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10:51 AM

Third times a charm...
Right?! Seems to be so with my latest LeTote. I guess someone was listening when I told them to fix their summer algorithm, because I received more summer options. I did however have to sub out one time, they wanted to send me a scarf again. I switched it out for a handbag. So again, I haven't fully accepted any tote they've sent me, but that's okay. I'm still wearing 'gently shared' clothing and that's a big step for me. In case you are wondering about the other totes, you can read about Tote One and Tote Two if you'd like!

Tote three gave me some extra feels...
 Items listed in order from L to R:
Vince Camuto Floral 3/4 Sleeve Dress
  Free People High Neck Ribbed Tank
Cupakes and Cashmere Cross Back Geo Tank
French Connection Orbital Bead Ring 
Simmer & Sage Ltd Foldover Tassle Pouch

I got to double up my usage for two different items in my tote, that was a first. I had a Yelp Gold Event this past weekend and I wanted to be casual, as it was a brunch event. I threw the cute Cupcakes & Cashmere tank on with some casual white shorts. Added wedges to add a little flavor and accessorized with a chunky statement necklace. Last minute I decided to take the handbag out and use it too. Grabbed my arm candy and we headed out for a quick little day date (for two hours, haha). I really liked the top and wanted to see if there were other patterns or colors, the breezy back is super cute. Geez, this brand is pricey and sold at Nordies I learned. But this was the only one of its kind! Also, I got an email that this purse is on sale, it's only $10. I can't decide if I want to keep it for that steal of a price or send it back...
Since I received my tote on a Friday, I decided the dress would be worn for my next work day. So Monday, I threw on this dress. That made it sound easy, but it was anything but that trying to get the zipper up by myself. Where's your Boo when you need him? I really liked this dress, it's too heavy for summer, but okay for the slightly cooler week we've been having. It reminded me of a recent wedding, when the Bestest said her dress was dri-fit. That's what this stretchy material felt like to me too. The print wasn't my fave, but I enjoyed wearing it to work. I even received a couple compliments. I honestly think it's just cause I am wearing dresses to work, instead of pants and/or capris, my go to normal wear.
When the Bestest calls you for HH, you don't hesitate. So a little mid week fun for us was had and I changed at work before I left (ew). I threw on the tank and shorts, I wanted to be comfy. Little did I realize that the weather cooled off a lot, well -- compared to the last two weeks or so. I threw a little statement necklace on and added bright pink lips for fun. I didn't snap a great pic of the outfit at all, but I did get lots of pics of our food ;) I liked the style of the tank, but it wasn't too flattering for me. It is something that I would potentially own. I don't know why, but I'm generally not a fan of anything 'ribbed' (get your mind out of the gutter)! But the style was cute, just a little too flowy to be complimentary, but damn comfy. As the wind blew around on the patio, I did kinda wish I'd worn something else.
If you look real close, you can see the grey tank!
I wanted to get through the tote quick, but I still hadn't worn the ring yet. It was way too big, so trying to wear it to work was out of the question AND that felt like a waste. Midtown was having a BBQ on Friday night, so I decided to add it to my outfit for that event. It didn't really mesh or make sense with the rest of the fit, but I sported it anyways. Just because I don't care and I do what I want! It was way too big and I wasn't a huge fan of it, it's way cuter online that in real life!

Overall, I was happy with this tote. But not happy enough to keep this subscription going. LeTote already charged my account for a second month, so I will continue this until that expires. Then I will put my account on hold, until I can figure out how to discontinue all together. I do like trying to incorporate all these things into my day to day life, but I think I'll just stick to shopping when necessary. This service did open my eyes to new brands and styles that I should be more open to trying, which I will use for future shopping trips!

It's been real, but time to see whats next...

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