Cali Girl Does Seattle - Día Uno

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Adulting Spring break style...
And because we're obsessed with Grey's serious! Well, we do watch it every week, but that's not why we decided to spend a few days here. It happened on a whim and I went with it. If J agrees to any adventure, I plan it in a heartbeat. Seattle was no different. I was actually thinking of it as a location for a birthday trip for him, but why wait so long?

It's always interesting when a busy weekend proceeds a vacation. Life wouldn't have it any other way though, so why even try. After a busy Easter weekend with L, we closed it by saying good bye to her and attempting to pack for our (J's) Spring Break getaway.


Poppa Bear picked us up for our flight, so we didn't have to pay to leave a car at the airport (Thanks, Poppa Bear!). With plenty of time to spare I grabbed a coffee and we shared a breakfast burrito, which is apparently our airport tradition now! Then it was wheels up and 12 drink tickets at our disposal - a set from myself, my co-worker, and my sister. I'm pretty sure SW frowns upon more than two drinks/person for a 1.5 hour flight. We didn't press our luck and just had double vodka apple cran's.
The flight was quick and easy, two drinks probably helped with that. Once we landed we grabbed our bags and began our adventure. Instead of taking a taxi or Uber, which would have cost us around $50, we decided to be adventurous and use the Link light rail (public transportation) system. A whooping $3/person for a one-way trip. It was late morning on a Monday, so it wasn't busy at all. The ride was fairly long, but it was worth the price #BallerOnABudget.

The sun attempting to shine through when we arrived!
Once we arrived at the end of our stop, we made our way up to the street level and were greeted by Nordstrom! YES! Then we called our hotel, the Hyatt Place Seattle/Downtown and they had the shuttle pick us up right across the street at Sephora. We banked on an early check-in and they totally hooked us up with one. So when we arrived, we checked-in, dropped our bags off, and then headed out to explore.

We were both hungry, so our first option was to grab something to eat. We decided that Biscuit Bitch sounded lovely. Anything with that vulgar of a name, must be good! We each ordered our own, but we could have totally shared. J went with the Bitchwich and I went with the Cheesy Pork N' Bitch, washed down with a soy mocha. They were playing 90's hip hop and it was amazing, the employees were hipster rude, but oh well. We got our food, ate standing inside, because it was really crisp and windy outside.
Since we had no real agenda for the trip, we walked straight to the infamous Pike's Place Market, which was only a few blocks away. We literally got all the touristy stuff out of the way on Day 1. We walked down the main street to look at the highly Yelp rated shops AND the FIRST ever Starbucks, which had the longest line EVER! Then walked through the market place, looking (re: smelling) the fresh seafood, the rows of gorgeous tulips, and all the random knickknacks being sold. This trip finalized the tulip as my favorite flower. They were a dollar each, that's it! I wanted so many, but they would have just stayed in our hotel room, so I didn't buy any. It was sad, but they were so gorgeous! As we were walking around, there were fresh mini donuts being sold at The Daily Dozen Donut Company,  I had to get some. Sadly, out of 6, only 2 were warm and fresh, the others were okay and cold.
Cold, mini maple donut
After we made a quick go-through of the market, we headed toward the giant Ferris wheel. Along the way we found Post Alley, with the infamous gum wall (going to Cal Poly has desensitized me to these), still gross and still a sight to see. We walked to the Pier with the Aquarium, went in and almost paid, but decided against it. We thought we'd rather to to a different museum instead, even the cashier recommended another one versus that option.
My love for Ferris Wheels is odd, but it's there. J knows this, so that was our next stop, The Seattle Great Wheel. Just like in Chicago, it's a whole ordeal. You pay $19/person (ugh), but in my heart its worth it. Then you wait in a line to take a picture with a green background and a silly old guy, who doesn't even actually hold the camera. Then you wait in another line to get onto the FW. I was actually really excited because you go around three revolutions and it's enclosed so it wasn't freezing. I did one loop looking at the water, the second loop looking at the city, then stayed there because I liked that view the best.
I'm sure J could care less about any FW, but I love that he goes on them because I love them. After that we didn't really know what to do, so we climbed the 150 stairs back up PPM and walked through the entire thing this time. I did stop at the french bakery, Le Panier French Bakery to grab a few macarons to try. Seriously, the scent that hits you as you walk through the door is Heavenly. I wish I could bottle up that smell and sell it, it's intoxicating. 

