Diary of a Non-Cook: Homemade Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole

11:04 AM

I can't show up empty handed to Girl's Night!

I mean, I can and no one would bat an eye. But that's RUDE! The first Girls Night of 2016 started of at Summer Sister's house with a breakfast theme. I wanted to try to make something, instead of just curating something. Is this considered cooking? It's basically curating. Maybe we'll call it half-cooking.

Of course, I went to trusty 'ol Pinterest. As much as I wrote about how I detest it, it really comes in handy for a variety of facets of life. Especially when I need help with something, other times it just a time suck!

I was going to make a breakfast casserole since my cousin made one for her Cookie Party and it was bomb! But then I saw a bunch of 'hasbrown casserole' ideas and decided I'd try that. Who doesn't like some type of potatoes for breakfast? If you don't, I'm not sure our friendship would last!

So, I found one that seemed fairly easy, since I have a limited amount of time to make/cook something and get to SS's casa without being too late. I found my Pin (re: recipe winner) which lead me to Dan at Cakescottage.
Image from Cakescottage.com
I had to buy pretty much all of the ingredients, but it wasn't too pricey at all. I really need to invest in a 9x13 casserole dish, either clear or white. If I'm going to try to make these things, it really would come in handy. I have the ugly ones, that look like cookie sheets :( I wouldn't be mad at a Le Creuset one, but who would be?

On to the dish. Super easy, take all the ingredients, mix, put in baking dish, bake, add cheese at end of bake session, and DONE! I used the broiler, which is my jam, to finish off the top. I left it in just a tad bit too long and it got a little sun-burnt, as I like to call it.
Fresh out of the oven.
Overall, the gals liked it. I get nervous that people tell me they like it because I'm their friend. I need to get over it, I know. If they like it they'll tell me. If they don't, they probably would tell me too. Michelle and J asked about the quantity of onions used, I may suggest cutting back on those if you make it. How did I like it? I thought it was good -- but you can't go wrong with these fattening ingredients. Really what's not to like?
Proud lady, right here!
I was glad it was a small girls night and my test sample wasn't too big. My goal is to cook something for EVERY girls night, no matter now. No excuses, just do it! The other breakfast goodies were awesome, except there was NO bacon! I don't even want to talk about it. Lots of sweets and mimosa's, which is nothing to complain about! Good food, good conversation, good women. That's what girls night should be about!

BRINNER for the win!

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