Cali Girl Does Seattle - Día Dos

1:44 PM

So not Sleepless in Seattle...
We slept in longer than we ever sleep in at home. YES! We also walked a million more times than we do at home too. So, Tuesday was J's day to plan out for the trip. The only caveat was that I had booked lunch already, months in advance. That being said, I can't wait to relive our adventure.


8AM, that's adult sleeping in. We had lunch reservations at 11:30AM, so we knew we better get going if we wanted to do anything beforehand. J found a place that sells legit coffee and donuts, he's my hero! We threw on comfy's and walked to Top Pot Doughnuts, which was only a few blocks away. I absolutely loved this spot, if we could, we'd franchise it here in Sacramento. The walls are lined with built in book shelves filled to the brim with books. There are two stories and it's a lovely setting. There is a case full of donuts, all the lovely kinds and flavors. But their coffee, just the regular drip, was really, really good. I couldn't decide so I got a maple bar and a chocolate cake glazed, while J went with a cherry apple fritter. The donuts are Marie's good, but they are good enough.
Coffee makes me happy!
After we stuffed ourselves to the brim, we walked back to the hotel to get ready for our lunch reservation. Luckily I called Sky City and they let me move back the reservation, 30 minutes. So, I didn't mention that Sky City is the rotating restaurant in the Space Needle. You know I love to get my tourist on, so I knew we had to try this overly touristy place out. So, when I booked the trip, I also used Open Table (earn those points) to get us a lunch reservation. I heard it was pricey and potentially super busy, so I figured lunch was more up our alley -- a little cheaper and less crowded.

Pro Tip: Make a reservation (Open Table is so easy) at Sky City and you don't have to pay the entrance fee for the SN or wait in their long line to go up. Caveat (huge) it's pricey, but not when you factor in the $22 fee to go up to the top.

We had our shuttle drop us off, but it was super close to the hotel. Once there, we checked in with what looked like a receptionist at a building office. We were given a paper and asked to go to the elevator line. We waited a few minutes and then it was our turn to go up. Luckily we were the last two on, so we had the view right by the doors -- which meant we had the best view. We could see everything the entire way up. Then you disembark the elevator and are escorted to another hostess desk, whom takes your paper. Then we waited all but a few minutes, before they called our name. We brought great weather with us, so it was a beautiful, clear day to see the city from the restaurant.
View from the elevator!
If you read my 'pro tip' then you already have an idea as to the exorbitant cost of a very average lunch. But it's all worth the experience, right? I noticed the kid at the table near us eating his kids meal, it was pasta in the shape of the space needle, it was so neat (gimmicky, but I don't care)! I ended up ordering the Dungeness Crab Melt, sorry J. He ended up ordering the Prime Rib sandwich, which was the special for the day. I sipped on a soda (finally after Lent) and J went for a local cider. It takes 47 minutes to make one revolution around and we surpassed that during our time there. The experience was worth the overpriced, average meal. They even have a photog come around and take pics of you, which we didn't know and already had a bus boy (really a man) take a few for us. After lunch, we made our way to the Observation Deck.
520 feet up, windy, and really cold, we sauntered around about 1/3 of the needle. Took our pics, took pics of others, even found a tourist pic taking section, then ran inside to escape the cold breeze. They have tons of interactive stuff inside, for all ages! They also had a cafe up there to grab food too. We tried to look at our pics, but they hadn't been uploaded yet :( J did enter us into the virtual guestbook, which was really cool to see where everyone was from.
We waited in the line to take the elevator down, which was also fun again, since we were right by the doors. After, we looked around near the Science Museum, but didn't go in. J really wanted to check it out, but we planned to try that another day. We didn't have any plans, so I sought out a soy mocha. Which brought us to Street Bean. My drink was small, but tasted like dessert in a cup. My mocha was on point! J was exhausted and basically falling asleep here, so after I finished my drink and scrapping the crab out of my hand trying to throw it away, we headed back home (re: our hotel). We chilled out for a bit and came up with a plan.
The USMNT was playing and they needed to win to move on to the next round of qualifiers for the World Cup, so we wanted to watch this game somewhere. I knew there were no Spurs games while we were here, but I did reach out to the local supporter group and found out where they watch matches. Along with J's friends recommendation, we made our way to the George & Dragon Pub. We sipped on our drinks as the men's team killed it. The U-23 were also playing after, which was another important qualifier for the Olympics, but we decided to go wander.
The pub is in a little neighborhood or town they call Fremont. From my extensive research and recommendation requests, I knew about a very tourist Troll around here. So, I drug J to go find The Fremont Troll with me. We found it, no thanks to Maps on my phone. I snapped a quick pic of it, then we walked back toward where we came from. Going in and out of random places, not deciding what we wanted to do.
Then we decided we were getting hungry and we'd go eat. On another recommendation we sought out Joule. Neither of us looked into it, we just went on the recommendation.
We basically had to retrace our last 30 minutes of walking and we passed by the Troll again. This time I made J take a pic with me and of me with the Troll #InstagramHusband.
Then we found the restaurant. I think we both were a little cranky and tired from walking all day, but we went with it. When you walk are two very open aired restaurants -- one on your right, looks like Pottery Barn and one on your left, looks more Posh with a side of Urban Outfitters, which was Joule. Apparently its the place to go, so since we didn't have reservations we were stuck at the 'shared table experience'. I know this is not J's thing at all, but he went with it, since it was the easiest thing to do.

