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11:47 AM

How do I organize people's lives for a living?
Seriously! If you were to ask me what my current or in the moment 'dream job' would be, it would to be a "Professional Organizer". I have no clue what it is, exactly, but I know I'd kill at it.

My life isn't the most organized, because when it comes to myself, I tend to become a little lazy. This isn't the most accurate statement, my life isn't most organized when it comes to putting away laundry. I love to wash and sometimes fold laundry, but putting it away is my least favorite chore! I digress. However, if I were doing it for someone else, that wouldn't be the case. 

I don't necessarily want to organize and orchestrate weddings or parties, which is what I think most people would think would satisfy this job type. That wouldn't be a bad gig at all, but I enjoy my weekends full of soccer, traveling, and randomness - none of which you get when your job is based on weekend events. 

I'm crazy organized. Or so I've been told. I'm like an organizational freak. When it comes to organizing for myself and others, I love to have all the details in order. It makes it easier for everyone involved and it makes decision making, paying, and executing that much easier. Also, being intuitively organized is what's important. So how I organize my household might look different for you and yours. Which is why, I think it's so fun. Each person is so radically different, preferences and intuition would diversify each project, tenfold!
I wish there was a job that fell under this umbrella. The closest one I can think of is an event/wedding planner, but I don't want to be closed in by a niche. I want to do it for anyone who needs help in organizing whatever facet(s) of their lives is necessary.

Another downfall, is that it seems like it won't be lucrative either. No one really wants to pay someone to come in, organize their stuff (personal or not) AND pay them. That, and there's also Pinterest who has so many hacks on how to be organized, paying someone is again, null and void!

So, I'm 0 for 2 here with my current dream job. 

Give me all the cute bins. Give me all the label makers. Give me all the cute crates. Give me all the file folders. Give me all the storage space.

Am I the only one who loves organizing? I can't be, there has to be a weird little group of us, right? I've yet to meet anyone with a passion for being organized, but I know someone is out there making lots of money doing this for others.

Hold the front door! As I was looking for images to add to the post on Pinterest, I came across Geralin Thomas, who is actually a Professional Organizer. There is also the National Association of Professional Organizers with their own slogan "The Organizing Authority"! There are people out there like me. Uh it's getting a little too real...

I just want to intuitively organize your life in the cutest, yet most effective way possible...

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  1. I am a fan of organization too! In fact, I will unorganize things just to reorganize them. I do this with my closet all the time (well, not anymore since having a baby - no time). Another thought that came to mind was the show Hoarders. It would be really interesting to de-clutter someone's life!

    1. I do a re-org like once a year, but mostly for my closet. I really need to purge this time around. Oh my goodness, yes, I would love to work on a hoarders house...well unless there's really gross and smelly stuff, then I might have to re-think this job path! HAHA! Hope you and Axel are doing well! xoxo, ganeeban


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