Musings: It Finally Happened...

7:29 AM

Really, it has been happening...
All these years of wanting glasses finally caught up to me. My Mom would look at me baffled when I'd say I wanted braces and glasses, as probably would most parents. I have no clue why I wanted them either, but I did end up with the braces. No glasses.

I even went through a phase of wearing faux glasses, post high school. All of us Nordies girls did. A tortoise brown pair and a black pair, completely useless, but still fashionable and cute!

I was the only one out of the four in my family that didn't need them, but crazily wanted them. Once I became an adult (paying bills and that fun stuff) and secured my own health insurance I decided I would get my eyes checked every year. Obviously, in hopes of them suggesting I needed glasses.

People joke about your body changing, but thirty sure did bring some changes. I slowly noticed my eyes not being able to focus on presentations at work. That was the real big indicator that my eyes were changing. Also, I noticed that while driving, I could see everything completely fine, things were just not as clear as they used to be.

You almost forget how clear your vision can be, until its corrected.

I love the team over at Midtown Eyeworks Optometry they've been nothing short of amazing with their service. Dr. Yee is awesome and so down to earth. His staff are super helpful and answer all your sill questions about benefits and whatnot!
So, here I am...almost 34 and FINALLY have glasses! I couldn't be happier, but I'm also ignoring the fact that my eyes are no longer the 20/20 of my youth. I loved going to Midtown Eyeworks and picking out my glasses with the help of J. I was pretty set on what I wanted, but his second opinion was welcomed. We had fun trying on all kinds of glasses, just for fun. I finally landed on the prettiest of them all. Simple and a great fit for my face. While most of you all cringe at wearing glasses I am completely happy to wear them.
That is if I remember them. Thats the hardest part about having them now, is wearing them! HAHA! Oh first world problems!

Finally, my wish came true...just a few decades later...

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