GALentine's Coffee Date

9:38 AM

Because love, Gal's, and coffee just go together!
Lately, running has been on my mind a lot...even if I haven't been actually running the miles I am supposed to be. Our GALentine's coffee date, will most likely be me talking about running and all the random stuff.

So sit back in your comfy chair, enjoy whatever drink makes your heart happy, and let's get to chatting!

Running for ME // Once I figured this out and really believed it, running became a little more enjoyable. For the longest time I ran for others -- to tell people how fast I was running, the distance I ran, and whenever I would PR. When I started focusing on my runs, actually running 'Easy' runs easy, and trusting the training I was using -- it all seemed to fall into place. That isn't to say that I'm a prolific runner or fast, but I get it now. I really truly get the idea behind the madness of a training schedule. I may not be following it to a 'T,' but I can appreciate it much more now. I don't have anyone to complete with, besides myself. 
#Repost of an old racing pic
I Love, LOVE // I don't care if Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday. I love Hallmark, so there! I love celebrating love. I loved celebrating even when I was single. I love that there is a day dedicated to reminding those in your life that you celebrate their love a little more that day. I hope love is celebrated every day, with the simple things and gestures, but for one extra day big gestures, gifts, and extra tokens of affection should be celebrated -- not so Boo'd at. I know I may go against the norm with this opinion. I will agree, the pre-fixie menus and overpriced dinners is a little annoying -- but there are other options, cook dinner together, use Postmates and order in a nice dinner, pack a picnic, or anything else really. If it's not your thing, then it's not, I can respect that. But for me, I love this day and will always celebrate it, no matter what!

Lent // The Lenten season is upon us. Although I did not go to Church to receive my ashes, I still try to partake in this every year. I know its not just about giving up some type of food or vice, but I do this as well. I also try to work on 'something' for the 40 days and I also try to remember to work on my relationship with God, in whatever capacity I feel that can happen. I'm not a very religious person, but this was something we always did with my Grandma and I like keeping this tradition alive for her. At times I wish I went to church more often, even though I'm very intimidated by it. Getting a little off track, but giving up my normal vices and working on being more giving for the next 40 days. 

Spring Training // I'm super sad I'm missing ST this year. It's an EVEN year! I always go on even years! I'm not sure how it got missed, but instead of all of us going for my birthday weekend - we aren't :( I'm actually a lot more bummed about it than I'm letting on. We are a week away from Pitcher's & Catcher's reporting and I keep seeing so many posts on SM, it's making me sad. I'm super excited for the season to start and I'm loving the silly commercials the guys are making. Anyone going to AZ for ST, can you please squeeze me in your luggage?
AZ, Spring Training 2014 w/ my Girls
via @MLB
Netflix // I'm not so patiently waiting for Fuller House and House of Cards to be released, I plan on binge watching my life away when they are released. After a little research, I think FH will be released on 2/26/16 and HOC is going to be on 3/4/16. I'm so excited. Also, they just started casting for the extended series of Gilmore Girls, which I can't wait for either -- but I think I have awhile to wait for that one. Netflix seriously has their shit together and I love them. I need to finish watching all the Chelsea Handler episodes first...

500 // Posts, say whaaat? And I still have things to say, words to purge, and ideas to float out into the Interwebs. I knew the milestone post was coming up, I'd been waiting, then without fail I completely missed it when it happened. At post 502, I realized I surpassed 500 posts! 

Change // I'm in need of one. It doesn't have to be drastic, but something new. I need to spice it up a bit, somewhere in my life. Maybe my hair appointment will bring something new. Maybe I need to take up a new hobby. Maybe I need to decompress and do something different, I'm not really sure. But I'm looking to change something...I'm just not sure what it is at the moment. I know something is amiss...I just need to pinpoint it.

Mariah Carey // I won't die a satisfied woman until I see her live! She is by far my absolute favorite singer/performer to live! The Guidette is in Vegas and saw her last night and was sending me videos of it all. I specifically requested my fave song, 'Dream Lover,' which made my night. She even invited me to go on this trip with her, but I couldn't fit it into the budget. But later in the year I'm required to go to Vegas for better believe I'll go broke and by myself (if need be) to see her, my fave, my girl, Mariah!!
via @ The Guidette
Thanks for the GALentine's coffee date, friend (sorry if you're a fella)! I wish we could have enjoyed some fun banter back and forth, I'd love to hear your thoughts and what's going on in your life lately. But, I really needed that. Purging my thoughts on to you felt great, thanks! I hope you have a lovely long weekend, full of love and laughter with whomever can provide that for you!

PS - I didn't know the real meaning behind GALentines day or at least where it came from. Or I just completely forgot about it. I was looking up cute images to add to this post and saw that it came from Parks and Recs! I'm all about celebrating awesome lady friendships with love bring on GALentine's celebrations and ones with your Boo! All the love, all the time! xoxo

GALentines, it's cheesy, but I like it!

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  1. I didn’t know House of Cards starts in March!! I’m super excited to see how the next season starts. Any predictions? I’m also excited for Fuller House.

    What are you going to give up for Lent this year?

    I know what you mean about change. I have moments every once in a while where I feel as though things have become a little TOO routine and I need to switch it up. Can't wait to see what change you embrace!

    1. Yes ma'am, AND I'm sooo excited! I am a little worried about what will happen to Claire, Frank is pretty ruthless!

      I gave up chips, soda, and french fries -- I do this often. I am also working on paying it forward for the 40 days. Try to do more acts of kindness.

      I don't know what the change is. Maybe it even needs to be a change of mindset. But I did change up my hair a bit, so that was a nice little jumpstart to a change :) xoxo, ganeeban


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