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Prix fixe scares me...
I am a lover of food with a slightly picky palette. I think that accurately describes me.

Dine Downtown has been happening in Sacramento for a while now, 12 years according to the website, and I've always thought about it. But that was it, just thought about it.

Here are the basics: Cool restaurants create 3 course prix fixe meals for $35. One dollar per each meal is donated to social services and food literacy programs in Sacramento. Its the the who's who of Sacramento restaurants, who participate.

This year, coupled with a cool discount card we thought we could use, we made sure it would happen. Seeing as how J is even pickier than I am, I perused the entire list and looked at all of the menus. Yes, ALL of the menus. The three courses are an appetizers, an entree, and a dessert. In many cases, there are a variety of choices per each course. Some locations are very limited and some have a larger variety, it just depends on the restaurant.
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I narrowed it down to five and let him chose. He finally settled on Ten22. I immediately used Open Table to secure us a spot for a weekday night, which also happened to be our anniversary. Lovah's note, this place has special meaning because it was where we spent our first Valentine's Day together -- but I don't think that's why he selected this location ;)

It wasn't too busy when we walked in. The hostess also gave us a choice of where we'd prefer to sit -- table in the dining area or little nook, half-round booth. We chose the cute booth to enjoy our meal!
The Parentals gave us a Farm-to-Fork Dining card for Christmas, which essentially gives you $15 off two entrees from a list of locations, you can use the discount at each one, once. Ten22 was on there. We didn't really understand the card, nor we did take the time to read the small print thoroughly. Since I saw "Dine" plastered on the card, I assumed it was for Dine Downtown and thought cool, we'll get a discount on some good food. Sadly, I was mistaken. We weren't mad, but I will note that it did not say that it couldn't be used on DD meals. But oh well, go with the flow, right?!

Since this was the case J decided to just get $20 burger, however I still wanted to try the Dine Downtown menu. I mean, wasn't that why we were there...not our anniversary or anything ;)

Being the kind girlfriend I know I can be, I decided to start with the Smoked Duck Spring Rolls. I really wanted the Bay Scallop Souffle, but J doesn't like seafood. I was happy to see that three small spring rolls came out plated. The home-made hoisin was amazing! The spring rolls were fried yummy goodness. We both equally enjoyed them, but even more so the sauce!
For my entree, I went with the Grilled Flat Iron Steak.I did have to order it without the sriracha-chili demi, even though our server said it wasn't spicy, but more just the flavor. I wasn't going to even mess with that. I ordered it medium well (don't judge), but when it came out it was more well done, liked they let it sit at the runner section too long. The flavor was still good and simple, it was just a little tough, but not too dry surprisingly. The sesame-roasted potatoes were super crispy (like they knew me or something) and had great flavor, I loved them! Their oil-braised beans were tasty, so tasty I wished there were more on my plate. Everything had great, yet simple flavors -- despite being overcooked!
Lastly, I couldn't really decide. Both seemed like good options, but I wasn't dying for either one. I finally decided on the Molten Chocolate Cake. We both didn't really care for it that much. It wasn't even luke warm. It was just okay, it wasn't anything amazing. It did come with a scoop of ice cream, but nothing to wow about!
J's burger was tasty! The smoked short-rib added to the burger is a great touch, a little too much for me as an entree though. The burger had great flavor, but the bun was a little burnt this time around. All the produce looked and tasted super fresh. Loved the fries, crispy and with a side of ketchup so you don't even have to ask. I'm not sure why they would use horseradish aioli, since that flavor is so polarizing for people. But we asked for it off, but they sent it on the side anyways. It was a great choice, since they were out of their Tuesday special, Southern Fried Chicken!
Overall, I enjoy the idea of Dine Downtown still, even if my experience wasn't crazy exciting nor did it tantalize my taste buds as I would have hoped. I love that I get to try three courses at such a bargain, yes, that is bargain for most of the restaurants that are participating! I'm hoping to get into one more spot before it ends. Regardless, I'll make sure to participate next year too.

Just another Dine Downtown virgin looking for a reason to not cook!

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