Race Recap: Run to Feed the Hungry 2015

8:44 AM

Every year brings something different.
This year was a whole new story. It was the same fun-run Sacramento has every year, but I just did it a little different this year. If you've read the past few posts (here & here), then you know I never start at the start line and I just try to have fun, yet still run it.

This year was all a hot mess, but in a great way! An unorganized, chaotic lovely mess. I'm happy I was apart of it!

I haven't been a part of a RTFTH 'team' in years, since my sister played club soccer. We used to do the walk/run with her team every year. Once that dissipated, we signed up as a family, which then turned into me doing it by myself-ish. This year I teamed up with Midtown to help recruit some of the gym fam to run with us. Midtown also decided to team up with Fivestar, so we were all one big happy family.
Team shirt 2015
I didn't realize I was signed up for the 5k timed, while J was registered for the 5k un-timed. So there was one of the hot mess factors. Instead of heading to our local REI to pick-up our packets, which I did not miss, I headed to Fivestar's Midtown location to grab our team shirt and our bibs. I was asked to arrive at 7:15AM for a team picture on race day, even though the race didn't start until 9AM. Yes, you read that correctly - 1 hour and 45 minutes, before gun time!
Course Maps
Normally, I would have laughed it off. But I felt like as a part of the 'team' you do what the 'team' does. I planned to be there, although I wasn't too happy about it. Also, the team shirts sucked. This year's regular shirt was awesome, it was a dark grey with hints of volt in the logo. The team shirts are personalized with the team name down the sleeve, but are the cheap faux dri-fit type of shirts that don't wick any sweat away from you!

The morning of I didn't take a pre-race grid clothing pic, because I assumed we'd walk the entire 5k. Walk/jog is what we had all talked about. I didn't want to lay out all my layers of clothing for a pic AND it was way too early for all that. So, I did a quick outfit selfie and called it a day.
Layers on layers on layers!
J and I decided to drive, since it was so early in the morning. Oh, and because it was 33 degrees when we left the house!! We easily found a parking spot about a half mile or so away from the start. We still didn't really know where we were supposed to meet everyone. Once we found our way to the team section, we searched high and low for our team! No where to be found after two circles around the area. So, J and I decided to grab coffee and donuts, then park it under one of the many heaters they had. Normally I wouldn't have indulged in the treats if I knew we were going to run, but our plan was to walk/jog.
After that we decided to walk to the Starbucks to stay warm and kill time, since we couldn't find anyone. The Starbucks is right next to the finish line, so I made J take some silly photo's of me by the (empty) finish line, since it is a rare sighting for a race of this magnitude! As we were waiting in the warm line when our team called us, they were all there and ready to take a pic. Soy mocha in had, we made our way back to the team area to take a picture.
Smile and snap. Pic was done. Said hi to the few familiar faces I knew, including our Midtown Momma and pup! Also ran into Lot and her sis, who we ended up hanging out with until it was almost time to start the race. We had wandered off from the team area and decided to go towards the start area, where the sun was shining. As we hung out there, Maddie and her family met up with us too. This is when J decided he wanted to run the whole dang thing!
Team FivestarWins
Me, Tara, & Bootsy
Nia, Me, Lot
Me, Lot, & the Corey Girls
I said 'really'? To which he replied, in all seriousness, 'yes'! We said our goodbyes to my girls and off we went. So, with two coffees consumed, about four layers of clothing, no Garmin, and cold legs we made our way up closer to the front -- to avoid the walkers. I had a few minutes to stretch out and demand that we not go too fast, which J was totally on board with. We decided we'd rog (run + jog) the 5k, not necessarily run it hard, but just run at a good pace.
People go all out for this fun run!
I haven't done the 5k course in awhile, but sadly there were no mimosa stops. We thought we saw one, but they were giving out water and drinking the mimosa's for themselves. HAHA! We had a great time chatting and running together, which we realized we hadn't done in a really long time! We saw some familiar faces along the way, hi's and Happy Thanksgivings shouted. The first 1/2 mile felt like it took forever, then after that it felt like it went by fairly quickly. Just as we were finishing we ran into our running friends who were finishing the 10K! We said hi and bye and went on our way. We finished super cheesy, by holding hands! We then decided to skip the post-race activities and headed to the grocery store and home to get ready for our busy Thanksgiving day.
Results - RTFTH 2015
All in all, I had a great time. Although it was less organized that I'd prefer, it all worked itself out in some way or another. I'm not sure about being on a 'team' again, that was a lot of work and extra money for an ugly shirt. But I'm still grateful I got to help out and encourage my Midtown fam to do the race. I love seeing all the familiar faces and people in general being healthy for a good cause. It's not really about the race, but about the day and focusing on feeding those less privileged that others.

28,644 Sacramentan's know how to start a day of Thanks properly...and break records!

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