Musings: Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable @ The Blog Bloc Launch Party

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Communities are how we explain things to the growing gal in our home.

We are involved in and part of different communities in our lives. Our home is a community. School is a community. Grouping parts of our daily lives as communities and our respective responsibilities in communities is something we stress in our household. In hopes to raise a kind and responsible human. She's taken to this idea quite well, but I realized it is applicable for J and I as well.

Although I tend to shy away from saying I'm part of the blogger/creative community in Sacramento, I am. I shouldn't shy away from this, but I tend to because of my novice status. I'm still on Blogger and I don't have a huge following or followers. That's not what I'm here for, but it still makes me a little hesitant to recognize I'm part of this community AND mingle with said folk.

Thanks to Kachet's dream and hard work, our community now has a forum to work together and collaborate - The Blog Bloc.
"The Blog Bloc promotes fellowship, collaboration and skill-sharing. It's time to learn from each other and grow together. There is enough opportunity for everyone. " - The Blog Bloc

Kachet (and team) laid it out perfectly for anyone who wants to collaborate with a group of like minded folk. Kachet is the owner of a very successful, mostly fashion blog, The Lipstick Giraffe. I honestly can't remember how I started following (re: stalking) her on social media, but I'm grateful I did. She has legit content and is a super cool, laid back straight shooter that I enjoy meeting for a quick lunch or chatting at an event with. She shared her excitement and nervousness about TBB recently on her blog. I admire her ability to go after her dreams and make them a reality. It isn't about 'fan girling' over her, but rather showing my appreciation for her looking out for our community!

Obviously she was going to start this thing out with a big bang! Thus, The Blog Bloc Launch Party!
Networking. Ugh. I hate that word. I hate the setting, but I find myself doing it from time to time. I challenged myself for this event. To meet new people. That's it, pretty simple. Once I secured babysitting for L, I purchases my ticket to the event. Thank goodness she released more tickets after they sold out of regular and early bird tickets. I swooped my third chance ticket and solidified my goal.

I knew I'd see familiar faces (looking at you Jamee & Ashley) and of course I'd cling to them so I didn't have to meet new people. But this time I really tried. After checking in, I saw some familiar faces and grabbed a drink at the bar (lucky us, one drink came with our event ticket). I went with a glass of the house red, obviously. I chatted with a few more familiar faces about some ideas and life.
Then I looked over and saw a table of three women chatting and whatnot. I decided I'd go over there and introduce myself -- regardless of how awkward I felt. Luckily, these three ladies were the nicest ever and we all agreed that although we are generally social beings, this type of setting makes us clam up. So, lucky for me I chose a group who were open to meeting new people, just a little shy about it too. It made an easy topic to start our convo and then the transition into what we do for a living, do we blog, etc. It also helped that we were right next to the appetizer table and definitely were trying to figure out which was the best app of the bunch -- I enjoyed the fried chicken ball thing!
I was really happy and proud that I put myself out there. The women I met were all at different levels of blogging. It was fun to pick their brain and also learn what they blog about. They also happened to be in 'marketing,' so we were able to chat about that too.

After I said bye to this lovely group, I went to see a few more familiar faces before I headed to the gym. Sadly, I left my wine at the bar said a few goodbyes and found my way to my car. With every step I took to my car smiling, I realized that putting yourself out there is awfully intimidating, but you need to challenge yourself. You need to do things that don't make you comfortable. I was proud of myself. I don't get that feeling too often, but I'm happy to celebrate it.
I am not a member of the Blog Bloc yet, but I'm really thinking about joining. Its a monthly fee, but they have bi-weekly strategy sessions, monthly mixers, and quarterly workshops available to their members. I find it hard to spend money on my faux blogging career, but this might have just changed my mind. I know I can gain some awesome insight that can translate to my skill set for my career too, so really its a win-win for me!

What's cooler than having a community that supports one another? Not all communities have this type of resource, thanks to Kachet, we DO! The balance of last night was what I needed. Midtown challenges me daily, but TBB challenged me in a different way. A good way, just different than throwing down on 100 DB snatches would. Finding balance is what I seek and last night was exactly what I needed.

Supporting my community, one awkward introduction at a time!

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