So, we like to eat. But I'd say we are way more on the traditional side of eating. So, this menu was a little fancy for our bones. We both were hungry, but not too hungry even though we both ordered entrees. For him, Kalbi Burger -- sans horseradish, giadiniera (just looked this up, relish of pickled vegetables in vinegar or oil), and for her, Prime Bavette Steak -- truffled pine nut, artichoke. Oh my pine nuts! My steak was amazing, although 6oz is NOT enough! But the pureed truffled pine nuts was amazing, I wanted to eat it by the spoonful, it was amazingly smooth and flavorful. Why did I ever not eat truffled anything before? J's burger was a little weird, the Kalbi was a little rare in the middle of the burger for me and the texture was weird, but I still ate it and mildly enjoyed it. We didn't even order drinks or dessert, although we looked at the menu. Listening to our table mates the entire dinner was infuriating, yet hilarious as well.
By the end of dinner, we were exhausted so we Uber'd back to our hotel. There we were hanging out and decided dessert was necessary. After a little research, J picked Pie Bar.
Literally, Pie + a Bar. Best idea ever. The shuttle dropped us off in front of a little window with a flashing open sign, which held pies in said little window too. Once we found the door, we went in to this odd triangle shaped bar and grabbed a snug seat at the bar. The owner and another employee were bustling about behind the bar. We had no idea it was an actual bar, in addition to pie, until we took in the whole sight.

Their savory pies looked amazing too, but since we just ate dinner we couldn't handle all of that. J went with a slice of Desserted Island -- strawberries, raspberries, marionberries, Granny Smith apples washed down with a local cherry cider. I ordered a slice of the Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie and washed it down with a glass of Cab Sav. Both slices were heavenly, the crumble on J's was really good. Almost made me a little sad I went with the PB slice, instead of a slice of apple. Since it wasn't too busy there, we were able to chat with the owner (a little odd or quirky, or introverted) and learn that his wife bakes them fresh each morning and sources as much as she can locally at farmers markets and whatnot. The best part is that the small window is also like a fast food window, you can order to-go from outside. Literally, a genius idea!
Instead of calling the shuttle, we sauntered into John John's Game Room, which was bar that peeked J's interest when we arrived at Pie Bar earlier. A bar and arcade games, just like Coin-Op back in Sac, but on a much smaller scale. It definitely had a hipster vibe, as were much of the patrons. J played a handful of games, but neither of us grabbed a drink. I called the shuttle to pick us up and J played games until it arrived. I tried my hand at a game of pin ball, but I should just stick to games that are played on a field, not in a machine!
We made our way home and called it a night, as we had an early wake-up call for our trip to Canada the next AM.
Our only full day in Seattle and we killed it!

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  1. It definitely looks like you made the most of your day in Seattle! I love eating at the space needle even though I live here and it is touristy...I don't care the view is so fun and pretty! Believe it or not I've never been to Top Pot though I have had the doughnuts (:

    1. We sure tried too! The food was okay, but the experience is the best! I was hoping for brunch, but I believe they only do it on the weekends :/ Oh, the TP we went too was so cute and the drip coffee was amazing! The things we take for granted in our own city ;) xoxo, ganeeban


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