Cali Girl Does Dallas - Part 2

1:28 PM

Texas showed us such warm (75 degrees) Southern hospitality!
Saturday morning was another adventure for good coffee. We all were kinda messy and didn't get ready for the day, instead took Dozer (the dog) for a walk. When we were done, we left him the the apartment and sought out my beloved coffee. We ended up really close to the Eye and the apartment at the cutest little outdoor cafe called Cafe Strada. They have a table and chairs that look like ice cream, probably supposed to really be gelato. Of course I had to get a cute pic in one of them, they were ridiculously cute! After too many cups of coffee, again, we decided to go and get an early lunch...since we had big plans for dinner. Everyone was feeling seafood, so we Uber'd ourselves out to Uptown to try S & D Oyster Company.
I hate oysters, but I was the minority. The fellas love this shit. I like seafood, so it wasn't an issue for me, but they were all hyped on the Gulf Oysters they were going to try. They ordered two dozen as their starter and the server made fresh cocktail sauce, that completely amazed B! Since I didn't want to get too full for our TX BBQ dinner, I shared the Crab Maison (I had to look that up) Loaf with B and a side of extra crunchy french fries, of course a glass of wine too! Everyone enjoyed their meal here, then we headed back to the apartment to get ready for the day and to stop being so grimey.

Since we still had some time to kill before Maylo came home, we decided to go to explore for a little bit. Their apartment is literally across the street from Neiman Marcus. Ever since we noticed that, Metz has talked about a promotion they had. Something about selling an unlimited airline ticket for a few million dollars, companion pass included too (I think). He was really intrigued to know if this still exists, he thought one fella paid for it and they lost lots of money on this promotion because of him. So of course we went to go ask questions, to whomever would listen to us. This wasn't your average NM, this was their headquarters I think or at least they have some of their main divisions there - HR and the Men's division from what we found. Here, I did a quick search for more details and The Economist came through with the deets. Metz had his story all wrong!

After we interrogated a few NM employees, we went to grab a drinks somewhere. Iron Cactus nearby, their third story patio had been calling our name all trip. We used the elevator, cause we're lazy, and found plenty of open seating. However, it was actually starting to get really cold, but we sat out there anyways. We munched on the free chips and salsa, while I enjoyed a Moscow Mule and the fellas had double Margaritas! If it wasn't so cold, I bet we would have stayed longer, but the draft was setting in without sun and it was getting chilly. After our drinks we paid and headed back to the apartment for more booze. The fellas had plenty of Bulleit that needed to be consumed, so they did just that.
We'd all been waiting to eat Texas BBQ. In traditional Fat Kids style we decided on the supposed #2 spot in Texas, which resides in Deep Ellum (thanks for all the cool suggestions, SarahPecan Lodge. No resies of course, just wait in line, order your food, find a seat, and wait for food. The line wasn't too long when we got there, it was bearable. We were told it could be up to over an hour and a half at times. You aren't even allowed to save a table while others in  your party order food. You have to be able to show a receipt while you wait for your food. T decided to buy us all around of beers. I don't beer, but when someone hands one to you while you are waiting in line, you sip on it and be happy! In a somewhat boozy haze, we all decided on ordering the Trough platter, even though they were out of all the ribs. We also ordered two large sides, collard greens and bacon mac-n-cheese, plus six rolls. I also snuck in a Tumbleweed cookie, which was a genius $1 investment. Our timing sucked because it seemed like all the seats were taken, but we ended up with the perfect table in the end. Lots of space for our wild eating antics and food we ordered.
As we finished our meal, a very rude guy asked to take Maylo's chair while he was in the bathroom. I told him no (politely may I add) and that it was for our friend. When I realized everyone was going to accommodate him, I turned to tell the guy he could have the chair and he got super Diva on me and said "no, we don't need it, you're hella rude!" I wanted to scream at that entitled ass hat, but T got really mad for me. I guess there will always be rude people, he was probably going through something I know nothing about and taking it out on me. Oh well, we moved outside where a live band was playing. Again, more beers for the fellas, this time I switched it up to wine. We saw three people sit on a planter box to eat dinner, but since we had extra chairs I invited them to sit with us. They turned out really nice, but more on the quiet side.

