Happy Global Running Day! [2016]

10:36 AM

Celebrating in a different kind of way today...

...saying 'goodbye' to my Watermelons! A pair of Kinvara's that have seen (mostly) the worst of my running, but also some happy miles...

Today, along with all my other fun running friends, I celebrate the all encompassing sport of 'Running'. If you don't think it's a sport, you've never trained for a marathon, done fartleks, hill work, or a speed workout. If you do all those and think it's not a sport, then we can have an actual discussion.  I digress...
Vent over, sorry. 

I am a self-proclaimed Kinvara addict. I've had all of the versions minus the original and I still haven't copped the 7's, but that will be changing soon. You would think I'd be ready and willing to see these Kinvara's go, since they were with me through the most awful marathon race I ever hope to have. But oddly, I'm not..

My watermelon's are my favorite color of Kinvara's I have ever owned. Technically the color is ViziCoral, but that wasn't going to cut it. I did really like the way the Kinvara 5 was constructed. They have been used and abused, which is evident. More recently I've laced them up and used them at Midtown -- not the best decision. These type of running shoes aren't meant for repetitive lateral movements. They are designed for forward movement, which is why you can see both shoes have holes on the sides. I've been telling myself I need to retire them (aka trash them), but for some reason I cannot.

I don't know if it's the color that I'm attracted too or if they remind me to be better than the Napa Marathon. I'm sure it's a little of both, but today is the day I finally decided to retire them! Global Running Day reminds me to be appreciative of a sport that pushes my mind and body to limits that I don't think I can even put into words accurately. Some of my best thoughts have come to me while I was running in my watermelons. Some of my hardest moments have also happened in those shoes. I've never fought so hard for something, except for in those shoes. Finishing Napa was one of the hardest things I've done and those shoes were on my feet for all 26.2 miles of that horrible race.
Regardless of how easy or hard the miles were, they were conquered! I'm sad to see these go into the abyss of everyone's garbage, but they have seen their days. Maybe with the release of these shoes, I can release my anger toward the marathon distance. Maybe I can toy with the idea of trying again. Maybe not? I'm not really sure.

All I know is that running came into my life like a ninja and slowly took it over. And by slowly, I mean that. It started with running Shamrockn' as a way to set a random goal to now -- post 2 marathons, 8-ish halfs, and countless 10ks and 5ks -- to just trying to find the joy in running again. I find so much inspiration from the running community, I just haven't felt it inside myself yet...I know I will, I just need to do it in my own time.

I love seeing people qualify for Boston. I love seeing people set new PRs. I don't compare myself to them anymore and that feeling is amazing. I love seeing friends log miles and go to tweet-ups/meet-ups at races. I love seeing people love running. I may not be logging many miles, but my heart still feels completely a part of the running community!

Take a chance today -- walk, job, run, or sprint a mile. Even if 'running isn't your thing,' I challenge you to try it out today. If you don't like it, cool, then you just ran a mile and worked on your fitness. If it intrigues you, then try it again tomorrow. I'm coming to the realization that running is polarizing -- most people either love it or hate it (even if they still do it). I say, you don't have to fit either of those categories, just #RunHappy ! All of our 'Happy's' are different, so do what you can, when you can. No pressure, just for fun!

Today, my celebration started with a 5:30AM Strength class at Midtown (yes, I realize this has nothing to do with running) and will end with a celebration at Fleet Feet Sacramento. In conjunction with Global Running Day, they are also celebrating their 40th Anniversary with a Fun Run and party. Did you know the Sacramento location was the first Fleet Feet location ever? Yup! Random fact for you today! So, tonight I will log miles to celebrate Global Running Day...hope you do too!

Rest in Peace, Watermelon's, you'll truly be missed...

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