2 Posts, 1 Day - Instagram Husband

3:12 PM

I can barely breath, I'm laughing so damn much!

Anyone that dabbles in blogging can relate. But really, almost any woman knows how REAL this stupid video is!
I couldn't stop laughing and had to share, since I know so many of the bloggers I follow make their Husbands or Boyfriends...or friends do this for them on the reg. 

I'm a culprit. I'm also the pic taker at times! I wear both hats, but probably one more so than the other.

Bless J's heart, he's almost always willing to help me out with a pic or five hundred. Although lately he hasn't been so good at hiding his disdain for my picture penchant! I still haven't found the courage to ask him to take more OOTD photos for the blog, even though I secretly want too!

I love my Instagram Boyfriend who waits to eat his meal! 

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