As Pecan Lodge closed, we decided to stay in Deep Ellum for the evening. The weather was nice, a little brisk, but it was poppin' in this area. We walked around and decided on Twilite Lounge. Just as we were walking in a live Funk band was setting up. It took a few seconds to get a drink, since everyone was at the bar waiting for the band to play. I secured some Old Fashions and a Blueberry Vodka soda for myself, then we lucked out on grabbing a booth. We people watched, made fun of each other, and tried to chat. The music was awesome, but I don't think the guys liked it that much.

I had a realization sitting in that booth. I don't care to be out and about at bars anymore. Is that even allowed to be said at 32 (pretty much 33)? Maybe it was because J wasn't there, maybe it was because I had enough of the guys, I'm not sure. I just wasn't feeling the scene or boozing it up. But I'm a trooper and we hung out for a bit and hit the next spot, Off the Record. Again, both spots were like anything we'd see in Cali, maybe more SF than anything. This one had a vinyl section toward the back. We found our way out to the patio and hung out for the rest of the evening. Deep Ellum was fun, even though I just ranted that it wasn't. It was lively with lots of live bands playing in tons of different spots. If I could say it felt kinda dirty, but safe, and a little hipster, that's how I'd describe it.
Ahhh, our last sleep in Dallas! I think I coffee'd out the guys. That and they were all nursing huge hangovers. So I decided to go on another coffee adventure, but on a solo mission. I decided to saunter through the Joule Hotel to find Weekend Coffee, thanks to a little assistance of their nice vallet employee. It was kinda crowded, which would be expected for a hotel lobby on a Sunday morning. I ordered my Soy Mocha with ease. I decided to treat myself on my last day. I sat and enjoyed my Mocha in silence and people watching. After I enjoyed my rather small, but big in price, Mocha I went and got two coffees to go. One for me, don't judge, and one for T. 

Back at the apartment the sissies were all still nursing hangovers, so Dozer and I went for a walk. Not before he decided  to pee in the elevator, on the walkway mat, then finally outside. Thankfully T cleaned it all up, since I couldn't do it all my myself. I'm sure he was cursing us both as he cleaned up, hungover. I just kept walking, walking in the lovely warm Texas January sun! We walked to the public library, where I stumbled upon some building with flags flowing. We started our journey back to the apartment, but took our time. On the way back the nice vallet guy, whom I saw earlier, recognized Dozer and hooked him up with a treat. 
Back in the apartment, everyone was slow to get going. But we all needed to eat something. So as we got ready, we decided on getting our last lunch in Uptown, since we enjoyed our lunch there they day before. After much discussion, we decided on Thai food. 

We Uber'd our way to Crushcraft Thai Street Eats for lunch. I don't think anyone associates Thai with Texas, but it wasn't bad at all. The strip of restaurants where this was had lots of options, but we decided to go with our original decision. They have a front patio, a restaurant seating area, and a back patio -- all of which had TVs. B and I were hoping to catch the US soccer game, T was hoping to get a glimpse of the X-Games. It was a cool little spot, with their menu on the wall, cafeteria style ordering and food getting. I decided to order the OG Phat Thai, or pad Thai if you're a normal human. It came with chicken and tofu, which was awesome. I thought an appetizer would help the guys out of their funk, so I ordered the grilled beef + pork meatballs to share. I also ordered a sangria, which I did not expect to see at a Thai restaurant. I killed all my food, since the guys wouldn't help with the meatballs, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We parked it in the front patio and enjoyed the nice weather and the X Games.
The USMNT vs Iceland game had already started, so B and I were hell bent on finding somewhere to watch their first friendly of 2016. That and we were both missing in playing in our games back home, so it was our consolation prize. Metz and T wanted to go wander, so we decided to find the nearest spot to catch the game. The British Beverage Company was almost next door to Crushcraft, so we settled on going there. Their patio was crackin' with the endless mimosa bunch, but we chose to ask them to change the huge projector inside and found a comfy booth. It's always interesting to buy wine in other states, since it's normally from CA and overpriced, but I still order it anyways. We sipped on our bebidas and watched a very non-eventful game. Once the game was over, we called another Uber and headed back to the apartment.
We had time for one last meal together, T and Metz were on their way to Austin in the AM and B and I were headed home. Again, it was such an issue to finally pick a place. Due to our time constraints, we went with CBD Provisions which is in the Joule Hotel. I had absolutely no issue about it, I'm actually glad we went there. It was the perfect send off meal. If you know me, then you know my incessant need for burgers. I hadn't had one since we'd landed in TX, so I was jonsing!

