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3:51 PM

Just living vicariously through L...
...and her Girl Scout cookie days!

As I was prepping to write this post, I decided to search my old posts to see if I wrote about it before. Well, lo and behold, I sure did. I opened up the post and I instantly made my own self laugh. Honestly, not tooting my own horn. Laughing at myself is a pretty regular thing, but laughing at my own writing doesn't usually happen.

That post was basically written one year ago from now. I apparently was in the thick of helping L sell her cookies and couldn't believe that they price of a box has reached $5. I'll show my age, but I remember when they were $1.75, then jumped to $2.50. Decades ago...

Anywho, things have changed. Changed a lot. And probably for the better. I thought I'd share some of the things we are doing this year, which seemed to be really successful, so far!

1. Create a Sales Pitch Video -- I think this was such a great exercise for L, but she also really enjoyed it. First we discussed her script -- what should her selling points be, what are the important details to include, her introduction, and anything to make it interesting -- not in this order of course. She then wrote her script and practiced it a few times. We didn't waste much time with practicing, we just went for the video. The first attempt she got her actress jitters out of the way, the second one was magical and we didn't have to do any more. Knowing we were sending this to family and friends, we knew it didn't have to be perfect, but it had to be her. And that's exactly what she did. Here are a few things we think you should include:
  • Wear your GS vest
  • Introduce yourself name and troop #
  • Reason for the video - selling GS cookies to fund raise for her troop and the community
  • Hype up the new flavor for the year - S'mores
  • Suggest your favorite so they know you actually eat them too
  • Remind them that if they don't want to buy cookies for themselves, you could donate a box or more (they are donating theirs to troops/soldiers/armed forces)
  • Tell them the price and how to go about ordering them - we asked for text message orders
  • Don't forget to say thank you
  • Review video together to see if it's presentable
  • Send to family and friends -- adult does this, not child (duh!)
2. Venmo - I know PayPal has been around forever, but Venmo is ten thousand times easier to use. Once you do the initial set-up, its the easiest app to use. Just make sure you set your privacy how you'd prefer or else everyone can see what you're doing in the app -- its a social app, but also practical too. This has been a godsend for people who have ordered and sending payment for said cookies. It's much easier (and smarter) to get payment before delivery, otherwise you have to front all of the money which can get expensive.

3. On-line Presence - GS can now use a website to help sell cookies. L and one other girl are the only others in the troop that have activated their accounts, but I've found this tool extremely helpful. You can set cookie selling goals, earn a patch for completing goals within the website, and send emails to notify family and friends of the cookie sales. In turn, they can also order via the website, but they still have to pay you directly -- it isn't a perfect system, but it is very helpful for those who are computer savvy or just want to use their time wisely. I also think it was a great took to help L become more familiar with an actual computer/laptop, not just something Apple she can hold in her hand. We set her goals together and also went through the list of other items she could complete to earn another badge.
Surprisingly, she was really excited to do the good 'ol door-to-door sales pitch. She even walked home with a few orders. I was happy for her, even though I wasn't sure anyone would even be home to place any orders. I was soo happy she was successful in that adventure.

As a former GS, I enjoy encouraging her to participate in GS cookie sales and in the troop. Its one thing to know its a good thing for a child, but it is also another to understand how it helps you as a person from first hand experience. I walked away with one of my best friends for life (to this day at least) from my GS experience, really a whole additional family. There are so many good memories from building my esteem, having somewhere to release my creativity, to learning skills that would be helpful later in life. The forever GS in me loves seeing her be so excited to sell the cookies. In addition, I get to use my overly-organized skill-set to keep it all in order and financially balanced for her troop leader.

Bless the Parentals hearts for dealing with this stuff in quantities way beyond what L is selling. I cannot believe they would manage and organize the selling of over 500 boxes of cookies when I was a wee GS. Now I know where I get my OCD/organizational skills from, thanks Ma!

It's all good until the cookies arrive...

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