Musings: Boycott Easter Candy

8:52 AM

Okay, I'm not Bummer Bunny or anything...
...but I feel like every year all the kids in our families and L receive tons of candy for Easter. To change it up this year, I decided to gift something else.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to do this, so I'm NOT claiming rights to my crafty idea, but I thought I'd share what I am giving to the Lovebugs this year.

I decided that books were a great gift for the kidlets. Yes, they'd love candy way more than that. I want something better than five seconds of gratification -- AND I know that others will gift candy, so they won't go for want. 

I text most of the Momma's and asked what lexile and type of book their kids were into so I didn't go at this blindly. Most, if not all, responded rather quickly. Then came the goodness of Amazon Prime, where the lot of books would only take two days to deliver. I didn't even have to go anywhere to buy the books, way too convenient. 
The best part of the gift was how I was going to wrap them. If you are like me, you spend way too many minutes (possibly hours) perusing the dollar bins at Target. I love this section a little too much. I'd seen little bunny tail puffs awhile ago and they peeked my interest. I didn't buy them for my first/other gift project, but I thought they were the cutest.

With those in mind, I decided I'd wrap the books in the brown kraft wrapping paper, cut out bunny ears to add, and then add the cotton puff as the bunny tail. I would write the kids names on the top too. Essentially, the book would look the the back of a bunny :)

I thought I had an entire roll of kraft brown wrapping paper, but I guess we'd worked our way through it. I was going to do basic bunny ears, but I decided I wanted to use glitter scrapbook paper, which I thought I had enough. But when I looked at my selection, I didn't have enough colors I preferred. So I had to buy both items, which made this craft a little less convenient. Trips to Hobby Lobby for the kraft brown paper (similar) and to Joann's Fabric for the glittery cardstock. Don't forget your coupons! And most will take competitor coupons too, holler!

Lucky for me, the cotton puffs were still sitting in one of those Target dollar bins. I looked at Hobby Lobby for their crafting cotton balls, but they weren't as cute. They would have been completely fine and more economical, but just not quite as cute.
2 1/2" Pom Pom / Hobby Lobby
Once all the supplies were gathered, I set to wrapping and crafting my little bunny gifts. I went to Google to search for a bunny ear template, which was an easy search. Remember to trace the ears on the non-glittery side of the cardstock for a clean look. The puff tails had a strong adhesive sticker, so I didn't have to pull out the old trusty hot glue gun.
Also, a note to the wise. Use post it notes to remember which book is for which kid. It was helpful to remove while wrapping and then put it back on the finished gift, so I could later write their name as the finishing touch on each book.

I'm sure they won't be as excited as if they received a bunch of candy, but I hope these books satisfy them a little longer when they read them. I also don't feel as bad, because I stuffed candy in the plastic eggs for the egg hunt. So, it isn't as if they aren't getting any candy :)

Thinking back, I should have written in the books, like I always do. I completely spaced on doing that, which is kinda unlike me. I love to write in the front cover to my lovebugs, hoping they will look back and enjoy the note I left so long ago.

Again, I'm not claiming to have created this idea, but I definitely just pieced it together to make it work for me. Happy creating and hope this helps if you are looking for something different to gift your Lovebugs for Easter!

Some bunnies won't be getting candy this year ;)

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