Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n - Week 4

8:33 AM

I think I forgot I was running a halfer in four weeks :/
So this week kinda sucked. Not kinda, it did. I really didn't do any of my scheduled running, per my FF schedule. Take a look for yourself..

Monday Schedule: Cross Train or 3 Miles Easy
Monday Actual: 3.02 Mi Easy & Indoor Soccer Game (last minute)

My bracelet that lets me play soccer!
Tuesday ScheduleFleet Feet Fun Run or 30-45 Mins Easy
Tuesday Actual: Nada

Wednesday Schedule: 4 x 1/2 Mi @ T Pace w/ 1:30 Rec
Wednesday Actual: Nada

Thursday Schedule: Rest
Thursday Actual: Nada

Friday Schedule: 5 Mi Easy w/ 5 Strides
Friday Actual: Nada

Saturday Schedule: 5 Mi Easy + 3 Mi @ GHMP
Saturday Actual: Midtown in the AM, which included 2.5 Mi running
Saturday AM Crew
Least flattering pic of my backside, oh and doing burpees!
Sunday Schedule: Rest or Cross Training
Sunday Actual: 5 Mi Easy
So as you can see, I missed my speed workout and didn't re-do. I also chose to attend Midtown, in lieu of my long, easy run. Bobbie and Tara were co-coaching the class, so I wasn't missing that. Lucky for me, they had 5 Q Street loops, each one is basically a half mile. So I still got some fast running in, with some quick bursts of burpees, wall balls, and back squats to make it interesting. J and I had every intention of doing our long run on Sunday, but life got in the way. Thankfully for him, we still got out the door and did 5 miles together. I wanted to skip it altogether and go eat, but he wouldn't let us. I'm glad we did through, because we gorged out for Super Bowl 50!

This wasn't the best week to decide to slack off, but some miles are better than no miles! Time to start focusing again. As much as I want to be a runner at heart, I just don't find much joy in it anymore...or it comes in waves. Very spread apart waves, sometimes forced. I need to find my groove, if it's still there. But until then, I'll keep being human and just trying to stay on schedule.

Under 2 hours is looking like a better goal these days...

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