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Gold Elite && Plus One
Year five of yelping as an Elite gets you a shiny new colored badge. The elusive GOLD. But ah ha, at year 10 I hear you get a black badge, but that is still plenty years in the making for this Yelping gal! You've seen a few posts about Yelp Elite Events (YEE), but the one J and I went to this weekend was ONLY for Gold Elites. 

Oh, we're special ;) Because we dedicate hours of our lives writing and contributing content for free. They reward our good behaviors with delicious food and booze. Hawks Provisions & Public House has been on my radar ever since they popped up on my side of the Grid. I heard they were the sister of another restaurant in Roseville AND heard it was pricey. Thus, which is why we hadn't visited them yet.

Dumb on our part. Because if their new brunch menu is this good, I can only imagine what their dinner menu tastes like. A Saturday brunch event was a first for me. We got in our weekly Saturday AM workout in Midtown and rushed home to shower to get ready for the event. Still, we were late to the party.

But really, we were just on time. We got there right before they started serving the food. Winners! The building is kind weird and on an interesting corner, connected to a building from one of the local hospitals. We drove around once looking for the entrance to the their parking lot, only to end up parking on the street.

As we walked up, they had the doors wide open. Alex L, the Community Manager and his staff, were greeting everyone who walked up. I got a spiffy lanyard with my name, J (my plus one) had to write his name on a name tag. After we did that we sidled up to the bar to grab a mimosa, on everyone's suggestion. Then we grabbed a seat and made some new friends.
I know not to expect to get full at these events. But more often than not, that's not the case. But it's good not to have that expectation. To say we were spoiled at this event, is an understatement. Hawks set up the tables for the ever popular 'shared table dining experience' for all of us. So, each table split into small parties who would share one plate of food when it arrived. We ended up sharing with another couple, Mymy and her dude! They were fun to hang out with, even if we just met them. Our whole table was enjoyable, a lively bunch.

We had a menu, so we always knew what was coming our way. 
The one addition that wasn't listed was the mini savory scone. No one knew exactly what they were, but many were calling them Rosemary scones. They were really, really good. I would order one for sure, but I love savory breakfast food. Some people added the Strawberry jam, but I preferred butter.
I know I mercilessly mock avo toast, but theirs was on point. The game changer was the charred broccoli salsa verde. It was sooo good, I can't even describe it too you. I've said I'd never pay for Avo Toast, but this may have just changed my mind. 
The Ricotta Pancakes, the Croque Monsieur, and the Pork Belly Benedict were good, but not generally brunchy things I'd order. I'm glad I was able to try them and not have to commit to an entire order. These three were literally J's favorite dishes, I'm pretty sure.
My favorite dish came last -- the grilled pork and lamb sausage, farm egg, rainbow chard hash, and chimichuri. Savory of course. But this was perfect. The runny egg all over the salty goodness with various textures is right up my alley. I am going back for this. J even encouraged me to eat the leftovers from another group, but I was stuffed.
And because I'm a coffee junkie I wanted to see what theirs was about. I'm glad I did, because it went perfect with their dessert!
Not only were we spoiled by brunch goodies, their 'one libation' description was false. They generously poured mimosa after mimosa. You could order any of their offerings, as often as you pleased. I started with the Strawberry Rhubarb Tarragon mimosa and didn't switch after that. It was soo good. J tried a bunch, but really liked the tartness of the Grapefruit mimosa. Tarragon sound so scary, but I always have to remind myself that it's a great flavor...not some weird spicy, crazy spice! 
Molly Hawk, one of the co-owners (with her hubs), spoke to us for a little bit. She gave us an intro to the Hawk restaurant group and what they were hoping to accomplish at this location. She was really sweet and it was nice to see an owner at an event, she fit right in with everyone. She gave shout outs to the entire kitchen staff and servers, which was super cool. The service was beyond amazing too. Even though they weren't making money off of this event, the service was better than most places on the Grid! Alex L also spoke a little bit, but mostly handed off the talk to Molly. It was a nice way to introduce us all to her company and restaurant! She also gave each and every one of us, Gold or plus one, a $5 gift card to come back!

Okay, there's always swag. This time, when you check into the event you saw that the freebie was -- it said something like 'can topper selife stick'! We all asked each other what that was. I swore I'd seen something similar to this on SM, so I told them what I thought it was. I was right, duh! HAHA! Since we didn't have any cans to use, we set the contraption on the bar table and snapped a quick pic of our group...and our awesome server even jumped in too!
During the entire time a dude was snapping pics. One time he was right next to me and I was so worried I was going to have a double chin, but he assured me I wasn't even in the pic. Whew. As we were leaving, he snapped pics of everyone, couples or groups as they left. If you want to see his professional pics, take a peek here
Via Yelp Flickr
I'm sure letting my Yelp freak flag fly here, but Yelp has been a fun adventure so far. I enjoy eating. I enjoy writing. I enjoy free food and booze. I enjoy trying new places and things. So far it hasn't done me wrong. Even with the occasional snarky compliment from a troll Yelper or a disgruntled private message from a chef or restaurant manager, I still stick with it. I find that the average Yelper only focuses on polarizing reviews -- either extreme love or extreme hate of places. Then you have the dedicated, such as myself, who review EVERYTHING. I have no limits and I think I'm pretty fair with my reviews. I'm open about not liking certain popular things -- mushrooms & bananas, OR spicy! So there's my synopsis of my Yelping antics summed up in a paragraph ;)
I've gone this far, might as well stay GOLDen!

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