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Sacramento stays poppin'!

Said with mostly sarcasm. But seriously, Sacramento is always growing and evolving, but really their restaurant (and coffee) culture is what I'm speaking too. New places are always opening up, replacing other places...or sadly being closed. 

I thought it would be fun to share some new places and stuff (around-ish the Grid) that I've tired, which are in essence of the word, "New" and some "New to Me" things I've tried recently -- from places that have been here but apparently I didn't give the time or day too (poor form on my part, obviously).

Amaro Bistro // After a long, yet confusing meeting with the Fem Dems, K and I came here to grab dinner. It was not anywhere near Oak Park, but something we've both wanted to try. K insisted we ordered the Saffron Arancini for a starter. I'm not sure I've ever had this appetizer before, but I loved it. I love Saffron, even though I always shy away from ordering anything with it. I ordered the Pappardelle Bolognese and it was aaaaamazing. K ordered one of their pizzas and it was incorrect when it was delivered, then it came back corrected -- BUT it still wasn't that good. I'd heard mixed reviews, but I'm glad I tried it out for myself. My meal was good, but it's not somewhere I'd be dying to get back to or take the fam.
Midtown's Cantina Alley // The new hotness on the Grid. Over a two hour wait and a story to tell about that at a later time. We drank at Golden Bear then came back to eat a 10PM dinner here. They only had one corn (re: elote) so two of us shared that and we all ordered a bunch of tacos. Everyone thought they were okay, but slightly pricey. The vibe is cool and the faux Mexico setting is cute. Its trendy and popular right now, but it was cool to check it out. 

Nopalitos // A Sacramento secret that isn't so secret. Still runs a cash only operation, but still stays open and consistently busy. I've always wanted to eat here -- but they have very odd hours and only accept cash, both of which don't fit into my lifestyle! Anywho, one day at work K suggested we go try it, finally. I was totally in and had no excuse to say no! I ordered the Nopalitos Taco, which was just like a condensed taco salad without all the salad! HAHA
Sixteen Degrees Fahrenheit // (Thai) Rolled Ice Cream, yup, its the business. Well kinda, I love the texture, but not so much the flavor. It's not as flavorful as ice cream, but the texture is hard, which I love. The Wench called it the "Asian Coldstone" the first time we ever went. A few days later I took the fam and we tried it together. It's in South Sac, where all the Asian stores are. That area always has all the fun, new type of dessert spots before anywhere else in Sac. There is one more that we tried, which still wasn't on the Grid, 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream.
Finnegan's Public House // 2 years in business and I finally get here. I found them via Yelp, when I was looking to have brunch with the Parentals. However, we opted for somewhere else that time. My food, social media, and kinda related friend Ambriss and I met here for a fun foodie adventure. They specialize in pancakes, so we ordered one as an appetizer -- Blackberry & Brie pancake! It was good, but the brie was not spread evenly throughout, it was more in chunks randomly throughout -- which makes sense due to the nature of how brie cheese is presented. I ordered one of the omelette specials of the day with Chicken Apple Sausage, Fresh Oregano, Sun-dried Tomatoes (sans), Red Onion, and Blue Cheese. Ambriss went with the skillet and it looked amazing. We both stuffed our selves silly and I drank about 12 cups of coffee that AM. It's been fun to develop a friendship with her, because we have so many things in common! Also, if you go at 8AM to 9AM, they have a $4 breakfast special of two eggs your way, toast, potatoes, and endless coffee. I NEED to go!
Meadowland's Kitchen and Bar // J took me here for a surprise date night and it was perfect. The setting, THE FOOD, the time spent with him! "Beef in a barrel" sounds silly, but don't sleep on that dish. It is whatever is fresh from Lucky Dog Ranch that AM and smoked that day. As fresh as it gets. Oh yes, you should know that this is the home kitchen of the Lucky Dog Ranch just a little ways away. J proclaimed their pizza was 'the best pizza he's ever had." So there's that too. Its a far drive to Sloughhouse, but you should try it out! The patio is legit and I can see this place becoming super popular soon.
Veg Cafe // When your Vegan friends has a bday dinner you go, no matter what. I had a contingency plan for if I was still hungry -- but I ended up NOT needing it. I ordered the Roasted Veggie Crepe and I was blown away. The flavor and the texture were literally perfect to suck in a meat eater to the veggie world. They kill at this dish and I would order it again and drag my meat eating friends to go with me! They hand make their drinks and the service is slow, but diligence and care is put into everything here!
Ironhorse Tavern // Their Breakfast Board is ingenuous and gorgeous. Just thought I'd share it...
Post Oak Barbecue Food Truck // Some of my best guy friends (re: Brohams) started a food truck! Say what? Awhile back a few of us took a trip to Dallas to visit our friend, but it was also for them to do research on Texan BBQ. Essentially to bring back the technique and share here in Cali. They are killing it! They use high end meat and central Texan BBQ style smoking with good oak to give it the right flavor and texture as Texans do. I finally got to try their food when they were at  New Glory Craft Brewery. They have their basics and they add one rotating specialty item. We happened to try it on 'Burnt Ends' night and they were amazing. If you haven't had them, GO! Another specialty item is Pastrami, but I haven't tried that. They also offer sides and they don't skimp at all. I love that they plate it as they do in Texas -- family style on a huge platter with paper, simple. I'm not bias because I want them to succeed, their food is really good. 
Nido // Only been here a handful of times, but this last time after a Midtown workout I finally tried their Lavender Latte. It was really, really sweet but the flavor was delicious! I would totally re-order it again, but I would ask for half of the lavender sweetener. I also tried more food this time and I loved the breakfast sandwich. If you are picky, you may not like this since the egg and veggies are pre-made and you have to eat whatever mix is made that AM. This serving is huge, totally worth sharing though!
I didn't go into too much detail on each place or item, but if you'd like detailed encounters for most of these locations (and adventures) then please feel free to peruse my Yelp page. I enjoy Yelp. I get that some don't and some do. So, I thought I'd offer you that space to read some of my writing as well. Also, I love food. Food + Writing = Yelp and Girls on Food, for me!

Hopefully I've inspired you to try somewhere or something new. I'm ALWAYS looking for suggestions for new places to try or new foods to eat. Or spins on foods I already love. So please send them my way! Thanks, in advance! Sacramento has so much to offer, I feel like I still don't know all the goodness it has out there!

I think I should start a page (on the blog) of places and things I want to do and try, which may hold me accountable to actually going or doing them. I can see most of them being restaurants, but there are some fun adventures I've yet to do -- sky diving, a hot air balloon ride, etc. Hmm, maybe a new element to the blog just formed!

Per the usual, I digress. Hope you enjoyed the new-ish little tidbits of Sac and try them out and try something new (to you at least) soon! xoxo

I don't eat to live, I live to eat...then workout..and REPEAT!

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