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Hashtag-ing (making up words too) our adventures... cheesy and I love it. We even made up a hashtag for the family trip in 2014 and we used it for this trip too: #GaneebansDoThe808. I enjoy adding the hashtags because I can go back and easily look at all the pictures I posted at one time. Well, Lil and I are the only ones who posted anything, but still, its a nice tool to have to look back at our family and couple adventures. Its cheesy, I get it. But I don't really care ;)


No matter what is thrown our way, J and I will always work together as a team. Since he had to stay home for a few extra days, we made sure to get him on a plane to share our trip with us a few days later than planned. We all loaded up in the car and headed (back) to the airport! The jerk didn't text me when he landed, even though we were driving to pick him up. I guess courtesy got left in Sacramento. I met him at baggage claim, I missed him. Even though I was annoyed at him and knew something was off.
Luggage and Boo loaded into the car we headed off to show him the island, Ganeeban style. He loves donuts and I've been raving for two years about something just as delicious, Leonard's Bakery and their malasada's! The line was out the door, typical, but we stayed the course. After we ordered 5 original, 1 Li Hing, 2 custard puffs, 2 haupia (coconut) puffs, and 2 mango (seasonal flavor) puffs we devoured them outside on a bench. I love these damn things, they are so delicious. The li hing is too sassy for me. I enjoy the puffs filled with cream, but it's a little too much. I'm pretty sure I ate more than I could handle.
Since we were a little haphazard with our plan when they picked me up from the airport, we had a plan this time around. Swoop J, get food, go to the beach. We didn't deviate too far from this plan. As we headed to North Shore to beach it up, we made Poppa Bear make a quick stop at the cutest little lemonade shop. I'd seen it the day before, but didn't ask to stop. This time Lil and I did and I'm so glad we did. Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade is really stuck in a poor location, they are in a non-descript business strip on a busy street. Parking sucks, but the Parentals had to go to Walgreen's so we parked there and split up. Before we could even get into the shop, we stopped at a cute boutique to browse, Niu. They had some cute things, Lil and I even walked out with the same exact tank - COCO NUTS!

We finally made it into WW. I already knew I'd love the shop by the logo, but then when I walked in and saw that you could buy logo'd mason jars....SOLD! So many delicious options, we took awhile to decide. I decided on Lilikoi Strawberry lemonade (I think, I can't remember exactly). But my drink was way too cute to drink, but I did. I also ordered Poppa Bear a kids strawberry lemonade, which was just a smaller mason jar, too cute! 
A few more stops, to get floaties and what not, then we found our way to Waimea Bay. This spot is infamous for the large black rocks you jump off. We didn't jump off the rocks this year, it was really crowded and relaxing sounded way more fun. It's a great experience and I suggest it to everyone, but we skipped it this trip. The weather was good and not soo good, but at one point there was a full rainbow behind us. Hours were spent relaxing and enjoying each others company.
It was getting late and we hadn't really eaten an actual meal all day. So we headed into Haleiwa to find somewhere for dinner. We decided to give Beach House a try. It looked familiar, because it used to be Jamison's by the Beach, where we went in 2014. It seemed eerily familiar, but very different at the same time. It all made sense. The removed the gift shop, added a fancy stair way in the middle, and made it more open in the front (with turf area for kids to run and play in). After we were seated and food was ordered, I ran outside to snap a pic of the sunset.
J and Lil joined me and we snapped some cute pics. J and I got to enjoy our first Hawaiian sunset together. Romanitcal.
Oddly, I wasn't starving so J and I shared an appetizer and an entree. I really liked the flavor of the Grilled Cheese, the cheese blend was delicious. The mashers with horseradish were too spicy and the server said the mushrooms were on the side, not ALL OVER!  It's okay, I ordered dessert to make up for the bad entree ordering choice, even though the short rib part was delicious. The server was sweet and heard us mention we were vacationing to celebrate Lil's b-day, so she brought out a birthday dessert!
Kalua Pork Grilled Cheese // toasted brioche with warm goat cheese, white cheddar, (sans) pickled onion, and kaula pork.
Braised Short Rib // red wine braised boneless beef short ribs with roasted cipoillini onions, mushrooms (ewww), and horseradish Yukon mash potato.
Shell's Order //  Lobster Cobb Salad // fresh warm lobster and grilled croutons served atop a medley of waipoli greens with bleu cheese, tomato, bacon, heart of palm, & a 7 minute egg, tossed in an avocado ranch dressing.
Early birthday treat!
Lilikoi Cheese Cake // with macadamia nut and graham cracker crust topped with sweet pickled strawberries and lilikoi sauce.
After dinner we headed home and relaxed while enjoying the Olympics and some adult beverages. The perfect way to end J's first day on the island.


