Musings: A December to Remember

4:45 PM

When 3 weeks feel like a MONTH!

Well, when it's the Holiday's I guess time gets magnified and accelerated...or at least in my little world it does. I haven't checked-in in a while, so here I am.

Some good things, some stressful things...but in all, life is good. I don't really have any complaints -- besides the normal ones, so many gifts, so little money ;) So here goes nothing, just a random spew of musings to keep you amused or annoyed.

Adventuring // We are trying something new, really I am forcing it up on our little family. Instead of buying L presents, which she gets an endless supply from so many people, we are giving her an adventure this year. We've already told her about it, so it won't be a surprise on Christmas morning. We did assure her that Santa will stop by as always, but there will be no presents under the tree from J or I, for her. I think she really liked the idea from the moment we told her, now she is fully excited and looking forward to our trip. It will be (another) place we all get to go together for the first time. I am being a little coy, so I can post about our adventure, post Christmas (and said adventure). I really enjoyed this idea, because each year she is completely spoiled from J and I's families, independently. That doesn't even include her mother's side too. She has more material things than she can play with, even though her Christmas list is loooong.

Christmas Cards // I absolutely love everything about sending them. You all know I'm obsessed with snail mail, so this shouldn't be a surprise. I am a huge proponent of hand writing the addresses, but this year I had to spend more to get more discount...go figure! So, I was able to be indulgent and have our envelopes pre-printed for our friends and family. I also did order a few extra, for those that I absent mindedly forgot to add to the (ever growing) list of ours. Prior to J and L, I sent them out, but they were just ones that came pre-made and I wrote every single message inside each card. Now, I take our annual family photos and design a card from that -- usually a family shot on front and a single pic of L on the back. I love that I get to do this each year, either with pics or just a Christmas card. I love sharing the love with family and friends (and some obligations that don't fit into those two categories). I'm kinda bummed, because we've only received one card this year. At this time last year, we were swimming in cards :(
Torn Meniscus // Yeah, so I probably have that. I'm not special, it happens to everyone, it's too common. However, my PA wouldn't do anything since I didn't R.I.C.E. it before I went in to see her -- work trip and busy life got in the way. So it's been over three weeks and I haven't done anything -- no Midtown, no running, no Soccer! I am going crazy and gaining weight like a beached whale. Cause of course, I don't like to eat healthy -- which normally works when I'm being extremely active. I played almost a full outdoor game yesterday AND I'm in hurting today, but I think that is a sign I can go back to Midtown. I did go back one day and rode the bike and did an upper arm workout, but I was being lazy and never went back. Tonight, I go again :)
Girls Night // December GN was as amazing as it is every single year! Most of the ladies showed up and their littles. We did our yearly White Elephant exchange and even decided to do it in July, to celebrate Christmas in July, since everyone enjoys it and we always laugh so much when we play. These gals love to steal each others gifts, no remorse at all ;)
Shirts with Sayings // I apparently only buy shirts with sayings on it lately. They have been my jam and will probably continue to do so.
Positive Affirmations // Do you have any? I'm legit asking for some if you have any. I internalize stress, mostly financial stress, but as of recent a different kind of stress too. You wouldn't be able to tell from the outside, because most of it just swirls around in my head. I've gotten better at discussing it with J, but it still happens. I know I cannot change things, so I need to accept them, but that still doesn't help the stress that comes along with them. So, I've been trying positive affirmations to deal with the stressors that I am aware of. Which is why I ask you if you have any to share with me. Using positive affirmations against my stressors has been helpful. Saying them out loud to myself has helped me recognize and deal with the things that are stressing me out. If I cannot change them or make them go away, then I am trying to manage them so they don't affect my sleep or relationships.

Workaverary // 4 years at BDG. It happened to land on a weekend day this year, so we went to lunch to celebrate last week. My co-worker and I got hired on the same day and now we work together in the same department. She always reminds me of our workaversary, otherwise I'd forget. Forever, I thought it was on different day HAHA!

CIM // I had so much fun spectating the CIM this year, even though I was sick as can be! It is so inspiring to watch everyone be four miles out from finishing a marathon...and a relay (they still get cheers too). It's given it will probably be cold out there to spectate, but the few smiles and waves you get when cheering make it worth it. Also, knowing exactly what they are feeling at that moment gives me additional perspective to be out there cheering. After you finish climbing and descending the bridge -- which sounds dramatic, but feels that dramatic at mile 22 -- you need encouragement so you don't start counting down the damn street signs to 8th street at the finish! My co-worker was out there cheering like crazy, it was fun to watch her support her team and all the other runners too. It's a great feeling to spectate a marathon. If you've never done it, I suggest you do it at least once in your life. It totally got me motivated to get active again, even though I cannot lace them up...I really wanted too!
Creative Mornings // A new creative breakfast seminar series that has come to Sacramento. Although I've worked in Marketing for awhile now, I've never really felt part of the creative community. Maybe it's because I cannot actually do the creative work (outsourcing, duh) or maybe it's because I haven't tried to embrace it, whichever the case I have a new outlet to do so. CM is a worldwide speaking series that has chapters all over the world. Each month they choose a theme and your city will host a speaker. These are free events and ours are in the morning -- think of it as a breakfast seminar that is free. Our inaugural topic was "sound." It was really cool, the speaker was awesome and I loved hearing his story. I was telling my SM friend (who I met for the first time in like two years) who I was sitting next too that the speakers story is super cool, but doesn't happen to everyone. She responded with that it does, just in different ways. I took what she said to heart and appreciated that she was so optimistic and positive. We all have our own successes, whatever they may be. It reminded me not to compare myself or my story to anyone...and to keep writing my story!

Well that was really easy to get really verbose, really quickly. I used really 3 times in that sentence, barf! I could probably go on and on, too, but I won't. I'm not gonna lie, 2016 has been rough for so many reasons. But then there have been sprinkles of amazingess that have popped up too. So it' hasn't been all bad. I just hope to end it on a high note and to open my heart and light to an awesome 2017. I know there is no trip around the sun without its lows, I just hope this revolution had the lowest lows for awhile...

Hope you're making it a December to remember folks!

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