Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n - Week 1

3:22 PM

So maybe we should hit the re-start button!
Sometimes the importance of life just gets in the damn way. Sometimes running just isn't a priority for the week. 

In case you forgot what I signed myself up for, read here.
This last week, running was the farthest thing from my mind. On top of traveling for work, I was dealing with personal stuff that consumed most of my thoughts and time. That being said, here's how I DID NOT train during week 1!

Monday Schedule: Cross Train or 3 Miles Easy
Monday Actual: Midtown in the AM and Indoor Soccer in PM

Tuesday ScheduleFleet Feet Fun Run or 30-45 Mins Easy
Tuesday Actual: 35ish Mins Easy on Treadmill
Wednesday Schedule: 4 Mi Easy
Wednesday Actual: Nada

Thursday Schedule: Rest
Thursday Actual: Rest, haha

Friday Schedule: 4 Mi Easy
Friday Actual: Nada

Saturday Schedule: 5 Mi Easy
Saturday Actual: Nada

Sunday Schedule: Rest or Cross Training
Sunday Actual: Rest, hahah

So, there you have it. Or lack of it, I should say. Gotta pick it up this week, if I'm going to at least run a sub-2! I need to be accountable, but life and this awful rain is making it hard. There is always time for a fresh start, so I'm gonna do just that!

Ready. Set. Focus. 

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  1. Get your ass out there and run. Even in this crazy ass rain. -Kaelyn

    1. Thanks, Lady! I know I need to or the race will be really painful! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Come on man!!! Only going to Midtown once a week is sacrilegious- ERS

    1. I know and I already missed one day this week! Gotta get back into it! xoxo, ganeeban


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