Thanks, 2016 -- Hellllo 2017!

10:43 AM

Nope, never, nada...

I don't do resolutions! Resolutions are so finite. They seem demanding and almost as if they set (every)one up for failure.

Resolution - a firm decision to do or not do something (Google definition).

I'm sure I've spoke about my opinion on NY reso's, but that does not mean I judge anyone for making or working toward their own. They just aren't for me.

This year -- 2 0 1 7 -- I wanted to set some goals. I guess one may call them resolutions, but I sure as hell wouldn't. I wanted to write some things down and hold myself accountable. I have also envisioned myself writing them and posting them in my room, as to have a daily reminder about my goals for the year. So, I took myself out on a coffee & breaky date, to sit in caffeinated clarity and write them all down.
I thought I'd start with 5. Then the list got to 10. Then it surpassed 10. Instead of sharing all my goals with you, I've decided to share a few with you. This is also in the hopes that this will help me be accountable to them. 

Live Simpler - This will be a learn by doing goal (thanks, Cal Poly). I have some rough ideas of how I want this one to go down, less eating out/consuming, less shopping/consumerism of unneeded things/wants, do what makes me happy not what I feel obligated to do, communicate more thoroughly, and slow down more often that not. Again, this goal is very open ended and will evolve over the year. As I wrote my list, I noticed that most of my goals can fit under this general umbrella.

Truly Live Self-Confidence - Don't just say it on the blog or IG, but really believe it. Don't post pictures with qualifying comments that I don't like the pic, but I posted it to be more confident. Post the damn pic and enjoy the body I'm living in right now. I know I'm not happy in my current weight, but I also know this isn't a constant. I need to enjoy the extra fluff or the abs if I ever get them (haha), but to enjoy the moment and current body I am is what I'm trying to do. No more self-deprecating comments, or last least start small and recognize when I say/make them. Really believe that my body can change, I can make healthier decisions or I can not, but I need to accept and not dwell on what I think I should look like. This, by no means, is to just forget healthy decisions. It just means don't beat myself up, my ego, or my esteem when I'm not at whatever my ideal weight/body type is.

Save the Monies - No seriously. Do it this year! I am proud that we've been paying down our credit cards and did so all of 2016. But other ones have gone up. Pay with cash or debit, no more credit. This will be hard, but will my goal. My goal is to save $50 to $100 per paycheck, which will help buy me a nice camera -- new or used, still need to research. A hobby I've always wanted to start. So, this is the year!

So there you have it, some very general goals that I've set for myself, in the hopes to help me become a better woman, girlfriend, role model, community member, employee, sister, daughter, and friend to those around me. I feel like if I align myself in a great, positive place everything around me will see the light I have to offer. I know things will go wrong, I may slip and not follow my goals exactly. But as long as I keep reaching for them, I know 2017 will be a great year. Without the struggles of 2016, I wouldn't know what J and I are made of, how I need to cope/handle stress and anxiety, and how to appreciate what someone/everyone else maybe going through.

2016 wasn't a bad year. There were some dark moments, but I wanted to make sure I didn't seem so negative and ready to leave 2016. We made some amazing memories in 2016, from Seattle to Hawaii, and ending it with San Diego! Friendships were strengthened, new lovebugs were born, fitness was endured and appreciated, and our home is warm and our fridge is full! I felt that I focused more on the negative during the later part of the year, but the entire year wasn't all bad. So many good things, positive things that shouldn't be overshadowed by an ugly person or event. Thank you to the people, the moments, and the reminders that came into my life to remind me of the good times, the laughter, and the gratuity I should embrace!
Best Nine of 2016 // Apparently Everyone Likes Pics w/ J in Them ;)
The essence of 2016 will remain, but I plan to live a better 2017!

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