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Okay, so no big cool red jug dancing around...
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...just a huge domineering corporation garnering WOM marketing like crazy for a 'hidden menu'.

It seems like hidden menus are the cool thing these days, In-N-Out and Jamba Juice, just to name a few. Of course, the tasty caffeinated conglomerate has one too.

The funny thing is, when I went rouge and ordered one of these drinks the barista said "we make anything you want". Suggesting that idea dumbfounded me, for some odd reason. I'm accustomed to traditional menus at restaurants. Creating my own item just sounds far fetched. But in reality, that's what I'm doing when I customize a drink. I just never put the connection together.

Thanks to some bored kid or blogger, we now have these drinks that go by their color namesake. They took the time to come up with these concoctions and made them viral-addicting via a hashtag (and a post)! Instagram is where I saw these drinks become popular. Now there are huge publications posting articles and the drinks are definitely garnering much attention. Here is the IG post that I've been referring too, so I know what to order.

And from what I'm gather, some Barista's are annoyed by it. I'm generalizing, but my first experience ordering a colored drink was not the best. There was no one in line when I walked in to get my Purple Drink. I was already a little hesitant to order it, since this isn't my normal style. Anywho, I shyly asked if he knew what the Purple Drink was, to which he had to ask his fellow Barista. She told him the another girl just ordered it and I also mentioned I knew what was in it. The Barista behind the bar oozed annoyance at this drink and her friend who was on break, hanging out on the other side of the bar, snickered. I think said something along the lines of "Oh do you get annoyed at these, you all don't seem too enthusiastic." The girl on break faked loud enthusiasm about the drink and the nice guy behind the register was the one who said 'we're here to make anything you'd like." Needless to say, they didn't make my first Purple Drink experience the best.  
Well, screw that rude Barista, cause the Purple drink is on point. Refreshing and creamy, from the soy milk.

Purple Drink
Iced Passion (Tango) Tea
Sou Milk
Vanilla Syrup
Blackberry Topping
**I saw online it's actually called Iced Passion Tango Tea, but everyone says Passion Tea

I wasn't going to let one snarky Barista damper my new adventurous menu ordering ways. I was a little off-put by that, obviously, but more annoyed than anything. Literally, two day's later I made the decision to try the Pink Drink, which is actually the drink I think made the secret menu at Starbucks so popular.
I haven't really tried Coconut Milk, so that's why I started with the Purple Drink. I contemplated subbing it out in the Pink Drink, but decided to try it in the originators version. The drive thru Barista was sweet and we talked about the two versions. We also talked about the Purple drink too. She brought back my faith in the non-snarky Barista population ;)
Pink Drink
Strawberry (Acai) Refresher
No Water
Coconut Milk
Strawberry Topping
**I saw online it's actually called the Strawberry Acai Starbucks Refresher

It was okay. I will say it was a refreshing drink to sip on while I watched my Love Bug play in his All-Star game in 100 degree heat. It's really sweet. Not my favorite, but not bad. I think I may like it with Soy Milk, it may be a little creamier. Also, I could do without the Strawberry topping since I didn't eat them and they just sat in the cup. That would save $0.50 on the total of the drink. But they do make the drink look pretty, so maybe they are worth it.

Trying to find time to try these color drinks is almost like a chore. Since I don't ever want to substitute my actual coffee drinking with one, it has to be a one off when I want to sip on something...but also not interfere with my food intake timing either, duh! So, on the way to J's grandparents house on the 4th of July, we stopped by the colored drink slanger.
Green is so not patriotic for the 4th, but it sounded the best. Sadly, I'd rather just order an Iced Soy Green Tea Latte. Same color, better flavor. I think I just prefer the creamier option to the the coconut milk. 
Green Drink
Iced Black Tea
No Water
Coconut Milk

The Blue Drink is literally the Purple Drink without the blackberries, they are really stretching the color blue here. I wanted something refreshing to watch J play soccer, but also keep me excited for my indoor game after his. I actually tried to order the Orange Drink, but the drive thru Barista said that they didn't have the base of the drink yet. Like, never? I didn't question him, so I just ordered the Blue Drink. I knew I liked the Purple Drink, so I knew I'd like the Blue. It was a little much for me on this day, but it was still really tasty!

I like to drink my Starbucks next to Containers...or really ugly Indoor Soccer arenas! HAHA! 
Blue Drink
Iced Passion (Tango) Tea
No Water
Soy Milk
Vanilla Syrup

The Orange Drink still remains elusive for me and probably will remain so for a least another two weeks. I'll work on getting it since I heard it tastes similar to a Creamsicle or an Orange Julius, which are two things I highly enjoy! Again, I have the internal battle of Coconut Milk vs. Soy Milk. I love the creaminess of Soy, but the lightness of the Coconut Milk. Oh, first world decisions that need to be made and contemplated!
Orange Drink
Orange Mango Juice
2 Scoops of Vanilla Bean Powder
Coconut Milk

It's been a fun little adventure to try these summer, off-the-menu drinks. Me and my cheap thrills. HAHA, and they aren't even that cheap. The most expensive one, all Grande sized ordered, was $4.05. They have all been nice and cool alternatives to my go-to iced coffee. I am never one to turn down something new, with the exception of the short list of items that I just don't mess with (beans, mushrooms, bananas, etc.).

Just as these drinks were all the buzz about two weeks ago, it's been replaced with humans chasing imaginary Pokemon, glued to their iPhone's instead. The newest crazes change so fast, there's no point in trying to keep up. I did have fun trying most of the drinks, but you won't see this gal trying to find Pokemon. That's just doing way too much...

These aren't even COOL two weeks later...

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