Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n - Week 5

9:27 AM

Lean a friend said!
After last week, Katie gave me advice that was awesome. She told me to just 'lean in' to life, to running, to everything. Take it as it comes and don't be hard on yourself. I like that advice and it's what I plan to do. I thought I was doing that, but I think last weeks post may have seemed like I was complaining or berating myself, which I didn't mean too. 

Monday Schedule: Cross Train or 3 Miles Easy
Monday Actual: 3.48 Mi Easy, Indoor Soccer canceled at the last minute :(
Tuesday ScheduleFleet Feet Fun Run or 30-45 Mins Easy
Tuesday Actual: Nada

Wednesday Schedule: 3 x 1 Mi @ GHMP w/ 1:30 Rec
Wednesday Actual: 3.55 Mi total, 2.85 Mi @ GHMP - ran out of time.

Thursday Schedule: Rest
Thursday Actual: Midtown in the AM
Emilio's Birthday Post Workout Treats, ALL Maple
Friday Schedule: 6 Mi Easy
Friday Actual: 6.34 Mi
Carb'n Up for 9 Miles
Saturday Schedule: 9 Mi Easy
Saturday Actual: 9.01 Mi
Sunday Schedule: Rest or Cross Training
Sunday Actual: Nada
Just enjoying the day and resting the stems!
I'm finding it hard to run with J lately. We like to run at different times of the day and we are not at the same level of running conditioning. He is running much faster than I am at the moment. I'm not irritated at it or do not compare myself to him. However, he wants and (rightly so) is used to me being faster, but I'm not and I don't really mind it. He has a certain time goal for the Halfer and I'm okay just running it to run it at this point. I'm thankful he's the motivated one right now, because of him I'm getting miles done when I'd rather just do nothing at home.

Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. Although I didn't go to church, I still like to try and participate in the day as much as possible. I followed the fasting rules, which made it really hard to get through the run. Even more so, Midtown the next morning was really hard. I didn't have energy. I got through the workout, but it shouldn't have been that exhausting. Because I've honed in on my trainings and whatnot, I know the difference of when I eat well and train and I don't! It makes a different people, even if you haven't figured it out yet!

Running with Trin Monies was a nice change of pace. Don't get me wrong, running with J is awesome -- he's my built in running partner. But switching it up is always nice. It was the best GALEentine's date ever. What friend will run training miles with you, then go shove food down their face too? Trin Monies will and she'll push you during the run and keep the convo going, which distracts from the long mileage. Blessed with some dope ass friends!

Two of my longest runs to date (or in months) back-to-back. I'm pretty sure I ran 15 miles within 30 hours, which is a lot for me these days. My legs were really sore on Saturday, with a side of chub rub, but by Sunday they were feeling pretty normal -- which I wasn't expecting, at all! I felt good about this training week, I did most of the runs, although my pace is still not where I'd like it. But hey, that is life!

Still truckin' along.. 

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  1. Keep on keepin' on girlie! There are off days and great days. You are powering through and will have a great race in the end. Running is more about heart and commitment than anything I feel. You've got this!!

    1. Thanks, Paula! I'm trying. I'm going to run to run and enjoy it, no matter what the finish clock says. J on the other hand has other plans ;) I guess I'll be running it solo this year! Seriously, the mental side of running is something that can't even be verbally or expressed through writing, it is too intense, overwhelming, and other words that I cannot even come up with right now. Can't wait to cheer you on in your upcoming race! xoxo, ganeeban


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