Oh Shit, Linda! Week 3

10:08 AM

So we've progressively sucked at Linda. 

J has been worse than I, but we both are sucking big time right now. I think the elaborate scenarios are fun, but when you're sick, you give give two shits about a dumb doll. And in general, J could care less. His ideal thing is to just put Linda somewhere new, nothing past that...that would be doing too much. I don't blame him, I got us into this mess. 

You can see our digression if you look at our first week, then our second week. Thank goodness this shit is almost done!!

Now with the arrival of Billy, Ls other EOTS, she isn't so worried or excited about Linda. She still excitedly asks us, but we don't get special messages in the AM looking for her. Which is Okayama but kinda sucks too. Billy seems to lack creativity, since he doesn't seem to do many fun things either. He just gets placed in a new spot every day. 

Here is how week 3 went down:

December 14 - Chillin' w/ Her Homies - I was sick, so this was J's attempt.
December 15 - Follow the Crowd - Everyone and their Mom seems to do these, how, I have no clue. Mine turned out awful!
December 16 - Everyone Loves Screen Time - Needed something quick and easy, first day back to work was hectic.
December 17 - Guard of the Mistletoe - Obviously we put a lot of work into this one ;)
December 18 - Nothing, Nada - We failed, we didn't do anything and L didn't call to ask about Linda so it didn't matter.
December 19 - Hide in the Poisonous Plant - Another quick hide.
December 20 - Cause You Have to Hide in the Tree - Guess who did this one?! Yup, J did it for this day. 
So there you have it, our third week. Out of three weeks we've only forgotten once, I'd say that's pretty good. Not like its hard to move that dumb doll, but sometimes it just feels like another chore around the house. Ah well, L's smile and excitement are worth it. I keep wondering if Linda will get lost and not return next year or if she'll make a comeback, still TBD...

Only one more freakin' week to go!

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