LeTote Seconds, Please!

1:49 PM

Receive as is...
..repeat mantra. That's what I had to tell myself when I was having my second tote sent my way. However, in all honesty, I did switch one thing out - I exchanged the scarf for a different print. Okay, that aside, I just went with what they suggested -- even though I knew they didn't quite match the current weather Sacramento is having.

Tote #2 comin' at ya:
Items listed from L to R:
 Echo Neckwear Triangle Geo Scarf

So, this is what LeTote's algorithm thinks I shall wear. Let's give it a go. I stupidly ordered my tote right before the holiday weekend, so I had to wait until after the long weekend to get my next tote :( Even though I knew exactly what was in it, it still is fun to receive a package.

I decided to give both dresses a try for work. Instinctively I grabbed the sleeveless one, because last week most days were projected to be triple digits. Let me first start by saying, this is a dress I would never even try on, let alone buy. The patter and colors are not really my thing and I hate the fabric. But, once I put it on, it fit better than expected! I actually liked the fit, just need a different print and/or color and if possible a different material. But the fit would have stay the same, then I'd be happy! I received multiple compliments from co-workers. But, I'm wondering if it is because I rarely ever wear dresses to work? Hmm...My only other issue is that this dress is meant for women in the picture above, it becomes less flowy on a woman with curves, and especially a large ass! It worked and it surprised me, but not enough to want to buy it. Also, a camisole is a must, because of the overlap in the chest area.
In an effort to wear everything as quick as possible, to get another tote quickly, I wore the Knit Tunic Dress the next day. My co-workers probably thought I was sick. Dresses, back to back days? Who is this girl? When I looked at this before it arrived, I thought it was Navy and Coral, but no, it's Black. I was so close to switching it out, but I reminded myself to just let it be. I even saw how other girls styled their dress. Let's just say this dress is short, too short for work. I kept pulling it down when I walked anywhere -- I have a feeling it's because it pulls in the butt area (re: large butt issues again). It's thick and not the best for basically summer weather, but it was nice to not have to think about what to wear to work that day!

I love me a cuff. Unless it looks to fake and gaudy, I'll sport one. It's an easy way to dress up a rather mundane outfit. I copped a new fun, semi-backless black tank at Target and wanted to add something to the outfit -- here comes LeTote to save the day. It added a little pizazz to my outfit for Girls Night!
So, it's in the 100's and a cardigan is not really the business for this weather. But I'll be damned if I wasn't going to try to sport it at least once before I send the tote back. So, I decided to throw it over my casual Friday outfit in the AM. It lasted on me until about 10AM in the office, then I took it off. If it was cardigan weather, even 3/4th sleeve is still too warm right now, I would have really enjoyed wearing this. The bows on the sleeves are super cute and girly. The buttons are nice, but don't function too well.
Because I'm a baller-on-a-budget, I had to snap a quick pic and not actually wear the scarf, so I could send the tote back for a new one!. It's just been too damn hot here! But, since they clean all the gently shared items, this scarf had tons of static and I didn't feel like dealing with it, i.e. ironing it. So here you have it, I threw it on with my work outfit yesterday and snapped a quick pick. Styling was basically nothing, just wanted you to see it. Except, you don't get to see the geometric shapes, which is the highlight of the piece. Oh well, next time I'm going to make my items Summer appropriate options for me to wear.
To make sure I get through the tote in a timely manner, you are subjected to multiple awful attempts at selfies of just my outfit. It's really hard to take a full body selfie, not in a mirror. Also, I don't want people to happen to see me doing this, so that doesn't leave too many spots to take exciting pics. I apologize for the lack of cool fashion photography, but I think you can get the gist of how I styled these outfits.

So, I tried to go with the flow with this tote. But I am going to have to manage the next one differently. Only to the extent that the clothing matches the weather we are enduring in Sacramento at the moment. I enjoy being able to wear these pieces to work. I think the jewelry is more for fun, weekend or event outfits. I don't really wear accessories to work, I end up taking them off by the end of the day. But I do enjoy not having to think about work clothes during the week, except I'm not a huge dress or skirt wearer. I just prefer pants, but I'm open to having my outfit ready to go.

I'm still not overly excited about the service after two totes, but I'm still sticking with it. I really gotta let go of these control issues ;) HAHA! I do get excited with the anticipation of seeing what will be in the next tote. I'm having fun with it...I think!

LeTote me times three... 

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