Obviously, I went for the TX Grass Fed Cheeseburger, which was the fanciest double double you'll ever have in your life. I'm guessing I don't have to explain what a double double is, but just in case, it's an In-And-Out, CA thing! I don't even really care for them at home, but this burger was amazing. The simplicity of it was perfect and cooked to perfection, oh and that gooey cheese was intoxicating! Oh and of course I had a glass of wine! T and his boughie ways ordered the Chicken Liver Mousse for an appetizer. I shouldn't knock his ways, it was delicious, I was a little weary of the sweet pepper jelly on top, but it was amazing! Metz, T, and Maylo decided to go for the coveted Berkshire Pig Head Carnitas. Normally this item sells out incredibly fast, but since we had an early dinner time and it was deserted in there, they had a chance to get their hands on one.
Normally food like this does NOT gross me out, but I think I was so full from booze and TX food, that I could barely stomach the sight of this dish. It looked amazing, I realized that, but the sight being so graphic made my stomach turn. Really, I'm generally not like this - I've seen plenty of roasted pigs and cooked fish to desensitize myself over the years. But for some reason, this was not sitting well, especially when the server started talking about how to eat the head. The guys loved it, I even tried a piece and it was fantastic, but I could barely look at it...and it was sitting right in front of me. The guys were still putting in work, but B and I had to skedaddle to the airport. Maylo, B, and I said bye and walked back to the apartment to grab our bags. We were cutting it kinda close, which I'm used too with Maylo driving us anywhere. 

We flew out of a different airport to get home to Sactown. Said our goodbyes to Maylo and headed home. Since I didn't shop at all this trip, I was coming home empty handed with no souvenirs. I felt bad, but we didn't go anywhere that sold anything for J or L. I thought I'd be able to find something at the airport, but I failed there too. I ended up with a silly postcard for L, I didn't think a shot glass was appropriate ;) Thank goodness we flew SW, that meant B and I could sit together or at least try too. The flight was not full, so we were able to sit comfortably with an empty seat between us. We were stuffed to the brim and couldn't sleep, so we watched free, ridiculous TV and chatted the whole three plus hours home.

This trip wasn't what any of us really expected, but I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. If you are lucky enough to have friends of the opposite sex, then you'll understand the dynamics that occur when you've been friends with them for over multiple decades. If you don't, then I'm sure this trip seems really odd to you. I'm honestly like the little sister, even though I'm older than half of them, that they never wanted. They are a little too honest, farty, and crude at times, but I know it's in a sisterly fashion and I enjoy it (as random as that sounds). I appreciate that although we've aged and our lives are in different places, we still can connect like we did when we were younger. They fart, I punch them. It's really that simple ;)

Thank you, Dallas, you made us fat and happy!

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  1. Girl you hit all the best spots!! Twilight is one of my absolute favorites and so is Off the Record! Pecan Lodge is a must visit when you're in Dallas, it isn't my favorite but I'd for sure still list it as MUST go... it's an experience! I'm glad you had fun in the big D!

    1. Thanks! They were cool bars, even though I wasn't feeling being out at bars. Deep Ellum was an awesome area! What is your favorite Dallas BBQ spot, cause I will have to pass on the details to my friends who live there. Thanks, the Big D was a great adventure for us! xoxo, ganeeban


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