CAH FOMO, A Year Later

11:17 AM

Oh you didn't understand that?!?

Now you feel my pain and angst for acronyms, huh?! CAH - Cards Against Humanity. FOMO - Fear of Missing Out. Now you can decode the title.

Flash back to last year (technically two years ago, since it's now 2016) when CAH offered a 2014 Holiday Pack. After everyone was posting their cool, new packs I instantly regretted not signing up for it. I thought owning all the packs was enough, but then I missed out on the potential of personalized cards. That made me sad, cause I'm all about personalized anything! But what didn't make me sad was the fact that I didn't buy their Black Friday special that year, which happened to really be poop. Yup, how awesome is that. Better yet, they told everyone they were getting shit, but people still bought it. 

So this year, when CAH offered the "Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah," I was not going to miss out this year. No worries that I don't celebrate Hanukkah. No worries, cause no one cares. So here I am, more than a month later trying to piece together what my eight sensible gifts were. With the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, I didn't keep track of any of my small packages in chronological order. Now, everything is all jumbled together. So, instead of an organized post you'll just get to see what CAH had up their sleeve this year.
The first letter I received was basically saying don't call us, don't complain. We will be sending the eight small gifts in random order and they will come when they come. Again, don't call asking where anything is and don't freak out if they come out of order. Because, us Americans are so used to everything in order and organized, this was going to throw everyone for a loop. Their witty crafted letter left me amused and not caring what or when I got my gifts. Oh and with a pair of socks with a quote on the cardboard they were attached too.

Apparently, I also missed out on the extra puzzle I could solve. There were clues hidden throughout the gifts, their various websites, and other various places. They made a website for you to put it all together on - Who the hell has time for that? Not me, especially when the days are a holiday blur, mixed with all the things that need to get done for the big day!

Since I'm a hot mess, here is just a mess of pictures of what I received from CAH:

Upside down, my bad. Too lazy to fix pic ;)
CAH paid for a week of work at the printers in China, but didn't place orders. The staff got an entire week off and you also got to read letters from some of the employees at the printing shop!
When CAH tells you something, you should probably believe it. Sensible is exactly what this stuff was, but I can't even lie I'm excited for the two small 'Jew Packs'. I literally just opened them and of course, had a good laugh at how religiously inappropriate they will be for our game. But, oh so good! 
I plan to read the advice from the writers Dad's. Where's all the Mom's at? Apparently all the writers for CAH are Jewish, that's news to me. Unless I read the 'Jew Pack' wrong and it meant just those packs were written by Jewish people. Who knows? All I know is that although this was pretty silly to invest in, I'd probably do it again -- especially since we know CAH doesn't really repeat what they do.
No more FOMO, just lots of sensible advice...  

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