Linda, Oh Linda! Week 2

10:55 AM

Another week of mediocre creativity genius that involves a little creepy doll!

We survived our first week without too much commotion. You can take a peek here if you'd like to see our introduction to Linda and how our first week went down. It's still weird to call her "Linda," since the others I see have crazy names, not an average lady's name. HAHA! People must think we are talking about an actual person when we talk about her. Must make for great ear hustling.

Well, lets get to it. Week 2 was another mixture of finding Pins that weren't mine and copying them or convenience. Here is the board where I pin my EOTS ideas, in case you need some or want to see if I #NailedIt ?!

December 7 - Linda is Official - Linda was registered and I printed her Birth Certificate, she also brought a letter from Santa with her.

December 8 - Just Hanging Around - Finally had an empty toilet roll to use.

December 9 - Knives Aren't for Kids  - quick fix, obviously.

December 10 - Feed Me - convenient and perfect spot for Linda to hang out all day!

December 11 - Dollar Bin Gifts - went shopping and had to stop grabbing cheap shit to have Linda leave, but I knew she'd love to play with these in the window.

December 12 - Snowflakes - Linda likes to touch all our stuff!

December 13 - Toilet Paper Fun - stole this idea from an old co-worker, who has 3 EOTS in her house, bless her heart.

Come to find out, L was also simultaneously introduced to another EOTS at the end of week 2. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?!? So now, she has two EOTS to look after her. Her biggest concern was that she has to be 'good everywhere' now, which made us laugh at how genuinely innocent her creativity is and can be!

As I sit here, sick, it's the beginning of week 3. I'm a little lazy, but J has been helpful with Linda as well. Time to start pinning and make sure Linda keeps it creative for her last two weeks at our house!

Linda, you are a lot of work!

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