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Move over 2015, 2016 is making its way...
Just being cliche with a year end post. Totes, obvi! HAHA! Okay, but for real. I'm a day early, but I was scrolling through IG for a little bit (I have way too many posts to look through the entire year) and I started remembering all the fun I had this year. Because, let's be real, no one wants to post the bad and ugly stuff.

I completely forgot I ran a freakin' marathon this year! It was so ugly I pushed it out of my mind OR it happened in the beginning of the year and I just forgot. Either way, it was cool to remember that I ran my second marathon, although I officially divorced that distance after that race. Caveat, if J wants to run one, I will run it with him...if he wants me too!
Denver. I've never been there before, so that was also a first for me this year. Other first while there included attend the MLS All-Star game and seeing J's beloved Tottenham, both of which aren't my fave, but because it was soccer I loved it. It was fun to explore completely new territory for both of us. Sucked not having a car, but we traveled just fine on foot!
Traveling with J this year was really fun. We went on our first plane ride together (re: cheesy), but also traveled more this year than last. It was fun to see how the dynamics played out, but just as in real life -- he's laid back and loves to chill at the hotel and I'm the one looking for new places to eat and explore, but he indulges me in my crazy antics. Another cheesy moment, but we (yes, we had a discussion about it) made a hashtag to use for our travels. I love and appreciate that he supports my blogging/social media antics.
Blogging. I think about halfway through the year I stopped trying to post every single day. I think there were weeks where I didn't post anything. I still don't and will never have a 'content schedule' as true bloggers do. I feel like I write better when I have something to say or I am passionate about something. Don't get me wrong, I loved doing the weekly link-ups, but I just felt maybe there were redundant to anyone reading. I love posting my food pics and I love being random, but I just keep it a little less organized these days.
I stopped running. The trauma of Napa really did it I think. I ran after that in over a handful of races, but I just lost the motivation and desire to run. I tried to pick it up, but it never really stuck. I ran races, most of which I had signed up before I really realized I was over running. Good news is that I'm forcing myself to try it again, I've signed up for the Fleet Feet training group for an upcoming half marathon. Yes, I don't actually need a training group to train for a halfer, but I want it to keep me accountable. I need that, which is what it comes down too. Leave me to my own devices and miles go left not ran. So, here's to trying it all again.
I did not go to the gym in 2015. My 24 hour membership ended in January and I never bought a new one at Costco or signed up through them. I miss it. I am just being cheap. Well, not really since I still go to Midtown, that ain't cheap by any means. I miss the freedom that 24 offers, but I also don't have as much free time to up and go whenever. So, I never got a new one, although I would really love to have a membership there. Using the 'free' outdoors for running and Midtown have been my go-to this year.
No Fast Food for the entire year. Okay, before you start talking shit, let me tell you the parameters we set. Nothing with a drive-thru is the easiest way to describe it. Starbucks doesn't count, because, duh, that's coffee. No McD's, no Taco Bell, no Jimboy's (non-Californian's don't know about this, but are missing out), no anything else along those lines. It was hard to convince J to try this with me, but he did and he as killed it. He gets upset that I don't give him more kudos for doing this, but I think it's because I don't value it as much as he does and because I've done it before. But I'm proud of him for going an entire year without fast food. Don't get me wrong, we ate plenty of burgers and fries this year, they just weren't as convenient as the ones in a drive-thru. For 2016 we will celebrate by eating it on the 1st day of the year, J already has his meals planned. After that we will eat it on one day each month, probably the 15th of every month. However, the trade-off was that since we just stopped doing 'veggie week' we will do Meatless Monday's for the entire year. If the 15th lands on a Monday (hey February), we will adjust for that month. Should be another fun challenge this year.
Social Media friends. Blogging, IG, Twitter, and FB has led to some real life friendships and some virtual friendships, with the potential to become real life friends. It's an odd world, the Intranets. But I've met some really cool people and have been a part of some really cool things, thanks to my SM antics. I started contributing to Girls on Food blog, which has been a fantastic new adventure to be a part of. Writing and food, right up my alley. I've met SM friends in real life, but also used SM to strengthen older friendships too. Although some tout SM as just 'drama,' if used effectively it can be a great tool in anyone's personal and professional life. I love it and appreciate it, which you can tell if we are friends on any outlet!!
They say the Sophomore year of anything is always the hardest. This was true for J and I, too. Our life together isn't just the cute, smiling, and loving pictures I post online. There are fights, harsh words, tears, and meanness that happens behind the scenes. We are NOT perfect, but we fight for each other -- sometimes him more so than I and vice versa. Relationships are not easy, I don't care what anyone says. J has helped me grow in so many ways, but in ways that I am learning to accept myself (crazy as I guess I am) and be that person wholeheartedly. He challenges me and makes me feel amazing, all in one fell swoop. We have had our hurdles, but we have cleared them (just barely), but we continue to fight for what we know can be the best. So, please if you see our cute and loving pics (kinda narcissistic), know that we are fighting for our love just as much as the next person. I just share the good moments.
Family is forever the most important. My Mom has gone on an incredible weight loss journey and we are all so proud of her. I get worried she'll fall back into her old patterns, but I will support her no matter what. Lil is enjoying her last year in her 20s and she is as supportive as ever and makes me feel like the little sibling. Dad, I get worried about his health, but he is still the strong, supportive, and loving man he has always been. 2015 has been good to our family with health (for the most part), travels, and time together. Although there is always worry about health with our parents, we continue to support and encourage a healthy lifestyle for them. For 2016 I want to do more for them, in any capacity that I can.
Loving on L hasn't changed. I try not to talk about her too much in this space, but it has been a fun year with her. I am lucky she is such an amazing, polite, and well behaved kid. Otherwise, we'd have some issues ;) I had an absolute blast planning her watermelon themed birthday, surprising her (and J) with a trip to Disneyland, and going to her parent teacher conference. I love watching her grow, even if she's starting to get a little sassy these days. She is smart, loving, and confident and I hope I can be a positive impact on her every single day. This whole co-parenting thing is such an interesting dynamic, different from family to family, but so intricate and at times difficult. I'm learning as I'm going, boundaries are important for so many unsaid reasons. But all I know is that I'm glad L is in my life and I wish she was in it more.
2016. I'm looking forward to you! I want to be more giving this year, financially and with my time. I want to create stronger connections and relationships with those that deserve it. I want to work on myself and learn to communicate better, because that is a serious weak point. Some ideas I had were too:
  • Get 12 cards, randomly pick 12 friends and each month send one card to one of the friends. It's fail-proof, since I have the cards and the names already assigned AND I have about 30 days to write and send the card.
  • Donate $20 each month to a different charity or organization that I care about or appreciate what they are striving to do.
  • Stop spending, maybe try not to buy anything in the month of January. I really need to save for upcoming trips and all-around be better with my money.
  • Cook more (or at all, HAHA)! Meal plan, use Pinterest, and come up with a few good go-to dishes and be great at making them.
I guess I had a lot more to say, than I originally planned. One post to talk about one year is really a big task. that I obviously took advantage of. 2015 had it's ups and downs, but I've learned and grown through it all. I still have so much more to grow and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store. I have a few ideas, but I know there will be so much more for me, for us!

