Every Girl Dreams About this Day!

10:43 AM

...or maybe it's just me ;)
My beloved SF Giants officially start their season TODAY! Of course the MLB doesn't let them open at home, so they are at Miller Park, home of the Brewers! 

Mad Bum is on the bump to start the season off proper! I have so much to blog about -- our Seattle trip & my most recent 5k race this weekend -- but, this is just way too important not to talk about!

Sadly, I have no tickets purchased for this season, but I know I will be going to a handful of games...no matter what!

I wait for this day from October until now, each year. It never gets easier, but each year Opening Day is just as exciting and exhilarating!

My AtBat app is ready to stream the game and my co-workers are ready for my updates during our workday. I'm the happiest Girly Tomboy ever!!

A Mad Bum jersey should be considered business casual!

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