Musings of a Girly Tomboy Gets a Facelift

10:10 AM

My blog is officially a toddler now!

Musings of a Girly Tomboy officially became 3 on January 8, 2016. I can't believe I started this hobby that long ago. The ebbs and flows of this new-ish found hobby have created happiness, annoyance, and some turmoil in my life. But I wouldn't give it up, for anything.

As Summer Sister put it two days ago, "she writes in a very down-to-earth style about her life." Yes, she's talking about me. And yes, I think that was her nice way of saying my tone is laid back and my posts are crawling with grammatical errors on the daily. Get your red pen out and start correcting, I won't be offended. Well, maybe slightly, but it's to be expected. I don't curate perfect pictures that have been Photoshopped, although I probably would if I knew how. I don't have a calendar full of scheduled posts. I can barely understand code, like basically not at all. All my photos are from an iPhone and have the worst lighting possible. But hey, I'm still enjoying it and I'll keep doing it until it isn't fun anymore.

Anyways, I digress a little. I've been wanting to change things up here for awhile. I'd contacted a few Etsy sellers about their premade Blogger templates. I contacted a few graphic designers about their fees. All of which were way out of budget, a budget I don't even have. The Blogger templates were reasonable, but I was just being cheap and intimidated on how to install it myself -- even with their tutorials that detailed the steps. Then I started chatting with (follow this now) my cousins wife's sister, Ambriss, who is a fellow marketing person. Among other things besides kinda being related now, it seems like we have a lot in common. Although we've kinda properly met at a baby shower, we haven't ever hung out. It's definitely on both of our radars to do so, I think we both would get along really well.

She graciously offered to help me out with my face lift and designed my new header. Mind you, all of our conversations and ideas have been via e-mail. I have a Pinterest board where I've been hoarding ideas and color schemes, but we ended up using this color spectrum pallet pin as our vision. We've never had a real (life) conversation about any of it. I'm so grateful for her help in making MOAGT look so clean and simple, with a splash of color. We've bounced a few more ideas around to change it a bit, but I'm still so happy. To say that I'm thankful is an understatement, she did not charge me one dime to help me out. I will compensate her somehow, in some way, but I'm still trying to figure out how I'd like to do that. She's a busy gal, working full time, but somehow managed to squeeze in edits on edits on edits of my little blog. She's a lifesaver and truly a cool chic.

If you would like to work with her or just follow along with her fun eats, adventures with her hubby, and fun times you can find her all over social media (duh, it's her job too). Her website is currently a work-in-progress, but I can't wait to see what comes up with, I'm sure it will be awesome.

I appreciate everyone's kind words on the face lift to my little space in the Intranets. I shared the new header on IG and everyone was really sweet and complimentary. But, you know who wasn't? J! I was so excited to show him my new header (days before I posted it anywhere or even before it went live) and he gave me an ugly face and told me he didn't like it. Immediately my feelings were hurt, but after a few minutes of deep breathing (so I didn't punch him in his face) I realized that's his opinion and he's entitled to it.

I love it and I am proud of it. I am proud of what I've cultivated on my blog. I'm proud of doing what I do and making no money from it. He hasn't ever fully grasped why I like to share so much of my life with the world, which I respect. Which is why you don't read too much about him anymore, but you do get a few glimpses of our adventures together. He prefers it that way and I completely respect it

I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. I love it, for its creative and cathartic outlet. I hate how it brings out the instant ability to compare yourself to other (more prolific) bloggers. I know I shouldn't, just like I shouldn't compare myself to other humans, but it's natural to do so. I see gorgeous blogs with beautiful photography, content is usually good too, and I sit there and think...damn MOAGT looks like a rookie compared to this blog. But then I remind myself, I don't put nearly one tenth of the time and money these people ever do and I probably won't ever. So, I just take a little perspective and enjoy the aesthetics of all the pretty blogs.

Another weird outcome of blogging is that your friends and family read it. At times, they can read into a post too much and think it's about them, when it's not at all. So although my words are put here in the Intranets, they follow me back to my real, breathing life at times. Posts have made J uncomfortable at times too, which is a little hard to navigate. But again, this is because he is a private person and I am not. I also learned that I need to ask everyone if they are okay if I post their pictures on the blog and their children too. I have no issue with that and I never meant to offend anyone, it was just an oversight on my part when I didn't ask. 

I just want to be authentic. I just want to be myself. I just want to love this space that I dedicate time and energy too. And I do. Until I don't anymore, I will be here writing random posts, taking poorly lit iPhone photos, and sharing my life with you. So thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the new, cleaner look and feel to my part of the Intranets.

I'll take a blog face lift over a real one, any day!

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  1. I love the new look of the blog! It will be fun to see where you take it!

    1. Thanks! Not sure yet, I may leave it or tweet some of the colors on the whole page! Thanks for always stopping by :) xoxo, ganeeban


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