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Creative Mornings for a not so creative...
I've heard my friends and family say I'm creative. But to me, I'm not. I do not embody my own image of a 'creative' person or one who is a 'creative' for a living.

Would I like to be? Hell YES! I wish I could craft the most eye catching blog, I wish I could take the best photos and be amazing at Photoshop. Yes, I wish all things of creative creatures would sneak into my veins and one day I could do all those fun things.

But, I wouldn't necessarily say that's me. I'd like it to be, I'd appreciate it, but I'm not. Not in a negative way, just in a living my truth type of way. My internal struggle goes against everything Creative Mornings is about, but that's why I attend. I have to do things that make me feel uncomfortable and the silver lining is hearing thought provoking mini-lectures by people I wouldn't generally ever interact with!

That being said, I almost feel like an imposter attending -- even though I absolutely adore what Rebecca Parker and team has brought to Sacramento...for F R E E!

December marked the first Creative Mornings in Sacramento, which I skimmed over in a post. I loved it, even though I was out of my element. I'm a social person, but networking is not generally my thing. If approached, I'm all good. I just have a difficult time approaching others. I did see a few familiar faces, thanks to the local SM world and connections. That's always a comforting feeling, to see those who you interact with even though you may not be real life friends.

Here's a quick synopsis of Creative Mornings: Creative Mornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. There are chapters all over the World! Each month a new topic is selected and the speaker is chosen based on that topic. Each chapter does everything via volunteers, no one is paid to provide this for any of the communities. Local sponsors also help out and provide goodies for everyone.

"Everyone is creative. ... Everyone is welcome." -- This is my why. No matter the fact that I don't deem myself a 'creative' I'm still welcomed. I still learn and can expose myself to other creatives in our community!

January - Mystery // Speaker - Melody Stone // Location - CLARA Midtown   

Here are my takeaways from today:

Creative Economy Initiative ⏺ Rebecca announced that this passed on Tuesday. I had and still don't have a clue as to exactly what it entails, but I know that it is a good thing for the creative community. I will be on the prowl for more info regarding this initiative for our City.

Don't worry about passion. Follow Curiosity. ⏺ I really enjoyed this sentiment from Melody. I think I needed to hear this. Hearing 'No' over and over again lately has me feeling less passionate about the career path I've chosen. Am I doing the right thing? Should I try something new and change what I thought would always be? I know she didn't mean this in a career sense, but it hit home for me today. I want to always follow the curiosity. I also think this will be a great rule to follow when blogging. I need to be more curious these days, not focus on something that fits within my limited scope of the 'passion' that I am supposed to have.

Take time to wonder. ⏺ A simple reminder. I get so normalized in the day-to-day that I don't challenge myself through wonder or curiosity. I think we could all use this gentle reminder for any aspect of our life. This one was great for an upcoming post I'm working on, but can't get the right words to come together for how I feel.
I feel lucky that this cool thing is free. I feel lucky that Sacramento creatives care to create a community for one another. I love that the speakers are so candid, raw, and human. The speakers keep it short and sweet, cause we all have to get back to work! I do enjoy the free coffee (good kind y'all, not big box coffee) and goodies that are provided! I loved the BYO-coffee mug, even though I didn't get a raffle ticket to enter into the drawing.

Regardless of what I deem a 'creative' or if I see myself fitting in that bubble, I enjoy that I can attend this series and walk away with things to think about. I don't really talk to anyone, but it's not cause I'm my only friend, it's because I'm fairly new to this community. If you happen to read this and attend these, come say hi -- introduce yourself. I'd appreciate it. This not-so-creative loaner would love to met others, I am just a little, uncharacteristically shy in this setting.

A little coffee, a little speaking, and a little Sacramento...I'm swooning!

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