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9:22 AM

My pants are too tight...

AND I'm at the heaviest weight I've ever been. Cue annoyed and sensitive human mode. In an effort to try to eat healthier and see if we could avoid going out to eat, J and I decided to give Fresh Fix Kitchen a try.
I've gone back and forth for years over these pre-made meals that come boxed in black and clear faux Tupperware containers. These containers are synonymous with body builder or bikini competition eating style, but seem to be more and more mainstream these days. Plenty of Cross Fitters indulge in them and a lot of the finesses community in general. I've looked and contacted a lot of them in our area, but never found the right one. I'm cheap. They aren't generally that cheap. So, thus all the research, no reward.

Midtown has had a few companies use their gym as a drop-off and I've always seen the mini fridge with these little boxes of limited caloric goodness. I was talking to a fellow Midtowner about it and he mentioned the cost and my eyes lit up. $40 for the five meals per week plan. Now, that was something I could hang with. But again, it would have to be double, because if I was eating like this, J would most likely want to do so as well.

FFK offers two options - Macro Fix and Paleo Fix. Macro being very lean and following the Macro style diet - a protein, a green, and carbs. Paleo is more focused on following the Paleo diet and those rules and their meals are heavily varied, when compared to the Macro meals. To be completely honest, we aren't living the Macro life and the Paleo meals look amazing. But we are cheap and the Paleo meals are $15/week more than our Macro meals, so that's why we eat them. I still ogle over the Paleo meal options each week.
They also sell Paleo approved sides you can buy at $1 each, as well as snacks and desserts. We are going on our third week, which is our second two week subscription. This time around I'm ordering us two different sauces to try out. The Macro meals are very low in calories, so we can afford to dress them up a little with sauces.

Again, we aren't doing this to to eat a Macro plan. We are doing this to try to eat healthier for our dinners. Our plan was to order these meals and eat them for dinner each weekday. After two weeks of this plan, I'd say we did it at about 75% execution rate. With Birthday Month in full swing, I've had a few dinners planned, which allowed me to eat the meals for lunch instead. J has done much better about eating them for dinner.
An added bonus about these meals is that it has gotten J to eat more greens. I did catch him throwing some out, but he's at least eating most of them. They vary them, so he's found some that he can stand and some that are still a no-go. I appreciate that he's trying, we both are, for that matter. Again, they aren't a culinary masterpiece -- but they are really tasty for their purpose. The ground turkey is flavorful and the veggies are always tasty, not just steamed veggies! They are budget and belly friendly, we couldn't ask for much more!

Another cool thing is they have two drop off dates if needed. I used the two drop off dates for the first batch, but I'm thinking I'll get get them all on Monday this time around. They have a decent listing of drop-off locations too, but most are near where they live in Lodi, CA.

Y'all know I love me some food. Some good, fattening food. But the convenience of a healthy meal is pretty awesome too. I don't know how long we'll do this for, but in our endeavor to try to make healthier decisions and workout more, it's been an added convenience to our lives. We are still indulging from time to time, but I notice it is less frequent these days. We don't say no to dinners out, it's just finding the right balance for us.

I've also figured out that I'm not that big into ground beef anymore. I don't ever buy it myself to cook, but I do order it when I order burgers. That's really the only time I eat ground beef. So to eat it in these meals was an adjustment, then I decided to just trade with J since he misses ground beef (ground turkey is all I buy, hahah)! It isn't bad, but I prefer ground turkey these days. Lucky for me, J is adaptable!

Just so there is no confusion, this is an unsolicited review of FFK. We pay for our meals each week and they have no idea I'm writing this. I just thought I'd share our experience with these healthy tubs of convenience with you all, in case you have ever thought about trying them. I finally found the one that works for me/us!

Fresh Fix Kitchen, making healthy eating easy, one faux Tupperware at a time!

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  1. $40 a week seems really reasonable! This sounds like a great service I wonder if there is something like this with Vegetarian options...I could try that!

    1. Yes, super reasonable AND take 10% off that too! Hmm, that might be a good suggestion for one of these types of services in your hood! Might be something to think about starting...VEGAN too! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. If you haven't already, check out FitEats ( Dianne and I have been ordering our lunches from them for about 4 months now. We place our online order for the week on Friday and it is delivered to our doorstep Monday morning by 6:30am. There is a little more variety with FitEats, yet still healthy options. The price is about the same, maybe a little more for FitEats but we think it is worth it.

    1. Hi Chris! Thanks for the idea. I went into their store before and I didn't really think anything looked that great. But now that I have sound advice, maybe I'll give one or two of their meals a try, before I start the service. Convenience is KING these days :) Hope you and Dianne are well, hope we run into you guys somewhere soon! xoxo, ganeeban


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