I Have A Secret...

11:54 AM

...and I have no willpower to keep it inside.

At all!
This idea has been brewing for awhile. A loooong time ago, it started with the Bestest, but nothing came to fruition. No one to blame. We just talked about it, but never followed-up with it.

Then more recently I had been thinking about it, while simultaneously thinking about what I'm doing with this blog. No dramatics at all, but just thinking about this space. I'm not like those bloggers who do this for a living or do it for any monetary value (although that would be awesome, I love money and free stuff), nor do I even have anything remotely resembling an editorial calendar. I write to write.
This post by Carly at Snack Therapy (new to me blog, but not her Twitter) is fitting for such the topic of writing to write.

I seem to write better about topics that either piss me off or evoke some type of serious emotion from me. Or if I happen to need a cathartic release. My most viewed, I used 'most' very liberally, posts have been ones that are full of honesty and emotions. A lot of the times the subjects are a little touchy. But as you can guess, when you write passionately, people are drawn to it and read it.

This is my long winded way of telling you that in an unspecified time, I will be having a few of my close girlfriends each write a post for the blog. There also might be a super special guest post, but I'll leave that one for an actual surprise.

I haven't come up with a cool or fancy name for what I will call these posts or 'spotlights' as I have deemed them in my head. I have only gone as far as to ask my girlfriends if they would like to participate. I'm writing this today, because I was overwhelmed by their openness to try writing a blog post. I don't think any one of them have turned me down as of yet, but this is just the beginning phase of the project.

I have no qualms if no one actually writes a post. I'll be a little bummed, but it was just an idea and sometimes those don't work out. So for right now, I don't have anything on a calendar, but I'm working on getting it figured out. My girls have families, jobs, and lives to live -- so I'm not sure where writing a blog post will fit in their schedule. I'm hoping soon. My intent is to post one a week, but we will see how it goes.

I'm so excited to see what topics they write about, read their written voices, and change it up on here a bit. If anything, I am excited to see these women whom I care about a lot, write about something that means something to them. I have some witty, sarcastic, smart, and intelligent friends, so this should be a fun project.

I prematurely let the cat out of the bag...ooops...

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  1. I have the same mentality about my blog - I don't get paid or earn free stuff to blog. I do it because I enjoy writing and sharing experiences that I believe others can relate to or gain value from. I really like the idea of having friends write and post on occasion. My husband has done this a time or two, but it would be interesting to see what my friends would write about. What a fun new endeavor you are going to take on.

    1. Hey lady! Thanks! I can't even believe you still keep up the blog with the new baby, you rock! I agree - I hope that at least one person that reads my blog enjoys it, walks away with something, or at least it made them smile. Selfishly, sometimes it's really just a cathartic way for me to release things on my mind too. It's a win-win for us, I guess! Have a great weekend! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Most definitely an excellent idea! I feel the same about blogging. I've never gotten into the whole sponsorships and moneymaking thing (well, truthfully, I've also been too lazy to really go after that all shebang) ... blogging has always been about storytelling first and foremost, and I love seeing how people are keeping that going!

    1. Hi there Caroline, thanks for stopping by! Thanks. And of course I'd love to make money at it, I just have no desire to work towards that. If it fell in my lap, then sweet ;) I appreciate that we have the same view on blogging, it's for fun for some and a business for others! Have a great week! xoxo, ganeeban


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