Showering in Yountville!

12:10 PM

I'm in quite the snark mood...'ve been warned. When one of your best guy friend's finds his love, you support it! No matter what. You attend the parties they host, you congratulate when they are engaged, you attend the bachelorette party in San Diego, you attend the wedding, and attend the baby shower!

Having Napa/Yountville within, what feels like, an arm's length reach makes it seem so much more accessible, than it really is. I can easily apply this mentality to the City too, even though it seems to be about an hour further out, with the congestion of what I assume Hell feels like. When planning to go it always seems like a fabulous idea, then you realize it's not as close as you imagined it was when you were dreamily making fun plans in your head! Okay, enough exaggeration on my part.

I received the cutest invite for M's baby shower. I didn't bat an eye, until I read "Yountville"! Huh? Umm, we live in Sacramento...that's a long way to drive. However, seeing as how it's her future child, I don't really get a say. I called the number and RSVP'd that I'd be there, not thinking much after that...

Last week it dawned on me, I'll probably spend more time in the car driving versus actually showering the Mommy-to-be. Oh well, the things you do for friends. Luckily, I recruited J to drive with me to the shower. He, B (the Baby Daddy), and a few other fellas would head off and do boy things, while we did girl things!
The party started in the afternoon, so I was able to work out, get coffee, and leisurely get ready for the event. No rushing needed. It almost felt like we were escaping the overcast shadows from the looming Butte Fires that are currently taking over Northern California. It's scary to think how fast the fires are spreading and the containment rate is extremely low, currently. Praying for all the families that have been evacuated and all the men and women putting their lives on the line to extinguish the fire. You can read this NBC News article, if you don't know what I'm talking about.
As we drove away from the ash grey sky, we headed toward Yountville. Oddly, there was a lot of traffic. We always expect some, anytime we are headed this way, but this was exceptionally bad. 

Once through Napa, we arrived at Vinter's Golf Course, home of Baby Ireland and Mommy-to-Be's baby shower. We walked into the clubhouse, to be directed to the patio. At this point, the sky was still grey and it was pretty humid. Everyone was milling about, mingling. I said 'Hi" to B, M, and B's family. The boys grouped together, for fear of baby showering would take their man cards immediately.
I instantly sat down at the onsie making station. Let's just say, this isn't my first rodeo. Obviously I went straight to Pinterest for some inspiration for my onsie. I instantly thought against being the inappropriate one, but plenty of the other gals had me covered. So, I went against the grain and made a soccer onsie, sort of a shout out to B! Kinda rude, huh...cause we're supposed to be there for the Mom?! Sorry, M! Those pens are the worst, I always think I can make it work..
Once the boys skirted out to go do boy things, and by boy things I mean drink beer, the lady fun began. Again, everyone was mingling. I met women who's names I don't remember, but can tell you how they knew M. I wasn't at the 'friends' table or the 'family' table, so I'd say I was at the 'other' table with a few old co-workers and family friends. A few familiar faces and a few not so familiar.

M's good friend A is a party planner by trade. Her and M's sister, K, did an awesome job decorating, hosting, and executing M's baby shower. The view of the hills and the golf course were amazing in itself. The decor was very Pinterest picnic chic with gingham table cloths and pretty sunflower arrangements. Our name tags were super cute and handmade, which was a sweet touch. Also, our little party favors sat nicely with each setting, brownie bites from Bouchon! Not gonna lie, I was stoked to hear that the food was from Ad Hoc and the treats were from Bouchon. I mean, who wouldn't want to try some goodies from a Thomas Keller location?! I still haven't been to either spot, nor The French Laundry (someone please take me, or I'll settle on The Kitchen too), so it was cool to try the goodness that precedes itself!
Fried chicken, ribs, and macarons should be the menu at all baby showers. Shit, at all events! HAHA! The shrimp appetizers, along with the cheese and fruit plate and bruschetta were great starters. Walking up to to the lunch options, I immediately smiled! It isn't often that you see friend chicken and ribs at a baby shower, let alone from Ad Hoc. Then to follow up that amazing meal, we finished with macarons - Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Fig, or Raspberry, from Bouchon. Swoon. They were larger than the ones you normally see, double swoon. Oh and some Madeline's were thrown in there for good measure too.
Fig Macaron, swooning over the gold finish!
The Mommy-to-Be requested no games, so she got her wish. As most people were finishing up our lunch, M started to open her presents. Baby Ireland is so loved already AND she's going to be the best dressed kid on the block. Why are baby clothes so damn cute?!

As she did this, I started thinking about the etiquette of now and old. Each honoree gets to decide what they want, I am totally on board with that idealism. However, what if she doesn't want to open presents in front of everyone? Is she demanded too? Everyone loves to ooh and ahh over all the cute baby clothes and toys, etc. Is it rude not too? I don't necessarily mind playing the silly baby shower (or bridal shower) games, but I'm not shedding a tear if we don't do them. I'm sure I can defer this question to Emily Post, but as times changes, I think maybe my love for Mrs. Post may be a little outdated. If one chooses to not do games or open presents, is it weird to just mingle and hang out?

This is where my Baby Shower Shaming, completely on my own accord, started. I thought I was thinking ahead when I ordered my gift online and had it delivered to their home. I knew I had to get something small for her to open, in case she did open the gifts. I opted for a cute little soccer ball that had pink in it, so it was just girly enough and a card. However, as she started to open her gifts, the shame started to settle in. Ahh...people are going to think that that's all I got her! NO! Rational thoughts were not happening, I know I shouldn't care what others think. At least the two girls next to me laughed with me about my self-proclaimed baby shower shaming. She opened my present and there were oohs and aww's. I know she read my little note saying the real gift was delivered, but she didn't read it out loud. A few presents later, another party go-er decided to remind M that her present was being delivered. Gah, I should have done that! HAHA, the two girls and I got a good second round of laughter after that happened. I sat there, scolding myself, saying I'll never have a present delivered to the honoree. That's a complete lie, I think I'd rather baby shower shame myself each time. It makes it exciting and one less thing that needs to be transported ;)

After, we took a few pics and helped clean up a bit, as the staff was ready to start setting up for the next party, it was time to head back home. We waited for the boys to get back, then we all went our separate ways!
For always giving us a hard time, the boys were late heading back. We sat out front and caught up with one another. Then the boys arrived, true fella fashion. We saved them some fried goodness and they partook immediately.
Although I may have been a brat about the drive, I'm glad we made the drive out to shower M and Baby Ireland. I had a great time and enjoyed the mini road trip with my fella! In the end, it's only about supporting friends. Friends who have been in my life for over a decade and friends who will always be in my tribe. Hanging out with B's family is always fun and seeing how loved Baby Ireland will be, was a great feeling. That and the white wine I was drinking too...

This Ate can't wait to meet her next Lovebug!

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  1. I went to a baby shower this weekend too! It looks like the shower you attended was really lovely-I adore the gold finish on the macaroons too! I think it is totally fine you had your gift delivered (but I also would feel awkward as other guests watched my "gift" be opened). Glad you had fun!

    1. Babies and weddings, we're at that age :) Thanks, they did an amazing job with all the details! I do too, but I didn't think I'd be so self conscious when she opened up my gift. xoxo, ganeeban


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