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Guns scare the shit out of me!
Buuuut...I've always wanted to shot one. In a very secure environment. With very professional and well-versed persons near by for my safety...and the safety of others for that matter.

I am by no means an advocate for owning a gun, especially with children in the home. But if you do, then so be it. That's your right and prerogative. Just know that I do not agree, nor would that ever be anything that would be happening in my home. That being said, that doesn't mean I didn't want to experience it. I do. I did.

We didn't make a huge deal of our anniversary year, which I am still getting used too. I decided to surprise J with a fun trip to the gun range for a belated anniversary day date -- since the real day was on a Tuesday! I did some research and asked a few friends for recommendations. In the end, it came down to two locations -- neither of which take reservations.

We didn't have a huge time frame window, so I called to see the current wait time before we were going to leave. The Gun Range had a wait of an hour, the Gun Room had a wait of only thirty minutes. I ended up telling J what were going to do, so he could help weigh in on the decision of which one to go try out. Both were located in complete different areas and both were nowhere near where we needed to be when we were done! Anywho, we ended up going to the Gun Room since the weight was shorter.

I was nervous. I was out of my element. I didn't know what I was doing.

It was crowded, we could tell by the completely packed parking lot. When you walk in there is an entire store to the left and to the right is where the gun range was. There was tons of people piled in here, but thank goodness most of them were there for a training course, not to use the gun range. We waited our turn to sign in, which really also turned into us getting started with the process. They hold your identification while you use a lane. We chose to share one lane, instead of each taking up a lane.

There is an entire list of rules to read if you've never been there before. Shoot, I've never even really touched a gun before either. I read through each one thoroughly. Thankfully, the employee was super nice and accommodating for a newbie. Everything costs here - the eye and ear wear for protection. They have papers to shoot at, which are super cheap, but still cost. Also, since we don't own our own hand guns we could rent them and then purchase the ammunition for the guns as well. Just like a bar, you keep an open tab until you are done. We could always go back and order more ammunition or ask to use a different gun. It really was like we were at a bar.

My hands were sweaty. I was nervous. I was hesitant.

No lesson? No security training? Just go shoot the thing. Thank goodness J had done this before. He knew hand to handle the gun, load the ammunition, load the paper target, basically do EVERYTHING to set the stall up for us and me. I let him go first, easily. Normally I want to do everything, but I was hesitant about this.

I didn't realize how hesitant I was until I was there. I have always been scared about how powerful these weapons are, but more so that they can kill other human being. More so, that others use them to kill other humans. But that's besides the point. I was worried I'd mess up or accidentally hurt myself or someone else. Everyone else in the range room exuded confidence and experience -- literally, everyone brought their own guns...yes multiple.

I know my nervousness was really not warranted, but I was nervous. My hands were sweating. It took me awhile to take my first shot. After I did it, it didn't feel that bad, but I was still hesitant. No matter how I stood or how strong I thought my grip was, the gun's kick back would always be too strong for me to feel like I had a complete handle on.
I'm pretty sure that I did not hit the paper target very often. Like ever. J and I took turns going through one full clip each. It went fairly quickly, but it was enjoyable -- even if I wasn't comfortable. I was so skiddish when the shell would hit me, if they didn't fly off somewhere else. HAHA. I enjoyed watching those around us, who felt comfortable and were actually decent in what they were practicing. We did try two different guns, the first one was larger -- a 'glock' if you will. The second gun was much skinnier and smaller, but I don't know what it's name was. I actually preferred the larger one, it felt easier to grasp and feel like I had some control of what I was doing.

Not to mention loading the ammunition is a pain the ass. It really makes your fingers hurt too.
People asked me how I liked it. My answer is still not clear to me. It was cool. It was terrifying. I still don't feel confident holding a gun. I'd go back, but I'm not in any hurry to go back. I would try it again. After the first few shots I felt comfortable, but as the time went on I got super nervous again. Maybe it was with the second gun that I didn't prefer, I'm not too sure.

I shot my first gun. It was fun to do something with J that was new to me and not to him, that doesn't happen to often to most places and thing we do together! It was a random way to celebrate an anniversary, but fun for us. We have an endless list of things to do, places to go, eats to eat -- why not check one off and celebrate us too?!?

Stick to your guns...figurative, not literally for me ;)

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  1. I am almost the opposite of you. I do believe in the "right to bare arms" or the right to own guns. However, I don't like shooting them and because I am not comfortable handling them and I would prefer not to have one in my home because I can have a mean temper and fly off the handle often. Put that together and I probably would use it in a heated moment :/ and later regret it. I have not shot one before, and probably feel differently if I had. I do agree in a safety class for anyone who wants to own a gun. I think the real problem is the person not the gun. The people who buy them illegally are the scariest ones. Sadly, those that are responsible generally are not the problem. My opinion of course, but needed to state it. Thank you for your own insight as well.

    1. I completely respect your opinion on the "right to bare arms." HAHA, I love that you admitted to your temper ;) You should go shoot one, its interesting and it was completely safe. I do agree with you on it is the 'person' not the gun. I was hoping that came through in my post. Guns don't shoot themselves. xoxo, ganeeban


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