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I pulled it off!

I really, really pulled it off! I knew I might be able too, but when it actually came to fruition, it felt amazing.

This post is a little overdue, I apologize. I've missed this space...a lot!

Almost...since his (J's) last birthday, I knew I wanted to do something big for him for his next birthday. Then my birthday rolled around and he planned a surprise trip. Not that we have to outdo each other or anything, but it inspired me to do something big. Plan something I've never done before.

I decided that I wanted to surprise J (and L) with a weekend trip to Disneyland. In addition to our family, I was going to invite those closest to him, friends and family.

Because you already know I'm an organizational freak, you know I had the details dialed in. Hotel, check. Flights, check. Itinerary, check. Before I sent everyone an invite, I planned it out all in advance and had all the details laid out for everyone I invited. I offered the details I had booked, if they wanted to follow suit or make their own reservations.

I would love to bore you with the details of planning a surprise like this, but I'm guessing many don't get as giddy about organization and planning details like I do. So I'll keep that at bay and you can enjoy more pics, less words.

I also wanted a fun way to let J in on the surprise. So I had my friend Liz (contact her for design and photos, she's awesome) execute a design I had, then had it added to baseball tees. This is what we L and I would be wearing when we surprised J!
Lots of planning and details that you probably could are less about. But as the big day was approaching, I was getting so excited and nervous someone would spill the beans. Luckily, no one did.

J got home from work and we dropped the SURPRISE bomb on him! He was super confused and it was super cute. Once he grasped the idea of what was about to happen, he was smiling. I told him to pack and that we were all ready to go, we had a plan to catch in a few hours. His Mom arrived, then we all left for our flight!

My co-worker came in clutch!
We ate at the airport to kill some time, then we were off to So Cal! We ended up going to straight to the hotel to check in and crash for the evening. We had a long day ahead of us, so everyone wanted to get some sleep. The rest of my fam was just starting their long drive to So Cal, as we went to bed. They arrived at 3AM, but were ready to roll for Disneyland at 8:30AM, troopers...for sure!

Halloween at Disneyland. I've never been during this time and I was completely ecstatic to be there AND to be celebrating J's birthday there. It was also our first trip as a family, too! Soo many things to celebrate, it was going to be a great day! Our pics speak for themselves, no real story needed. There are so many more, but these are the highlights :)
OOTD - Disney, everything!
The Birthday Boy!
The dopest Parentals, alive!
So perfect, for such a warm So Cal day!
Funnel Cake for the Birthday Boy, he shared of course!
Sadly, we didn't get tickets to the Disneyland Not So Spooky Halloween party, which they offer during Halloween season. So, when the park closed at 7PM for the special party, we walked straight over to Disney California Adventure to play over there. Neither J nor L had been there before, so all of it was new to them!
Dinner at California Adventure!
Around 11:30PM we called it a night. We never went back to the hotel to rest, as we had anticipated, so everyone was exhausted! Sleepily, we made our way back to the hotel! Since we had half a day to kill before our flight home, we went to explore (re: shop) at Downtown Disneyland. We enjoyed breakfast at the hotel, then Uber'd our way to DD. Our first stop was to the ESPN Zone, where we played a few games upstairs.

Then we wandered around and spent way too much money on Disney related stuff. There is an Elsa and Anna boutique, but lucky me, I found my fave - Olaf! We stopped at the candy store and watched them make the cute Disney themed caramel apples. Then we ended our trip with the biggest Disney store ever, which was pure Heaven for me! I could spend hours in there, but I wasn't afforded that luxury since we had a flight to catch. 
A worker designed this with just water and a stick thing!
Those churro options are insane!
With all of our souvenirs bagged up and ready to go, we made our way to catch our next Uber. We said by to my fam, as they were starting their drive back up North. We waited, waited, and waited some more for our ride, which finally showed up. It was a little close to crunch time, but we made our flight easily.
I know J isn't the biggest Disney fan, but I think he enjoyed the surprise! Being there with him and L for their first trip was beyond memorable. To have his Mom and my family there, also made it that much more fun. Two visits to Disneyland in one year AND the Diamond Celebration left me extremely grateful and happy, 2015 has been pretty amazing to us all! 

The happiest place is wherever my loves are...AND Disneyland! 

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  1. Your hubby's shoes. Had those nikes back in the 9th grade. Classic! BTW, I'm totally jealous of this trip...IJS

    1. He is obsessed with all 95's (PS - he's just my Boyfriend, don't want to scare him with the Hubby title, hahah)! Thanks, I'm grateful I could pull it off! Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo, ganeeban

  2. What a fun birthday surprise! Can't believe you pulled all of that off... what a lucky guy :)

    1. Thanks! For real, especially since everyone knew, BUT him! Haha! Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo, ganeeban

  3. The thought of Disneyland makes me smile! That's so awesome you were able to surprise him... you can surprise me anytime. ;) Actually, someday I can't wait to surprise my son (when he is old enough to go). I have been to Disneyland during Halloween and I love the way they decorate everything. The Haunted House is extra special too! Someday I want to go there for Christmas!

    1. Aww, thanks!! Yes, the Halloween decorations were awesome, I wish I got to ride the spooky Space Mountain. Oh, I'm too much of a chicken for the Hanuted House on a regular day. I can't even think of an extra scary one! Christmas there is even more magical, that's when you should surprise Axel! Xoxo, ganeeban


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