Diamond Celebration

3:54 PM

60 years, that's a long time...

...to be with one person. Geez! HAHA, I say that in jest. I can only hope to have and cultivate what J's grandparents have. This past weekend we celebrated their anniversary in grand fashion.

I thought I was getting off scot-free (I just looked up this saying) this year with no weddings. Late in the game, two weddings found their way on into our calendars, both of which are family weddings.

I love celebrating love. I love weddings. I'm pretty sure I've written this on here before. I love dressing up, I love the ceremony, I love the atmosphere. I just love everything about them. As a guest, I take it as an the only remaining adult occasion (outside of a high school dances & prom) that I get to really doll myself up. By that, I mean spend a little more money on hair and makeup, and even a dress.
As J's grandparents wedding was rapidly approaching, the only details I went on were that we had to stick with a shade of blue, a hue for each family. It didn't really work out that way, but it still worked out for everyone. Although this sounds easy, it wasn't. Blue really isn't the color that goes with fashion at the end of summer and the beginning of fall. I found a couple of options on the Nordies app, settled on one, and had two sizes delivered to my house. I was going to fit into one of these no matter what! I was running out of viable weekends to physically go shopping, so iPhone shopping would have to work. And it DID! Thank goodness.
I wasn't going to spend the extra money on getting my make-up and hair done, although I would have liked too. But I am trying to be better these days and stay true to my baller-on-a-budget ways. Awhile back, I helped a friend out by writing a bio for her and she offered her services  in return, whenever the occasion should arise. I lucked out, because she's a make-up artist! So I hit her up to see if she was available AND she was :)

Dress. Check. Make-up. Check. Hair. Oh shit! The night before the wedding I sat on Pinterest around 11PM and found two DIY up-do's that I was fairly certain I could execute. Originally I was going to add curls and pin it back in a few places, but with the projected weather being in the high 90's and a cute back to the dress, I decided otherwise. Up it was going, no matter how crazy it looked. While J's G-ma was getting her makeup done by Karina, I started on my hair. Here is the pin I loosely based my hair on. Here is the pin that was my runner up. I got to the part where you had to start pinning the curls at the nape of my neck, when it was my turn to start my make-up.
This was my hair at 10PM, after the entire days funstivites! **Forgot to take a before pic of the hair!
Once we finished my face, Karina kindly helped me pin the curls so they looked like I knew what I was doing. Not only did she glam me up, but she hooked my hair up too! She's amazing, if you live locally, check out Karina Martin - Makeup Artist
Natural eyes, fake dramatic lashes, and red lips for the blue dress!
All ready to roll, we headed out of the house for the wedding. I wish I could share more pictures with you, but those will stay memories for the family. I will say, it was a great day celebrating a couple who have spent the last 60 years building a life, a family, and a legacy together. I've only known them about two years, but it doesn't take any time to see the love they've created for their family and one another. I was honored to be a part of their special day and it will be a memory I never forget.
The only full pic of us AND we pulled over on the wrong side of the road to have his Mom take it ;)
They share an anniversary with Disneyland, now that's pretty amazing!

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  1. Wow you looked seriously gorgeous girl! I also love celebrations of love (and any excuse to get dressed up)!

    1. Thanks, Lady! Your kind words are very much appreciated! I do as well, anything to dressy in my fairytale clothes is my fave! xoxo, ganeeban


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