Cali Girl Does Dallas - Part 1

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Good times && crazy friends, forever memories!
I know I talk about my girlfriends all the time, but I realize I never mention my guy friends. There is a core group of guys that I've grown up with, whom I'm really close with. Some of the friendships range from back to 3rd grade, middle school, to freshman year of high school. I completely acknowledge that this isn't the norm for most women, but these guys (I can't even call them men, because they act like such boys to this day) have been close friends for a really long time. Me, and at times one or two of the other girls (and girlfriends, and now wives), are/were the token girls in the group at any given time. But it's safe to say, besides the wives, I'm the only girl that has maintained my friendship with most of the guys. Two of them are actually some of my best friends, the rest are good friends -- even though we don't see each other as often as I wish we would.

So, literally about two weeks ago I was taking to Maylo on the phone and he mentioned Metz and T were going to visit, and suggested I should come too. I hadn't seen their new place in TX yet and I had a SW voucher that needed to be used. I text our other best friend, B, to see if he could come and his wife gave the "ok," so that's really how it all went down! 

The two weeks went by so fast. The next thing I know I'm leaving work early and getting picked up to catch our flight in Oakland. Dallas bound, with three of my guy friends to see Maylo and his preggers wife, K.

Let's start the trip out by saying we were ALL a little weary of catching a Spirit flight. If you haven't heard of Spirit, know that it is a no frills and pay as you need type of airline. I think I'm going to do an additional post on them, but just know that our actual ticket only cost $34 dollars, from Oakland (CA) to Dallas Fort Worth (TX). Yup, you read that correctly, $34. Wouldn't you be a little worried too? Since I have no sense of packing, I paid another $30 to check my bag, which I was allowed to pack to 40lbs. So, out the door, I spent $64 to get to TX! There's the little bit of back story for the flight, but we also got to the airport super early because our ride needed to get back to Sacramento for a meeting. The gate attendants wouldn't start working until 4PM, so we had about 1.5 hours to hang out. Come to find out we could have went to a bar, but we just people watched and made fun of each other.

Once past security, we scoped out our options. We needed to eat, but more importantly drink. We ended up settling on Chili's Too and grabbed a spot at the bar. T decided he'd treat us all to a drink and a shot of Jameson. Welp, I guess this is how the trip is going to start! Shots were had, then I kept it classy and sipped on a glass of vino. The fellas sipped on beer, which was pretty much the same theme throughout the trip. Since our flight would be during dinner, we all grabbed something to eat. I went with a traditional burg, it was good -- no complaints for a chain burger at an airport!
Our flight was rather interesting. We were still a little worried about this new airline, but the seating gave decent spacing. I slept for most of the trip and I almost lucked out with an entire row to myself. Since Spirit assigns seats, we were all close to one another, but all like ducks in a row, surrounded by the most annoying group of college kids ever! I'm pretty sure B was on the verge of screaming at them by the time we were on the tarmac, but thankfully he sent us ridiculous gifs as his therapy. We laughed it off, but they were so dumb ;)

Maylo picked us up, even though he just landed from Houston. It was after midnight so we went straight back to their spot. It's amazing, exactly what a downtown apartment in a large city should feel like. K was up, but we all felt bad for keeping her and the twins up, but she was a trooper. We all stayed up for a couple of hours and the fellas decided it was a good time to drink lots and lots of Bulleit. After awhile, we all called it a night.

No one had any desire to get up early, which is obviously the point of vacation. Since no one was too hung over, I was able to convince them to come find some good coffee with me. We ended up trying Flying Horse Cafe. I always have such an internal debate -- try the coffee or try the Mocha! This time I went with their house coffee, which is apparently roasted in Emeryville, CA. I went with that, since I saw a Brisket Panini Breakfast Taco. When in TX you don't pass up a chance at any kind of brisket, right? It was actually really good, even with the Pepper Jack cheese (of which I usually never order) and the not-so-spicy salsa. We ended up staying here for a lot longer than we thought we would, but we didn't really have any plans so we just chatted, relaxed, and drank way too much coffee.

On our way back to the apartment we stopped to see the (big) Eye. Its a sculpture created by Tony Tasset (from Chicago) in 2010, but you can't touch it. It's encased in a gate and you can just take random pics through the gate. I believe the Joule hotel commissioned the piece, it stares straight at their hotel. They know about the blog and had no issue teasing me about it mercilessly, also about my picture taking antics. I was told I was only allowed one group picture per day and every single time I asked them to take my picture, they groaned with embarrassment, but still obliged.

