Musings: Family Photos {2015}

2:54 PM

I broke the cardinal rule.

Something that should be so simple, seemed to add a little stress. Really, a photo session shouldn't be stressful, but it kinda happened that way. Well, really figuring out our outfits was the stressor. Three outfits that compliment each other, but don't look too staged or matchy-matchy! Sounds simple, but it's harder than one would think!

Way too much of my time was spent pinning color schemes and outfit ideas. I also pinned picture poses that would work for us. In case you have any upcoming family photo's maybe all my hard work will help you (or at least someone) out:
I'd been putting shopping and/or coordinating off forever, even though I'd been pinning about it for awhile. Friday night, the night before our pictures, we went shopping for our outfits. I figured if we couldn't find anything, then whatever we had at home would work OR I'd make it work! HAHA!

I broke one of the cardinal rules I read about - no 'crazy' patterns. I didn't feel like there were enough complimenting solid options for a man, a woman, and a young girl. So, I just I went with what I liked. 
Family Photos - 2015
We started our shopping at H&M and found our outfits for the pictures. My game plan was to find what L would wear, then coordinate mine outfit to compliment hers. I knew J's would be easy, he'd more than likely be the one in a solid color, which is  exactly how it worked out for us!
Crêpe Blouse
Slim-Fit Pants (I think these are the ones)
For some odd reason I couldn't find L's dress on the H&M website. So here is a quick pic I snapped of it, pardon he bad lighting! Pockets for the win!
H&M - 6-8Y - $17.99

Just for good measure, we popped on over to Old Navy, just to see their options. We found the same sweater for a better (re: half the) price, so we opted for that version, instead of the H&M one.
Men's Solid V-Neck Sweaters

Buying outfits were not necessary at all. But of course, I just used it as another excuse to go shopping. But I'll justify it by saying I can repurpose my shirt for work and for fun and L's dress can be for Christmas or another occasion. Also, J and I mixed in pieces we already own - me: shoes, J: button up shirt, jeans, and shoes.

I did heed the advice regarding my make up - simple and natural make-up. I had envisioned fun accessories for L and I, but I opted against it. Accessories will date the pictures, especially if we wore super trending ones - think bright and chunky necklaces. So, we kept it simple...well, simple in my eyes.

I spent way too much mental energy on what we were going to wear. I haven't seen any of the pics, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it all worked out, 'crazy' patterns and all. I think what really matters will show through in our faces and smiles. I say that now, let's see how the pictures turn out...

Patterns on patterns, screw the rules!

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