I was up before everyone, so I took my book and my coffee to the beach for a little bit. Once everyone was up, we decided to head back to Haleiwa so I could finally have an acai bowl for breakfast. 
Haleiwa has changed dramatically in two years. They've added so many more shops and re-did or made the Haleiwa Store Lot which has tons of new and some of the old shops in one large center. Bathrooms (that require codes) are there, a large center for hanging out and eating, and a pathway to cross the busy street. After using Yelp and IG, I knew there was an Island Vintage Coffee here now, plus Haleiwa Bowls. I decided to introduce IVC to J, I thought I could get my bowl there, but apparently they've changed how they make them and the mix already has bananas in it. I was pissed, because it wasn't like that before. Now it is :( So we ordered a breakfast bagel to share and I got my beloved Mocha Coconut freeze. The fam also ordered food here. When we finished, I wasn't satisfied, so I went to find my acai bowl sans bananas.
Luckily Haleiwa Bowls was just a short walk away. J and Shell also came with me. It's a little hut and had two girls working, who by the way, were not the friendliest. Their mood matched the weather ;) I ordered the Surfer Bowl, which was really good. The acai part was less smoothie textured, but that's because of the missing bananas. The large fresh chunks of coconuts were amazing. They had lots of hippie-dippy options, but I went for the fairly normal bowl. 
Momma & Poppa Bear learning how to play Pokemon Go!
Poppa Bear, J, and I hung out while Lil and Mom shopped. Weird, I know...I didn't shop! While we were sitting there a little gecko hung out with us. We we thoroughly enjoyed watching it do it's own thing! When they got back we perused a few more stores near us, then headed out.  We took some silly Matsumoto photos, but didn't order one, it was too early and they weren't open yet.
Prior to our trip, I'd been stalking IG and Yelp for ideas for things to do and eat. So I knew there were a gorgeous pair of Colette Miller wings painted somewhere in the historic North Shore town. As we drove in earlier, I spotted them. I told everyone we had to get stop so I could snap a pic with them, which they of course obliged. On our way out to the beach, we stopped.
I didn't know what they stood for, but now that I do I respect them so much more. I didn't realize it was a movement. I just thought it was really fun interactive art for tourists! She does gorgeous work and I want to seek out the rest of her wings collection.

We'd been dying to spot some sea turtles, so on our way to Sunset beach we headed to (what we call) Turtle Beach, but is really Laniakea Beach. We parked, then played a little Frogger across the highway. Then climbed down some random rocks and made it to join the masses looking for non-existent turtles. We weren't fruitful in our observation, so we left pretty quickly. It was getting warm, plus the humidity.
We spent the rest of the afternoon at Sunset Beach enjoying the bipolar weather of Hawaii. We were sprinkled on, we were sunned on! We endured it all for hours. It was here, right before we left that I was scrambling to plan a Zip Lining adventure for the next day. 10 phone calls later, we had a date with the Zips! After we ran out of energy to do nothing, we decided to go back to the house and shower for dinner. We decided to head to Haleiwa for dinner, again. Momma decided on Haleiwa Joe's Seafood Grill, this was already their second visit and my and J's first of this trip

We ordered a celebratory round of drinks. Celebratory for what, just because, that's why! Adult beverages with meals are a must on vacation, duh!
Mokule'ia Mule // A twist on a Moscow Mule; Tito's vodka and ginger beer, with a splash of passion fruit
Again, with our internal clocks all messed up, so was our eating schedule. J and I shared an appetizer and an entree. It was plenty enough for us, but Momma was nice enough to share a few bites of her Alaskan King crab legs too. It was a delish dinner in the perfect setting.
Appetizer Shared by the Fam // Crispy Chicken Wings // tossed with a chili pepper, garlic, & shoya
App shared with J and I, not my fave. // Luau Lumpia // Kalua pork & taro leaf in a lumpia wrapper, fried & served with lomi-pineapple & sweet chili dipping sauce
Entree shared by J & I, so good // Sticky Ribs // 1⁄2 rack of baby back pork ribs roasted with our soy-ginger hoisin glaze. Served with green papaya-ginger slaw & your choice of white or brown rice.
Momma's Entree // Alaskan King Crab // A full pound of steamed king crab served with butter & lemon, sautéed vegetables & your choice of white or brown rice.
Poppa Bear's Entree // Fresh Steamed // Steamed local catch marinated in a black bean garlic sauce, served over steamed baby bok choy & shiitake mushrooms and white rice
Instead of grabbing dessert at Haleiwa Joe's, we decided to go grab ice cream at Lil's fave shop. There were plenty of good looking options on the dessert menu, but Scoop of Paradise was happening. We drove down the street, hoping it was open AND it was :)

No cool photos of the ice cream, peep one of my 2014 posts for that pic. I ordered a Kona Coffee kids scoop and it was delicious. This ice cream shop is one of my fave, because it also is a mecca of kids toys and clothing. It's almost as if they sell ice cream secondly. The employee, possibly owner, was animated and fun and kept us entertained as we munched on our dessert. We didn't stay long, because we had an early wake up call for our adventure the next day!

This may be our (J and I) first trip to the 808 together, but it won't be our last!  

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