Musings: Woe is 33

2:27 PM

Or Me!
Life at about the same as life at 32 ;) I'd love to sit here and tell you how amazing and exciting my birthday weekend was, but it really wasn't.

Please don't mistake this for me being upset or sad about my birthday, AT ALL! I must preface with, I've celebrated my birthday in larger fashion for most of the last two decades. This is honestly the first year I didn't do anything on what I'd deem a larger scale - no wine tasting trip, no trip to AZ, not even a night out at a club with dinner. 

Birthday eve was a nice little girls night out for dinner with the Guidette and her (my new) friend Lauren who just got into town. The Guidette was sweet to take me out to dinner for my birthday, since she'd be in Napa on the real day. I picked a new local restaurant, Table Vine, and we drank wine and ate good food. I had a fun time laughing and drinking with these ladies! We ate so much, from a cheeseboard as an app, to our main course, to a lovely cheesecake slice for dessert. We won't count our glasses of wine, that's not classy or fun! It was a great way to start the weekend, minus the shitty (re: pouring rain) weather!

I guess boring-ish is what happens when you're approaching your mid-thirties.

I ended up waking up super early (re: before 6AM) on Saturday, on my own accord. But J and B were watching their respective teams play one another, so I went down stairs to watch with them. Apparently I ruined one of J's surprises, because I came downstairs to orange, black, and white balloons all over the floor. He wasn't happy that I was up so early so the surprise ended there. I guess there were streamers that were going to be involved, but it just wasn't going to happen anymore.

I ended up watching the second half of the soccer game with them. I love that one of my best guy friends and J get along and especially bond over something that I can relate too as well. Even though they are both ass-hats and openly talk so much mess about women's soccer and women's sports in general. The both have daughters, so I hope they are stuck watching women's sports for the rest of their lives ;)

Anywho, by 7AM we couldn't really fall back asleep, so instead we decided to start watching House of Cards, like any normal human would do! We watched a few episodes before L sauntered into our room and hung out with us. She was so excited to give me my present, she ran out of the room and brought it back. After opening a box stuffed to the brim with my beloved Lulu, I said my thank you's gave my kisses and we all started getting ready for my 'birthday lunch'.

Lunch and dinner were the highlight of my birthday. Everything else before, in between, and after just felt like a regular Saturday. Maybe I put too much emphasis on my birthday (re: obviously), so I am conditioned to expect it to be more exciting. It just wasn't. It's not a bad thing, but it was just a sign that my life is changing. In a good way, I guess. Or just a different way.

J and L left early to get a reservation for 25 people, while I finished getting ready. Let's just say almost two hours later and everyone hanging out, they finally sat us. I should have selected somewhere that took reservations, but that seems to be very rare for Sacramento dining locations these days. Everyone was super cool about it, it probably helped that most of us had a libation in hand.
Finally, we were all sat. We had to split our group up into three tables - one kids table and two adult tables. It worked out fine, but it was hard to mingle with everyone. I will say this, although the dynamic was completely different from any other birthday I loved being surrounded by family, friends, and all the Lovebugs. Most of my favorite people were there to help me celebrate. I was missing a few of my fave faces, but I understand that life gets busy and other things happen. Lunch was delicious, albeit chaotic. I may have found a new favorite cocktail, the Mustang Sally -- I think the flower sealed the deal!
After lunch was over and the goodbyes were said we headed home. The weather was not cooperating with anyone and it was pouring. J had a plan to do something, but we scrapped it due to the crappy weather. We went home and basically did nothing until dinner. I did however, get to Facetime one of my fave humans and finally meet two new Lovebugs. This might have also been a third highlight of my day! They were so cute and I was so excited to finally see them, even if they slept for the entire conversation.

Finally it was time to head to dinner, which I've been dying to try this place forever! It is an all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ style spot, Flame & Fire. Screw getting too cute for my birthday dinner, I put on some stretchy Lulu's and was ready for my stomach to expand an extraordinary amount. Dinner was just my immediate family, which was perfect and our usual tradition. If I didn't get the meat sweats in Texas, I could sure get them here. So much meat, so little stomach. I think I tried everything that was brought to our table. It's a neat phenomenon to have meat brought to your table, carved for you, and then have tongs to put it on your own plate. In addition to the 'salad' bar that had all kinds of other goodies, no one leaves here hungry!!
They surprised me with my favorite cake, Strawberry Champagne from Freeport Bakery. If you are ever in Sacramento, treat yourself to this. It's amazing. Poor Lil, she drank too many mimosa's and couldn't hang for dinner. But she came back in for the cake and presents part of the evening. When we couldn't stomach another bite, we all said our goodbyes and headed home.
Just an average Saturday night of binge watching House of Cards. I take House of Cards as Netflix's early birthday present to me. With Fuller House already binged, I needed something else and it came at the perfect time! I think we are about halfway through it and it is getting soo good!

Sunday wasn't much more exciting. I did get to try a new breakfast spot, where waffles are the hero in every dish, at the Waffle Experience. It was good and I'd go back another time to try something else, but that's about it. Finally, around 6PM we met up with a couple friends at a local bar that I hadn't been too (but most people have already), Coin-Op Game Room, where they have a bunch of old school video arcade games. It was an interesting vibe there, since the Beer fest had probably just ended. It was a little nostalgia mixed with adult beverages, what isn't there too like?!?
Again, our night concluded with more House of Cards binging! It wasn't bad at all, it just wasn't what I'm used too. Maybe it is my new normalnow and I just need to acclimate. As I sit here today, I can't help but feel a little deflated. I would have loved to have been in Arizona, cheering on my SF Giants. I would have loved to have been crammed in a bus and drinking wine too. But I did love the fact that I was surrounded by everyone, adults and kids alike for this birthday. Everyone was included, which makes my heart full. But I can't sit here and still feel like something was kinda missing from my day...Maybe it's just the realization that things are meant to start changing...or maybe not...

Saturday birthday's are a rare gem, but I guess not when you turn 33.

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  1. Happy Birthday! I just turned 34 a few days ago and I must say, 33 was a great year. It's amazing how my priorities and preferences have changed as I have grown older.

    How are you liking the new House of Cards? My husband and I are going to start watching this week when we have a little more time. I didn't want to start one episode without knowing that we would have time for another (just in case). :)

    1. Happy Belated Birthday lady! Hope your boys spoiled you, which I have no doubt that they did. We just finished episode 10 and really, really like it! I don't want to be done in 3 episodes. But we are 100 days away from OITNB being released too! Haha, Netflix rules my life! Xoxo, ganeeban


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