The Art of Saying YES!

1:26 PM

I'm pretty sure I've mastered it.

Much to J's displeasure, I've always been the girl who would join you for anything - coffee, dinner, a run, you name it, I was probably down. 

Although eventually a relationship was added into the mix, the 'Yes' still came natural. J may strongly disagree, but I'm slowly learning to say 'No' to invitations. It's hard. I wasn't used to it. I'm getting there. It took some time to realize and adjust which priorities took precedent in my life. Trying to find a balance is always a struggle and I'm sure will always continue to be.

I love trying new things AND exploring new places, that could possibly be an understatement. My friends and family are amazing at opening my eyes to these things, which is why I tend to jump at the chance to say 'Yes' to an invitation.

Although I'm balancing it all out, this was definitely a 'Yes' week. I scheduled on two new fitness adventures in on week!

TEAMride has been around for awhile and on my radar for longer than that! My used-to-be running/training route had me run pass it before it was even open, through it's grand opening, and as it has continued to flourish. I've always loved Spin at 24hour, so it was always an alluring attraction. Fast forward years later and I finally made the jump. My girls love to sweat, so I figured they'd jump at the idea of a Girls Night Date working out. They were pumped!

I happened to email TEAMride to see if they offer a free introductory class, cause I'm a baller-on-a-budget. They said they generally don't, but they would for me, SCORE! [No they didn't know I'd even blog about my experience, I just decided too.] They provided me with a code, which I used to sign-up via their website. I booked bike 19 and told the girls to book next to me, which they did! BOOM!

As Tuesday evening finally rolled around, we met there! It's so small inside. The transition between classes is you basically trying to avoid touching those who are sweat drenched, ally vying for hallway space this is about 2 feet width. Also, now I know where all the Lulu goes when it leaves Arden Fair Mall!!
The class was great. The dub step was awesome to spin too! They do a lot of arm work, while cycling - imagine doing pushup on the handle bars while you are still cycling. Oh yeah, they also sweat you out too. They keep it warm, but not quite Bikram yoga hot. But hot enough to be sweating after one minute. They also incorporate a little weight lifting toward the end, the burn was real!

Overall it was super fun, we all said we'd love to do it once a month. At $20/class its kinda pricey, but something we could afford the luxury of once a month. I hope this happens, because it was fun to get our spin on then head over to the Co-Op and grab dinner at their hot deli bar and a juice! 
The second workout adventure came last night. Jen, a friend from Midtown (who lifts super heavy) asked if I wanted to try the new Crossfit at Midtown. Of course I did, why not. I wasn't traumatized with my first attempt, so I figured I could try it again.

After work, I headed to Midtown. It was all so weird, going after work and all the different faces. But a good weird. I'm so used to seeing the faces of my AM crew. It was cool to see some familiar faces, I don't get to see very often. Rudy was the coach and he was awesome.

There was about 10 of us and we did our skills work. I about died laughing when he said Toes to Bar, psssh, I can barely do knees to elbow. But we all worked on them, even if we couldn't master them. Then we did deadlifts at 75% of our 1 rep max. I have no idea what that weight is/was for me, so I just kept playing with the weights (re: continually adding). I found a challenging weight, but not too challenging (PS: I'm sore today). Then we did the WOD - work out of the day.

It went 21-15-19, rounds of deadlifts & box jumps. In addition to an opener and closer of 100 double-unders or 200 single jumps, in my case. They started the timer and we were off. Man, that timer pushes you. I felt like I was racing it. When I wanted to stop, I didn't because I didn't want a bad time (which I don't even know what is a bad time for what I was doing). The competitive side came out in me and I pushed it, hard! I was a sweaty mess by the end.
Jen and I laughed at how gross and sweaty we were, but both really enjoyed the class. It's been fun to see Westbound join Midtown, although there have been plenty of changes. We all are just there to get stronger and support each other, which is exactly what is happening.

So yes, I said 'Yes' to two fun, extra workouts this week, but it meant less family time. It was the choice I made to balance out life this week. My weeks aren't ever really this heavy with evening workouts, so a one-off is okay.

I don't see what the problem is with saying 'Yes' all the time. It seems like there are more and more articles advising people to say 'No' more often. Each person is different and I think you should do what's best for you, until it starts to wear you down. You need to be able to recognize when that is happening. Also, you need to set your own priorities and allocate your time appropriately. We all have the same amount of time each day and decide how we will spend it. So keep saying 'Yes' as much as you want, but remember to make your sanity, health, and happiness a high priority too!

Saying 'Yes' can be a good thing!

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