Cali Girl Does Seattle - Último Día

9:34 AM

Our last day was nothing like I had anticipated... was a hot mess! I'm sure you're over reading about Seattle and Canada, but lucky for you, our getaway was only four days. So here we are, the last day of our trip. In case you missed the others, please feel to enjoy:

So lucky for me, but really not -- since Southwest is to wholly blame for this (I am still really bitter about all this, sorry) -- I didn't have to take the 7AM flight. Someone canceled their ticket for the 5:50PM flight, so I was able to switch flights. This meant that we'd be able to spend until around 3PM together, before we'd part ways for our different flights :(

We figured we better make the best of it! So of course I wanted a fun (re: good) breakfast. We didn't want anything to filling, because we'd planned on going out to lunch too, before I had to head to the airport. After some Yelping and not caring too much, we settled on Assembly Hall Juice & Coffee. I saw some pictures of breakfast bagels that looked delish, that was what sealed the deal. We didn't really know what we were getting into, so when we walked in we were a little confused. Essentially it is an open cafeteria style market at the bottom of (what we were assuming were) fancy apartments. Cafeteria style, you can grab quick foods or you could order coffee, breakfast goods, and other stuff during lunch and dinner. They had an open kitchen area, but it was used more for lunch and dinner.

I spoiled myself with a soy mocha and an everything breakfast bagel sandwich. J ordered the Hot Cakes sandwich and a coffee. My bagel wasn't toasted at all, but the cheese was melted. There was also a hair on my bagel. I'm not generally that squeamish about that stuff, nor do I ever complain about that type of thing - it happens. I just ripped part of the bagel off and threw it away. Both of us were not satisfied with our breakfast choices at all.

So, like the cool kids we are, we walked to Top Pot Doughnuts again. We got their delicious drip coffee and each grabbed a donut. It was here I remembered to snap a pic of their compost obssession. I mean Seattle's not Top Pot's. I love it though, Sacramento should take note. I like their ghetto-rigged diagram of what is compostable though, helps those who don't care too much. Makes it easy for everyone!
We walked everywhere, since we just threw on comfy's for our breakfast excursion. As we were walking back, I made us walk near the iconic Pink Elephant Car Wash sign. J knew I'd been dying to take a picture of it, since we arrived. Today was the day! We met a funny homeless person with the best sign and he directed it toward me, "Looking for a Suga Mama"! We had a good laugh and wished him well.
Back at the hotel, we were relaxing and packing up before our check-out time. Not less than an hour before our checkout, as I was hoping in the shower, the fire alarm went off. We didn't get downstairs right away, we actually tried to ignore the shrilling noise killing our ears. But when we heard the Fire Department making their way to us, we figured we better get downstairs. Plus, we were on the top floor, so we thought we better at least make our way down there too...that was a lot of stairs! Come to find out, someone pulled the fire alarm. Phew. Then we had to wait for the elevators to get on-line and make our way back upstairs to finish getting ready and packing.