We kept walking toward the end of the street because we were looking for the (what we thought was) flat green area we saw from the FW. We realized it was hilly and not a large plot of grass, but more for seating and lounging for tourists. We then noticed that there were cement(ish) slabs for sitting, which also had charging stations underneath them. It was awesome for those people like me who take a million pictures, even though everyone's seen the touristy stuff of Seattle a bunch of times!

We sat there for awhile, people watched, relaxed our tired legs, ate the macrons, and chilled. We noticed Pike & Western Wine Shop across the street, so after some much needed rest we sauntered in. J was set on finding a decently priced bottle of local wine. They had lots of expensive stuff and some moderately priced stuff, then I found a 'local' section that had reasonable prices. Apparently I never snapped a pic, but we got a Cab Sav from Washington, win-win for us!
After our time down at PPM we decided to go find the Niketown for J. I thought it would be cool if we could do their Run Club, but it met when we were going to be in Canada and when we were already going to be headed back home :( We didn't get anything, but it wasn't for not wanting anything. We browsed a few more shops and then called our hotel shuttle to swoop us up. Then we chilled at the hotel until we were hungry.
Again, thanks to Yelp I found us a nice little dinner spot, Local 360. Almost everything from here was sourced within 360 miles. Things our server mentioned that weren't sourced locally were tequila, lemons, and limes. Which I didn't really understand, why can't they get lemons and limes locally? I'm no geography genius, but can't those grow somewhere in WA? We both grabbed drinks, him a local IPA, her the Bartenders Choice Mule, which came with a hint of lavender. We started with the PB & J Bon Bons, which were amazing, but should have been our dessert. The server told us the PB is handmade, then they make the bon bon, freeze it, add another layer of panko, then freeze it again, then deep fry them. Apparently it's a long process to make these little nuggets of goodness. They are nestled on homemade jam and come with a shooter of milk, which neither of us drank. 
For dinner, J ordered the Poutine -- Lamb Neck Gravy, Beecher's Cheese Curds, Pickled Peppers and I ordered the Steak Frites -- Red Wine Butter Sauce, Aioli. J ate his and I tried it, but neither of us were wow'd by the poutine. However, we both loved my dinner, which we shared both meals anyways, so it was a win-win! The steak was cooked a little well done, but the flavor was really simple, yet really tasty. Of course my frites were well done, just how I like them. We probably should have stopped there, but it being our first night in town I splurged with ordering the Washington Apple Fritters -- Vanilla ice cream, bacon brittle, which was only okay. The apple fritters from Apple Hill here in CA are 10,000 times better than what they offered. The bacon brittle was really good and I could have used more of that on our plate. Overall, it was a good (not amazing) first meal for our trip. It was pricey, but we knew it would be since it hyped up the organic, locally sourced stuff.
Exhausted and full our shuttle picked us up and we went straight back to the hotel to chill. We opened our new bottle of wine and were pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Also, something so random: there were five full Twix bars left on the desk in our room. They weren't there earlier, before we left and we didn't know why they were there. So, I just called downstairs and apparently the boss left them for us. We still don't know why and we still laugh about it, because it was so random. 2 people, 5 Twix, why?

I had intended to blog about our trip in two posts, but I have too much to say apparently...and want to include all the details for anyone who may head to Seattle soon. So, it looks like it may be four posts, get excited y'all!

Our first day was a success. Seattle is a perfect flight from Sacramento, not too long at all. There is so much to do, way too many places to eat, and if you pick the right hotel (like us, obviously) you have access to a free shuttle with a one mile radius (and two options beyond the radius), which saved on Uber fees! Both of us had been here before, but neither of us took the time to enjoy the city to it's fullest, which is exactly why we decided this was a fun location to explore together.

Adulting vacations essentially mean you happily gain weight!

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  1. Seattle is one of my favorite cities. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip! Pike place market is fun to visit. I enjoy looking at all the flowers. I would buy them every week if I lived there!

    1. Thanks! I feel like there is still so much more to EAT...and do ;) Oh my gosh, I want there to be somewhere that sells fresh, gorgeous tulips for $1 here in Sac! This was my second time, but I would go back again. I'm glad some CA weather showed up while we were there! xoxo, ganeeban


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