Have a Merry New Year, be SAFE y'all!

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  1. I loved reading your highlights from 2015, and your goals for the next year. Jordan and I are about to cancel our gym membership (because LA Fitness has been ripping us off) and I am really nervous about transitioning into a different sorta workout routine. You have accomplished so much this year! Love the idea of sending 12 cards, one each month. I might have to adopt that goal! (:

    1. Thanks, I just kept writing as things popped up in my head! Haha! I was thinking of joining one here that is supposedly only $10/month, I can hang with that. Please do adopt that goal and let me know how it works out for you! It's been fun to watch your year transpire as well and Merry 2016! Xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Isn't it amazing how highlights and lessons learned can change from year to year. That is a sign you are doing something right. :) I absolutely love the idea of sending a card to a friend each month. How did you think of that. As a society, it feels like we have let go of the importance of a handwritten letter or card. Snail mail is my favorite thing in the world (just ask my husband). It's something I need to do more!

    I hope you have a wonderful NY!!! Cheers.

    1. Yes, so amazing and pretty awesome to see the change I see in myself. I hope I'm doing something right ;) OR at least half the time! I totally came up with it out of the blue, I wanted a fool proof way to make sure I actually send them! I love writing and receiving hand written letters, I still find magic in the act of it. I also think it breaks up the monotony of bills and junk mail :) Hope you and the fam had a great New Years and 2016 is as magical as 2015 was for you all! xoxo, ganeeban


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