get to Social Media most of my hours in the day. Who wouldn't want to do that?

Sabbaticals aren't just for teachers...

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