We all freshened up and went for a little sight seeing and walking around downtown Dallas. Our main objective was to get to the 'X', where JFK was shot. On our way we stumbled upon random little sights like a preserved log cabin of the pioneers that settled in Dallas.

Then we made our way to the X, Metz was directing us and we found it pretty easily. It was a very weird, humbling, uneasy, but cathartic feeling to be so close to where JFK was shot. It felt taboo to take picture of the historically iconic location landmark 'X', but taking one from far away seemed okay. It really was a surreal feeling to be there, even though it happened so many years ago. It was like I was experiencing a part of history that I will have never actually experienced. It was a little weird to see people trying to make money off of the tourist location, but I guess that's everywhere. The interesting thing about this landmark (for lack of a better term) is that people run out in the middle of the street, causing traffic issues, just to snap pics of the location. Its on a busy street, but it has a light so you can time it right if you wanted too.

After we spent a good amount of time chatting about history and the dynamics of that day we headed to find the JFK memorial. First we passed the Old Red Museum, which was really a gorgeous building with the red brick. We read and looked at the JFK memorial and again started talking about historical facts, issues, and randomness.

At this point, we were all a little off with the 2 hour time difference, so we sought out some booze and food for everyone. Since it was a Friday afternoon, we thought we'd try to find a HH somewhere. We ended up sauntering into Frankie's Downtown. They did have all day drink specials, but the food HH wasn't until 5PM, BOO! We spotted a soccer game on, found comfy seats, and parked it. I enjoyed this spot, the service was spotty, but the food was decent. Our first round was popcorn chicken and calamari. I was too hungry, so we ordered Country Fried Bacon and the Loaded Fries with Queso on the side too. I sipped on Moscow Mules from their HH menu and my second one came in an awesome green cooper cup. If you are crude, like us, then you'll appreciate they bathroom signs and even their random decor. They have a downstairs area that didn't open until 5PM, but as soon as it hit 5PM we went down there to check it out. This was prime, post-work time for all the downtown Dallas workers, so it was starting to get busy. B wanted to treat us all to a shot, who were we to say 'No' to that. The fellas had their Jameson, I had chilled vodka!

We headed back to the apartment to chill out before our happily awaited Texan steak dinner we were going to have that night. If you haven't figured it out, we love food. All of us! Over the years, we've deemed ourselves the 'Fat Kids Club' with a president and all! But you cannot come to TX and not eat meat! Downtown Dallas wasn't exactly what we were all expecting, seemed less big city like, more subdued. Maylo and K have a dope apartment with large windows that we always kept peeking out of and open for fresh air!

Obviously we would have loved a very authentic steak house, but since we were staying downtown we opted for the Bob's Steak & Chop House in the Omni Hotel. It lacked authenticity in the decor, but I didn't think their menu did.

They start you off with a huge jar on the table, pickles (cucumber style) and bell peppers to cleanse your pallet supposedly. I passed, but the guys liked them, a lot.They also brought out a perfectly round bubble of carb deliciousness and butter, which we tried not to kill in one bite! We also ordered a bottle of red wine to share, since most of us were having steak for dinner. I wasn't really super hungry, but I wasn't passing up a Texas steak. I went with the 9oz Filet Mignon with their Skillet Fried Potatoes topped with sauteed onions and gravy. It was good, but their medium well came out well done. They also added a lot of salt on their steak. We were teasing B for ordering the Duck in TX, but it was plated nicely. It was okay, but I' not a huge duck person. None of us were really that excited by our meals, but when I saw the dessert menu I was crazy excited. Peanut Butter & Chocolate Brownie Sundae. I will just let the picture speak for itself!

We made it back to the apartment. We basically rolled ourselves there after dinner. Once there Maylo met us there and then we all forced ourselves to go out for one more drink at the Woolworth. It was completely dead, but apparently it's a cool spot most of the time. I enjoyed a glass wine, while the guys all sipped on IPA's or a Mexican Mule. Since everyone was full, mixed with a lot of booze from the day, we called it a night after one drink. We walked back to the apartment and chilled for the rest of the evening. Gone are the days of being able to rally all day, every day!

Who would have thought I'd have so much to share for barely 1.5 days in Dallas! Well, I didn't, but anywho to keep you in suspense (re: not bored) I've decided to split up my trip recap in two posts, lucky YOU! I still have two full days to tell you about, but it's pretty much eat, booze, repeat!

Escaping CA El Nino in favor of sunny TX was exactly what I needed!

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