I Cheated.

10:25 AM

...on Midtown!

I've been wanting to try Crossfit for a loooong time, which you've read on the blog if you've been around for awhile. However, after that random day in September of 2013 that I stepped foot into Midtown, I haven't looked for a 'box'!

Midtown has everything I need and will ever really need. But, the lure of Crossfit has always been on my mind. I follow the IG-famous Crossfitters, I know some of the terminology (thanks, Midtown), and I appreciate the sport. I just was never actually a part of it.

Until yesterday. J's good friends L & S have been going to Crossfit Envy for a few years and love it. Just like Midtown is to myself, Crossfit Envy is to them. Their 'box' (re: gym) family and home. We've had a few discussions about it and even talked about me (and J) joining them for a workout.

They happened to mention that September is "Bring A Friend (for free)" month, all month. For the entire month of September they can bring a friend or friends to workout with them, at no cost. That's pretty rad, a whole month?

After a few failed attempts at scheduling, we finally made it work. Darn, we missed the GOP debate ;)

Crossfit Envy
3443 Ramona Ave #21
Sacramento, CA 95826

Wednesday class is at 5PM. On a regular day I wouldn't be able to make this, since that's the time I get off work. But I left a few mins early to get there on time. I knew exactly where it was, well kinda, because it's right near the Rents casa. Their box is located in a business center style set-up, so it took me a second to find it. I arrived a few minutes early and filled out a waiver.

L introduced me to the owner Matt, who would take us through our entire workout. The similarities between Crossfit and Midtown are parallel, yet so different. The best way to put it, is that the movements are the same, yet the structure is different. I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure enough to convert me to Crossfit. I would gladly go back again, in a heartbeat, but not sure about going on the reg.

The entire weeks workout are posted on the wall for everyone to see. It's no surprise what your workout will be for any day of the week. They also post them on their IG account too. They also have a running list of everyone's max weight (and possibly reps) for certain movements. Also, L told us that there is the 'regular' work and then the 'competitors' workout. I'm pretty sure you can decipher which is labeled as such.

We warmed up with a little bit of the rower. Then we stretched, rolled-out, and did whatever else was needed to warm up. As we warmed up, the previous class was finishing the workout. It was a little nerve wracking watching them!

The structure for Wednesday seemed as such: basic work to finish with a specific skill, do a workout/rounds, then the timed workout. After peeping their IG, I can accurately tell you the workout. If I was left to my own devises you'd get some random descriptions with some silly names attached:

SMR - Overhead rib mobilization w/ lacrosse ball - Ooops, didn't do this...
2x10 Banded Reverse Fly's
2x10 Scap Depression on Pull-Up Bar
**Did 1 set of each, then repeated.

Work to a heavy set of 5 weighted pull-ups.
Alternate w/ sets of max quality reps of evil wheels.
Collect 5 sets total.
**I modified my pull-up (since I can't do a real one) and did 5 evil wheels each set. Evil Wheels is the best name for those damn things!

Workout w/ 15 Min Clock:
400m Sled Drag (5 min cutoff)
Max Rounds of (3,6,9,12...):
KB American Swings
Box Jumps
*The sleds were rough. I used a 35lb KB for the swings, which I learned American means completely overhead. Before we did the timed workout we practiced our push-press with a faux bar. I did my push-press with the women's bar, no weight. I did the box jumps at 20". I was partway through my round of 18 when the timer went off.

I was disgustingly sweaty at the end of the workout. I enjoyed the Activation movements, as I don't  ever really focus on pull-ups. The timed workout is what is similar to Midtown, but also very different. I enjoyed it and it kicked my ass, especially the sled drag. I didn't like the strap they had, it was irritating my skin...probably just me whining. 
The actual facility is pretty basic, but you don't need bells and whistles for working out. The look and feel is pretty similar to Midtown, except CE doesn't have turf (or fun stuff on the walls) like we do. The equipment is almost identical, with the exception of their bar apparatus thingy - their is slightly more complex. Their entryway is very business like and they have a couch and kids stuff, which is cool for anyone who brings their family. Their huge roll-up doors lead to a parking area that is open for the workouts too. This is where those awful sled drags went down. It was not even at all, which made them sled drags from hell!
Matt, the owner/coach, was awesome. He really cares about educating everyone and also proper form. As J put it, "I feel like a kid on the first day of school." Matt was constantly correcting our form and watching over us, which was nice, because if we are doing it correctly we are being efficient and benefiting from the movements. I was having issues with the push-press, but I finally got it in my round of 6's. He, along with everyone else, was very inviting. I see why L & S enjoy and keep coming back here.

I'm not a convert...but they can be my side piece...

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