Musings: Bitterness is Unbecoming

2:15 PM

That was my tweet the other day.
Later in the evening J asked who that 'passive aggressive' tweet was aimed at or what it was about?

Pardon me, while I get on my soapbox.

I'm tired of reading/seeing (mostly) women seem so bitter. Their posts, their status', their tweets. Men do this too, but less frequently. But the majority I have seen lately are women, maybe I tend to follow more women than men, I'll need to look into that.

This isn't to say that I do not see lots of awesome, positive posts...because, I do!

Life sucks. Life's hard. Everyone is going through something. We all get it. Even though some of us post our happy moments, life is unfiltered, unlike social media. However, taking to your account and posting passive aggressive, unhelpful, bitter posts does nothing for anyone. Especially you.

Now I feel like the women I'm complaining about...kinda...

This is harder to talk about than I originally thought it would be. I have my opinion, but I don't want to come off overbearing. I guess, in the end I'd rather see positivity, than negativity. I guess, I need to better control whom I follow. There are women going through things I have no idea about or could even fathom, but even some of them have the grace to deal with it personally and leave it off their social media. Or at least use their social media to educate, support, and empower others. Complaining about a situation from time to time, is acceptable in my eyes, but when you post all your business about everything (from your boyfriend, Boo, husband, baby daddy, boss, work, or friends) you just come off as bitter. You're probably a great person, but your bitter outshines it all.

It's everyone's prerogative to post whatever they'd like. I guess my question to said people is, what do you expect to gain from posting such things online? Would you like sympathy? Are you just getting it off of your shoulders? Do you realize that you are putting all your personal business out there, for people to judge, question, and interpret? I also understand that its really not place to understand why they are doing this. I guess I could even unfollow these people too.

What I'd like to say to these Gals: Hey Girl! You are loved, no matter what you are going through. There are people who care about you, so take your bitterness and turn it into something positive - find a hobby, volunteer, try to make whatever is upsetting you better, or leave it for that matter. But remember, you are a good person and posting on your social media will not solve your problem -- even if it feels cathartic at the moment. Put your big girl chonies on and deal with your problems, one at a time. Ask for help. Do what you need to. You're strong and you'll see that whatever you're feeling will pass. Take a look at your blessings and remember there are others out there worse off than you, who aren't telling the world. Enjoy the life you're living, we only have one. 

I'm not perfect. I'm sure if you scour the 3k IG posts, the 2K tweets, and however many FB posts you can find some bitter in there somewhere. Actually, I guarantee you can. I'm human. In essence, I put myself out there a lot - on all social media, especially this blog. At times I've toed the line between sharing too much or ranting and raving (re: possibly this post), but I am okay with what I share. I know I share the good, some of the ugly, but mostly I try to keep it positive in my little corner of the blogisphere. I think there is a hard line of being real and honest while also mixing in positive, versus honest and negative with hints of bitterness.

Don't be the Bitter Betty of the group!

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