Once all packed and ready to go, we headed out to enjoy the last bit of our time in Seattle. We felt like pizza, so we used Yelp and recommendations and we finally picked Serious Pie. There is a man in Seattle, who is very important in the restaurant industry, Tom Douglas. This was one of his restaurants. I think we both thought we were going for more down home pizza, but we ended up with boughie pizza. J wasn't really into it, so we split one. One that he thought was weird, until he tasted it -- Yukon Gold Potato, Rosemary, & Pecorino Romano. Potatoes on pizza is where it's at, promise! Of course we also had some adult beverages to wash it down. We had a cute little nook of a seat, right in the window, so we could people watch and bake in the sun. It was neat, but definitely adulting pizza.
We wanted dessert, so that's what we did. Literally, just around the corner was where we ended up, at Dahlia Bakery, another Tom Douglas location. It is a little closet, filled with delicious sweets, carbs, and all-around fattening goodness for you. I couldn't decide, which is usual. I always want more than one thing. The ladies in front of us were trying to decide, while I crossed my fingers they didn't order the mini triple coconut cream pie, there was only one left. Luckily, they ordered a whole slice to share. That meant I got to order the mini and a chocolate chip cookie. J had enough room for an eclair. We ate them outside and chatted with the ladies that were in front of us, they were locals, but just not from the downtown area. They mentioned fun things to do for next time and also raved about all the Tom Douglas locations.
We decided walking back to the hotel was the best, it was a nice...almost too warm of a day. It also gave us time to explore more of the city! I obviously had no more room in my stomach, but that didn't stop me from trying to find another coffee shop to try! I found the cutest little coffee shop, nested in the lobby of a very boutique hotel, Moore Coffee Shop. There were three women working the small counter area, I'm pretty sure they are related and they were all speaking Spanish. The took my order and I waited for my iced soy mocha! It was really warm outside and it made it that much warmer inside their two room coffee shop. There was also a small kitchen area in the second room, where they made waffles -- savory and sweet! They had the cutest decorations, think restoration hardware plus Pinterest. It was super cute and they had framed images of their latte art too!
The mocha was way too sweet for me, but I wasn't going to waste my money! It kept me cool with the sun blazing down on us. We arrived at the hotel to grab our bags and have the shuttle drop us off at the Link, close to it as they would. Of course we got a little turned around getting down to the train, but an off duty employee kindly helped us out! He was a riot and teased another lost tourist ;) It was on the ride to the airport I noticed there was an opening for a ticket for J's flight home. So I called SW immediately. My luck, she was just about to switch my flight and we went underground. No service. Cool story, bro! 

As soon as I could call back, I did. The next customer service person confirmed the agent did switch me to the flight with J! YAY! No more stress, except now, we will be at the airport four hours early...ugh! Better than flying solo, I had to remind myself that! I cannot believe I messed up our flights so bad, initially.

After what felt like a two hour Link ride we made it to the airport. As we were attempting to check in, I asked the agent if by chance she saw my name or J's name on their twice! And what do you freakin' know, she found J's twice. Even though I asked the phone agent that question the day before, twice. Okay, I'll stop my tangent. Basically, she switched the flight to my name and refunded the third flight! All worked out, besides our last day not being enjoyed as I had envisioned. Gotta roll with the punches, right?

We couldn't check our bags in yet, so we hung out at the Starbucks until it was time. We made our way through security, which took some time too, then we decided to grab dinner. I know airport food generally sucks, but when you end up paying more than most of your vacation meals, you get annoyed. I let J decide where we'd eat, because I wasn't feeling anything particular. J picked the Seattle Taproom for the beer selection. We each ordered drinks, an appetizer, and an entree for each of us. I changed it up and went with the Chicken sandwich, but my cheese wasn't even melted. J went with the burger and fries and his wasn't too bad. If you mess up a burger, you have problems! The food was, dare I say, worse than Friday's or Chili's, but still edible. We both agreed, next time we're just eating fast food -- it's just as unhealthy and way cheaper.
I get why, but still so cheap!

We still had plenty of time to kill before our flight. So, we hung out, talked about the trip, and discussed where our next adventure would be. I didn't feel that well and J was tired, so our flight home was very uneventful. We didn't even use the eight drink tickets we had left, I ordered water!

Thank goodness for the short flight. We were back home before we knew it. J's little bro was kind enough to pick us up, even though it was late on a Thursday night. It's such a great feeling to be in your own city again. Even though I had to go to work the next day...

We both really enjoyed our trip. I think we both needed it, to get away for the mundane day to day (re: work) and to really enjoy each other. Well, that and all the food we ate AND all the sights we took in. Although we'd both been there before, I think we can officially say we've seen Seattle, which neither of us could say before. And because I'm a dork, I'm excited that we have another hashtag to add for our travels: #SAndJTravels_Seattle
J's my favorite adventuring partner, he doesn't care if I mess up our flights...

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