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Happy Ash Wednesday!

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My post from 2015, Lenten Season, perfectly describes my idea regarding religion. Last year, I briefly discussed it in a GALentines post.

In case you don't feel like re-visiting those posts, I'll just remind you that I am not a very religious person. That being said, I've always partaken in Lent because of my Grandma's influence and partly because I enjoy giving up something and (more recently) working on something. Participating was something small that I could do to show my Grandma that I cared about her dedication to her religion.

I'd been really quiet about it at home, until J and L brought it up. I always love this time of year, as it always reminds me of Cal Poly. That town loves to celebrate Fat Tuesday, really any holiday! Last night my parents dropped off some Costco goodies and dinner for us, they're really the best. My Dad jokingly said Happy Fat Tuesday delivery -- even though it was household items, nothing vice related at all! HAHA! We said goodbye and sat down to dinner. J actually brought up Lent, realizing it was upon us after my Dad's comment.

After a discussion about what Lent represented, of which both J and I are still not completely clear on, it lead to what and why we give up things during Lent. L was really into and and wanted to be a part of it too. It was at that moment, that J grabbed L's homework, turned it over and wrote out what each person in our family was going to do for Lent:
  • Give up some type of favorite food
  • Work on two different things
I've never shied away from sharing things on here, so here are what I chose to sacrifice and work on during the 2017 Lent season:
  • Give up soda, pizza, and chips 
  • Do one act of kindness every day of lent
  • Practice patience!! 
As I was perusing FB today, I read an article a friend posted - Pope Francis' Guide to Lent: What You Should Give Up This Year. As I read it, I realized it was published in 2015, not this year. Here is an excerpt that can easily sum up the message:
"So, if we're going to fast from anything this Lent, Francis suggests that even more than candy or alcohol, we fast from indifference towards others."

Even though this message is two years old, it still remains relevant today. I'm glad I took the time to click the link and read the message and re-read it again for this post. This excerpt really stuck with me:
"But when we fast from this indifference, we can began to feast on love. In fact, Lent is the perfect time to learn how to love again. Jesus—the great protagonist of this holy season—certainly showed us the way. In him, God descends all the way down to bring everyone up. In his life and his ministry, no one is excluded." 

If I can do this for even part of the 46 days, then I know I will be working toward what the Lenten season is intended for. This coupled with the list I already drafted with J and L, shall make for an interesting Lent season.

Whatever your beliefs may be, I think the message of 2015 is still food for thought!

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