Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n - Week 2

9:11 AM

Still not perfect, but who is?
Oh wow, what a slap of reality to my running conditioning. I knew I wasn't in real good running shape, but Wednesday's first 'speed play' really, really highlighted that for me. Also, come to find out that Fartlek means 'speed play' in Swedish (felt like a Newbie, since I never knew this all these years). I thought it was so odd that they listed it as Speed Play, but it makes sense for the new people who wouldn't understand fartlek. Anyways, J was killing the speed workout and I was NOT! My chest is still, after over a month, seems to be recovering from the nasty cough I had over the holidays. Needless to say, speed work and a tight chest aren't fun. Gotta stay cool, calm, and collected to get through this training, it's only week 2...I keep reminding myself.

If seeing "Assessment" on the schedule didn't already scare me, actually doing it was just as worrisome. It felt like death, just like I imagined. Running at 90%+ effort had me feeling like I was going to pass out or have an asthma attack. The whole two mile warm-up all I did was think about the upcoming mile I had to run fast. I haven't done that in forever. To be honest I was hoping for a sub 9, I never expect to get a 8 Min/Mi. I tried not to look at my watch and just run, but at the halfway turn around I looked down and saw a sub 8, I almost stopped to see if my Garmin was working properly. But, I didn't!! I was mentally racing the lady in front of me, I 'killed' her about a quarter of a mile from the finish...but I was gassed. I could see the timer so I just kept trying to breathe and not lose my pace. Done and contemplating puking, I took a minute to compose myself and was off to finish the cool down. I was smiling. 8 minutes and feeling like death, no way I could do that for 13.1 Miles!!

Monday Schedule: Cross Train or 3 Miles Easy
Monday Actual: 2 Indoor Soccer Games in PM

Tuesday ScheduleFleet Feet Fun Run or 30-45 Mins Easy
Tuesday Actual: Nada

Wednesday Schedule: 4 Mi Speed Play - First Group Workout for ME!
Wednesday Actual: 3.4Mi, had to re-route our run because of construction
Thursday Schedule: Rest
Thursday Actual: Midtown in the AM

Friday Schedule: 4 Mi Easy w 5x Strides
Friday Actual: Midtown in the AM
Saturday Schedule: Assessment
Saturday Actual: 5 Mi Total, 2 Warm-Up, 1 Mi @ 90%+ (8 Min/Mi), 2 Mi Cool Down
Sunday Schedule: Rest or Cross Training
Sunday Actual: 4.31 Mi, Makeup from Friday's missed run, did Strides in Mile 4

Because sometimes you need a motivator (re: food) to get through your run. Knowing we were meeting a friend for dinner after our speed workout or meeting my Mom for breakfast after a run, made it (kinda) easy to get through.
Since I generally don't eat too much before a 5mi run, I thought I better since I haven't been training properly. So I ate half of a package of 'breakfast cookies' as we call them in our house and some coffee. I knew I'd need as much extra energy flowing through my veins as possible. I think this will be my go-to pre-run meal, until I hit double digit runs.
Already a quarter of the way through the training cycle...EEEEK!

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