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Best wedding hashtag. Ever.
I might be slightly biased, but I've been swooning over their wedding hashtag in preparation of their big day. 

My youngest cousin, of the oldest cousins, got married this past weekend. Did you follow that? My aunts youngest son, Micah, married the love of his life, Dallas.

We already know I'm a lover of weddings, but family weddings are even better! I love celebrating love, but having my family there makes it even better -- even if they are crazy...but the good kind of crazy!

The wedding was at Leer Vineyards, which is about an hour and 20 minutes from us. The brides family lives near this city, which I'm assuming played a part in the location. It was gorgeous.
We actually learned that the previous owner was wealthy and had a love for cars and built a small baseball field for he's nephews or grandsons. The baseball field was one of the first things we noticed when we arrived, we all thought it was pretty awesome. The once-was garage was now turned into the tasting room and banquet hall, which is where the wedding was held. The ceremony took place outside with a gorgeous background of the vineyard. 
After the ceremony, everyone was invited to grab a cocktail at the somewhat open bar and appetizers, homemade lumpias were accounted for! We mingled and took lots of pictures, and also hit up the basketball hoop. I watched my nephews ball it up and get super sweaty! Our family definitely took advantage of the sports setting!
Only some of the women of the family.
My jam was the Red, Heroic all evening!
Eventually, we were all escorted inside. It was open seating and my family too up about four tables. The tables were excused to head to the buffet. I'm not sure if it is the alcohol talking, but the dinner was really good. They offered chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies, alas, and bread! I even had bites of seconds off of Js plate.
Speeches were made. Then first dances were had, EXCEPT my cousin and and aunt did a really fun dance together - a handful of songs through the decades. It was awesome and unexpected!
Then we all danced the night away and played some soccer. An unsuspecting soul bet me I couldn't make a goal and I totally won, but I didn't take his $10. I did brag for a solid 2 minutes, because him and his uncles didn't think I could even play. Psh!
We all cheered the newlyweds off to their car, which was taking them to their hotel (which was ours too)! The rest of us stayed, some helped clean up, then we headed back to our hotel!

We were all hungry so we ordered pizza! Little did we know lots of my family were going to crash our pizza party! We got so rambunctious the hotel called our room and said they received complaints about us! HAHA! Family and pizza, we are a wild bunch! After finishing off a second order of pizza everyone headed off to their own rooms and we finally got some sleep. 

The next morning we were all up early so J could watch his Spurs! Lil and I left to go grab coffee, so she could try Dutch Brothers. Once the game was over and we were all dressed and packed up, we headed to a post-wedding breakfast!
Dutch Bro newbie
The couple was already on a flight to their honeymoon, so it was just our family!! We all headed to MJ's Downtown Cafe & Bakery. We had a great time, minus no mimosas! After eating to maximum capacity, everyone made the journey back home!
This is our "show your teeth" pose, since we always tell him too!
Chicken Fried Steak!
What a lovely fall wedding with family, wine, and good times! Another great moment for the Ganeeban Clan to add to our memories! So thankful and undeserving of the family I was blessed with!

Even their honeymoon hashtag killed it - #HayesAfterParty !

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